On the road again…

OK then – I’m going on vacation – with almost certainly no posting whatsoever until September 1st. If the president and the French can take August off, why can’t I?

Back to NYC I’m going, and to Pennsylvania. There in the media capital of the world I will blissfully ignore the media. I will avoid TV, and reports of our impending doom or a socialist miracle. I will cease to keep track of every foible of the Democrats, and the RINOs of the Republicans. I’ll almost certainly avoid politics of any type. The people will survive without my ministrations on the subject.

But here’s an interesting thing about what “My people” — the Czechs – are doing:


And let me say, my cousins in Prague and elsewhere in that country keep their American flags right there in front of their houses and businesses. Of course, soon I think our car dealerships will be sporting “don’t tread on me flags” — and then you’ll really know it’s the end of the Socialist Epoch. A mere babe, slaughtered by the incompetence of Obama, and speaking of which:


Then there’s this link above, to the Canadian love of America, with a list of impeachables for Obama – yes, I might read up a bit on that if I hear of the indictment that is now necessary to remove this president, who is every day going down the road to perdition and trying to take our country with him. Let’s hope for change, indeed.

And then there’s all these sites where I go to daily – or did, for they’ll not see my eyeballs while I’m on vacation. So you go, and be my eyes. Get enlightened to the downfall a-coming and what we can do about it. These are in no particular order, just the places I go. And of course, I often follow the links they put up, to really get the import of what they report.










These will suffice nicely to cover what I say.

There’s nothing more to be done today. My ride to the airport is coming. I’ll be poked and prodded due to our politically correct desire not to offend the Muslims who routinely blow up planes and stuff. I’ll be profiled in NYC as a TEA Party person perhaps, as I stroll through Times Square. But that’s OK, it’s just for a short while longer, until Palin is President.

Oh yah, keep going to www.sarahpac.com

Always good to keep up on the bear grizzlies.

Farewell briefly blogger world – I hope I can rebuild my tiny audience when I get back to Louisiana.

Ah, um, yah, I’m sure I will.

Cheers, enjoy…


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