A tale of two headlines

Tale of Two Headlines

OK, sometimes one must wonder about what our Advocate is attempting to accomplish. Really, if they want socialism and total government control I wish they would just come out and say it, and stop hemming and hawing.

On page A1 is this banner headline:

Election-year tax hike unlikely

And across the top of page B1 is this banner headline:

Tax collections down in June

Is this to steady the people for a tax hike to bring revenues back up? How sweet it must be for any entity to simply decree more money for itself. I would bet, and I’m not a betting man, that every corporation, business, and human on earth would simply love to decree more money for themselves. To maintain themselves in a style to which they’ve become accustomed. Which, to me, is the import of these two headlines on the same day. Be ready people, more taxes are coming for your own good, to provide you with services you will not provide yourselves, like pensions to state and city workers, and a multicultural center of some sort.

Perhaps the Advocate only wishes to imply that the tax hikes will be forthcoming as soon as the election is safely passed, with each legislator running for re-election arguing forcefully against waste and fraud, of course, and mismanagement, perhaps, and particularly if the other party is in office. And of course to, to keep taxes down, or to cut those that might be possible. But still, things being what they are, and the times too, and so many in need, well, then, taxes might have to be raised on those who can afford it so that the rest might suffer through the down times in dignity. Sure, that’s the ticket.

Now, article 2 starts out by saying that sales tax collections are down by 5%, though the powers that be expected a 1% increase. Why they would have expected that is hard to say. After all, every month since Obama took charge unemployment has risen, albeit amazingly “unexpectedly,” as expert after expert says. And those unemployed people don’t pay as much in sales taxes. Even those “national budget experts” who are gladly quoted by one Michelle Millhollon of the Capital Bureau of this fine bit of published mush, are quite upset, it seems, that tax increases are unlikely. They are quoted as proposing that increased taxes are actually good during a recession to help the people with public services. Yah, let’s take more from the people so we might give it back in help and kindness. I can imagine the conversations among these experts:

“Here, let me see your wallet, I’ll take a twenty. Thanks. Now, let’s do the hokie-pokie and turn it all around. Now, good, here’s your $17 in help.”

“Hey, wait, where’s the other $3?”

“Oh that, that’s for the tax collecting and the administering of giving you your $17.”

This is good, according to experts, and this reporter who sought these unnamed individuals who might take our money so as to have the privilege of accepting our gratitude for giving it back to us.

Now I suppose the Advocate, in its wisdom, separates the state taxes that might be hiked and the fall off in local taxes. But really, if the state taxes more, then the people locally have less, and thus sales must fall. And if the feds take more, as they are wont to do, then too state revenues will fall, as will local revenues. But all this is taxed from us so that they might help us through our time of no money.

As Senator Landrieu said not so long ago, “all the opposition talks about is tax cuts, but we need to help the people.” And yes, so let’s raise taxes federally, so that people locally spend less, so sales taxes locally go down, so municipalities need assistance to match their forecasts of 1% increase, so that the state can tax more to give to the localities, and get a bailout from the feds for having helped so much. And thus the government at every level has what they desire to help us, and we have less for we have had our sustenance taken from us to help ourselves. With a 3% commission minimally, for compliance and administration and conferences in fine locales where more fleecing the public schemes might be devised and disseminated to a conniving press.

This is certainly the genius of socialistic thinking, which is Democratic thinking, which is our local government, a fair number of legislators and the entire Government of the USA. And thus we’ll have more taxes, so as to help those people who have less money as a result of those taxes. And nothing could be fairer, for they are helping us. I think. Nay, I know ’tis not true.

Now, if the city cut their sales tax by, oh, 10%, and the state cut their taxes by oh, 10%, and the feds too, then lo, that would be significant money in the hands of people, who might either go buy stuff, thereby boosting sales tax revenues by volume, or they might save it, thereby giving banks more money to lend out to new and bolstered businesses meeting the new commerce caused by all that increased spending by the three 10% tax cuts. Now, the more you cut taxes, the more people have to spend and save, thus the more they do such silliness for themselves, thus the more jobs are available and more business be done. And thus tax receipts go up.

It has long been known that the more you raise the tax rate the less in collected absolute dollars you will get. And the more you cut taxes, the more revenue is funneled into the eternal maw of the government. Still, why bother with such facts as reality presents when we have a theory to implement?

And so one wonders why the headlines weren’t “State cuts taxes wholesale to boost prosperity” so that in a few month’s time we might read headlines like “Employment up, sales tax receipts up.”

But no, we’ll get more taxes, eventually, even if unlikely in an election year, and sales tax receipts will decline further. And so the cycle of more taxes and less receipts will roll around again. On and on, with Obama leading the way, to transform the nation into a basket case. Until, logically, eventually, the people are taxed 100% and the people are provided services 100%. Not unlike say, in Cuba or North Korea. Or Old China, which abandoned the concept some 30 years ago and has now, in that short time, gone from a basic non-economy to the 2nd largest on earth.

Still, this must be the purpose of the twin headlines this day. And the logic behind the reporting allowed. Allowed, yes, for the editors had to have known the mush they published against all reason, logic and economics. Surely they, the educated and knowledgeable, objective and wise press would not push a mush-program. Would they? Ah, but that’s what I think they are doing.

So until we get some politicians who say “cut taxes, today, tomorrow, next week, and keep cutting until we the government take so little so as to produce the most outstanding boom of all times, and then cut some more,” we’ll have this roller coaster to doom. More taxes, yes, that’s what we need. Like we need a hole in our heads. And when you think about it, if we had more than the allotted amounts of holes in our heads they might tax those, to give us money for hole filling.


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