Sorry to have bothered you, sir

If the promoters of the Victory Mosque, or Cordoba House, or Park51 (which both sound like typical apartment skyscraper names in New York City) really wanted a place to promote tolerance, peace, harmony and some hope for the change from religious wars that are as pointless today as they were 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 years ago, to the dawn of time, they would not do what they are attempting to do. Obviously God did want a lot of diversity. He sure put a lot of it here on earth, now didn’t he? Don’t believe me? Go look in your yard or city street. There, diversity. And it wouldn’t have been too hard to really work at bridging the gaps of understanding down there in Lower Manhattan.

It would have been a simple matter for the “culture center with mosque” promoters to have gone to the Jews, and Christians of various stripes, to the Hindus and Bahai, and all the great diversity of New York’s religious fabric, and said “hey guys, why don’t you join us in an interfaith love fest down at Ground Zero, to, you know, promote peace and harmony and American values of tolerance for faiths and love of mankind?”

And I bet they would have gotten a quite positive response. But they did not do that. They decided to put a Victory Mosque as far away from Ground Zero as most Americans walk across a Walmart parking lot with their purchases to their cars. It’s about as close as a high school running back dares to hope to run from end zone kick off catch to end zone touchdown. So much for not “at” Ground Zero. Much as your car is not “at” Walmart, or one end zone is not “at” the other. Yah.

So the people have spoken, as on immigration, as on healthcare “reform” as on so many other Obama era initiatives, and have said “NO” by huge margins. Still, the political class says, “Oh piffle, we’ll tell you the way it’s going to be.” They think they’ll get away with this, as they are in the short term, in the long term. They will not. Still, they’re trying.

Why, just this weekend our “Leader” if I may call him that, led us into the mush pit of soggy waffles and spoiled pickles. That’s how clear he was. Did he use his Ramadan party to push for brotherhood? No. Somehow I can’t imagine the great interfaith gathering of the three or four main religions of our nation – C – J – H – M – you fill in the names – to announce his support of such an interfaith center as a compromise. There he was with the world watching. We were waiting for presidential wisdom. We got soggy waffles and pickles. Just scrumptious I tell you.

Let me quote the president and his spokesfolks – roughly of course, for who has the time to track down this mush?

I’m for the mosque

I’m against the mosque

I’m not for any particular mosque

I may be for or against this mosque

The president is clear as to what he believes

What he believes is unimportant

The president spoke for all America

The opponents of this mosque don’t want any mosque

It’s not our decision.

It’s not our place to speak of private land development

This mosque will heal some traumatic event of long ago

This is not a national issue

I’m the president, make no mistake

I need a vacation

Where’s the golf course?

Mosque? What mosque.

None of you understand the brilliance I have uttered

On and on, in less than 48 hours came mush of deluge proportions. Going so far as to deny he said what he said, and that what the said was just not what we heard, and we need a hearing aid or something.

It’s a wonder why we bother to ask him anything anymore.

Still, for a guy who is quite adamant he’s got the right to poke down my underwear to ascertain whether I’m unfairly or inordinately impacting the national healthcare system to all of a sudden get shy about what is local and what is national and when are the two conflated is rather odd.

Sorry to have bothered you Mr. President. We’ll just wait until 2012 and your successor, Ms. Palin, might have the gumption to say what she means and mean what she says. Go, go now and golf, and vacation, you need the rest from your labors of bumfuddling the nation. You need to recover. No, don’t worry about us, we’ll muddle through, as we do, and wait until opportunity comes knocking on our doors. It’ll be the biggest sea change in the conceptualization of the federal government, but still, don’t worry about a thing. You can play with your toys for the moment. But we’re going to take them away.

Don’t cry, sir, just go golf, and leave us be.


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