I’m Baaack!

I said I would be back on Sept. 1st. Today is August 31st. Nothing much to say except I had written before I left on my vacation, that when we start to see “Don’t tread on me” flags at the car dealerships then we would know that the end of the Socialist Epoch is nigh. And there I was, in Hawley, PA, awaiting the 2:17 Bus into Manhattan, a commuter bus stop for those willing to live in the country and work in the city and travel 2.5 hours each way to do it. And lo and behold, there hanging at the bus stop, on the side of building, along with the US and the PA flags, was the old snake himself, looking mighty ruffled. Surrounded by yellow and proudly proclaiming, don’t tread on me, he stared out to all who come and go from the media capital of the world, and I told my sister to sell her media stocks, except for FOX, for they are all going bye bye, for a $1, like Newsweek. And I pointed the flag out to my sister, who thus proclaimed herself no more a bleeding heart liberal, nor a bleeding heart humanitarian, but a bleeding heart capitalist. No longer “Obama is doing good,” just “I like him, still, but, however…” And I suppose many still do, like him, as we would a kind old doddering uncle with his collection of golf clubs. That doesn’t mean we want him anywhere near decision making. And I discovered the mosque, you know which one, the mosque is a major topic of discussion, and the answer seems to be no. When near 90% of the people I spoke to, of many races and creeds, and colors and nationalities, and economic conditions, and ages, though all folks I know for years, all say the same thing — well, then that settles that.

And so I look forward to getting back to the mush pit after having vacated my mind and self as well as our own president.

Yah, but I didn’t make myself look like an idiot like on that bike of his, or with the umbrella, or the jumping the shark picture, or with ice cream in sexualesque pose. No, I carried myself with dignity befitting a tourist, and only looked up at the skyscrapers when I thought no one was looking.

As the flight rose from JFK I saw Brooklyn and Queens, and the Bronx, and Manhattan, and New Jersey, and all the whole metro area, slowly fading away as we sped up and southward. And I thought, hmm, what’s missing?

Yeah, the World Trade Center.

And that’s why 90% of the people I spoke to brought up the mosque and where against it.

Don’t tread on us, elites, the end is nigh by the great mystery of the ballot box.


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