Wave proud, and debate!

Don’t tread on me

There’s a report at Yahoo about all sorts of bruhaha about flying the Gadsen flag, the Don’t Tread On Me flag of our history. Well, I’ve said, when you start seeing them from car dealerships that’s the end of the Socialist Epoch in America. And no I discover that all across America there are people trying to fly this flag of ours, of the TEA Party movement, of America, and they are being met with censorship, fines, tickets, demands to cease and all manner of legal mumbo jumbo. In a nation when flying any nation’s flag if that’s your heritage is perfectly fine, the elite would are to ban this flag of ours. In a land where Puerto Rican flags are proudly waved in parades, as well as the flags of a dozen or more Latino countries, where at Czech festivals and Polish picnics, and Italian heritage days and German October Fests and all manner of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and on and on, the flags of the great immigrant stew of America is flown without so much as a peep, and often public moneys and supports, and proudly so, and then they have the audacity to ban this flag of ours.

Read this mush here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/20100901/cm_yblog_upshot/dont-tread-on-me-flag-starts-disputes-around-the-country



Un American

Our heritage, our rights, our proudly waving an American heritage flag attempted to be shut down.

No they, whomever they are around the nation, who shall attempt to stop this.

In a nation where burning the American flag is protected speech, to outlaw or impede the waving of the Gadsen flag is liberalism gone to far. They shall not prevail. Should a court rule in the favor of the flag ban mush heads then We the People should go out of our way for civil disobedience and wave and fly and display the Gadsen flag like they, whomever they might be, have never seen before. Let them arrest us all.

Meanwhile, on the front page of my Advocate this morning, a paper gleefully not seen since I left for New York City, I see this — “Televised Senate debates urged.” Yes, well, not only should they be urged, they should be required. I’ve always been baffled that politicians can get to decide when they may or may not debate. As if it is up to them, as our employees. Instead, it should be enshrined in law that every politician seeking office engage in debates. Oh, I’m willing to be flexible on the rules. Like we don’t need some curmudgeon with 1 vote to be on the debates, but any party on the ballot, however small should be allowed to be in on the debates. There is already public television, and public radio, these are the places where they should debate. And those inclined to watch can do so. No private station should be required to show the debates, but those public stations, for which the public pays, are ready made for the debates.

As much as I think that all politicians should be required, by law, as part of their job descriptions, to engage in public forums on a regular scheduled basis. As a part of the job, not when it is convenient for them. Let the Congress close for four or five days each month so that Representatives and Senators make it back to their districts and their states and explain their actions. They should have no legal right to interfere with whom is in the audience, nor should they be allowed to predetermine the questions. No, they should be ready at a moment’s notice to go over the programs and laws they desire to enact in our name. They are our employees, and they should be at our beck and call when we desire a public hearing, not when it suits them.

And thus I don’t agree with public funding of campaigns, but I do want public debates for the campaigners, and too bad for whomever is in office. They should have no right to decide it if is good for their career. The reality is that their career is as our employee, and we’ll tell them to give account of what they do and why. They should have no legal right to avoid this question time, this public hearing, this town hall. Oh, I don’t care what you call it. But I want it part of their job descriptions.

Not just for the Democrats and the Republicans – but anyone on the ballot in the jurisdiction run in. The socialist party, the greens, the wets, the drys, the libertarians, I don’t care – all of them – and if we give each 20 minutes, then the show is 20 minutes times number of candidates. This is our Republic, not the politicians balliwick. They work for us, not us for them.

And that’s what I think of the Gadsen flag and the politicians like Harry Reid who run from debate, lest they be shown as the idiots and presidential sycophants, panderers and prevaricators that they are. I don’t care if they don’t like it. If they want the job, then that’s the job. Even TEA Party people, once elected, must be required to do this. They are not exempt.

And in this way we might have a much clearer idea of where these people stand on this or that issue, and whether they are qualified to continue in or inhabit the political position which is sought.

No politician is so special that they should be excluded from such provisions.

And there behind them should be a Gadsen flag flying proudly. For we shall not be trod upon.


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