The 80-20 rule is roughly that 80 percent of a business’s customers buy 20 of the stuff, and 20% provide 80% of the business that the company needs to survive. This 80-20 rule though is more interesting if one looks at it on a national level.

We now have a situation, for instance, where 80% of the people are taxed way too much so that 20% can live rather nice lives of plenty. And those 20% of the people employed by government do think they’re exempt, mostly, from the laws that they impose on the rest of us, which is, um, 80% of the population.

And too, some 80% of the people are pretty much opposed to Congress, and whatever it is they do, while 20% are quite comfortable with Congress taxing and regulating 80% of the country so that 20% might live well.

And also, 80% of the people are miffed at ObamaCare, though again, 20% think it’s just fine. And why wouldn’t they? They seem to be exempt from it.

At the same time, some 80% of the people are opposed to all the immigration efforts of Obama and his 20%. Though the president and his party think they’ll just mosey on through the process and say “tough noogies” to the 80%.

Now it comes that 80% of the people are opposed to the Mosque proposed for Ground Zero in New York City, and some 20% of the liberal ruling class thinks it’s just fine, especially since it thumbs its nose at the 80%, which is fine by liberals.

And onward, no matter where one looks in this country we can see the 80% being quite patient as they are slowly herded together to provide for the 20%. And those 20% are quite sure, it seems, that the 80% opposed to them are un-American or something, for not supporting the 20%. Which is an odd way of belief, but standard issue Socialism, which is to believe that most people are enemies of the people in some way.

Then on gay marriage, some 20% are happy with it, and 80% are not, or at least not in the use of the word “marriage,” for it seems at times that 80% have no trouble with “civil unions,” though the 20% say not good enough. That a new word might be needed to get around this divide is not proposed by many. I offered “twainage” a few days ago. I had a few nibbles on the idea, but no real takers. So this will fester for a few more decades too.

Now, liberals are beginning to believe that to have a permanent 20% unemployment-underemployment rate is fine, for it provides them with something to do, perhaps, like, you know, take care of the problem. Though their solution is to require the 80% to feed, cloth and house the 20% as a sort of penance or thank you for being allowed to remain employed. It’s hard to say.

There’s more, yes, always more. Now it seems that 80% of the people have no more faith in the mainstream media, and will abjure watching or reading it. The mainstream media dutifully represents the 20% that is the ruling class, and though they do wonder why 80% of their customers have fled.

It also seems as if 20% of the population, again, the media, the ruling class, the politicians, are quite convinced that 80% of us are just mindless TEA Party racist capitalist pig running dogs intent on reviving some outdated Constitution, or something. But to hear the Left tell it, huge swaths of the nation, in land and people, some 80%, are just neanderthals in need of lesson in civility from the 20%.

On and on comes this division. For instance, some 20% of the nation is polled as claiming to be liberal. And the remaining 80% lean rightward, or conservative. Poll after poll reflects this division.

Interestingly, how did this 20% then, get into power? Well, it seems, rightfully so, that 80% of the people just don’t want to be bothered with politics. They were more than happy to give 20% of what they earned to 20% of the people, as a sort of bribe to tell them to go into the corner and play, but don’t do too much. The 20% were not happy being bribed and shunted to the sidelines, so they upped the ante in the game they were playing. They’re confident that now that they have the machinery of government in their hands they can rule forever and harness the aptitude and lassitude of the 80%, and pretend it’s support rather than mere tolerance, and there’s nothing the 80% can do about it.

The Republicans and Democrats of the old order, the one that’s collapsing as we live and breathe right now, are now beloved by some 20% of the people, with the other 80% leaning more and more to the TEA Party thing.

Now, it’s true that the president’s so-called approval rating is roughly 60-40, in defiance, it would seem, of the 80-20 rule, but that’s only because most people really do want to give the president the chance to do the right thing. Most people, 80% even, think that the problems are complex, and so are still willing to give the president the chance to do something good. Alas, they will be disappointed, as all believers or acceptors of socialism are, when they realize that the 20% in power really don’t give a fig about the 80%. Those last 20 or 30 percent of the bitter clingers to ObamaNation are going to fall the hardest and farthest, and thus be all the more miffed, far more than those who didn’t like the guy from the get go. For to not like someone now whom you didn’t like then is not a great leap. But, ah, to come to dislike he who you did like, well, that’s a bigger break, and all the more painful.

So I feel comfortable predicting that in the next few short months some 20% of those still clinging to Obama will move to Palin, and thus the 80-20 divide will manifest itself all the more clearly. I would predict that the president’s approval rating will continue to slide downward to 20%, while his disapproval rate will climb to 80%, and still, he thinks he’ll lead us to some Socialist Wonderland. Yah, right.

And as pointed out yesterday, there are some 80 socialists in Congress, admitted, and just 20 Libertarians, with the remainder waffling about to see which way will preserve their butts in office, but this number reflects the old times, when 80% didn’t really mind what 20% did. But such is no longer the case, and soon enough, some 80% of the people will be so resolutely opposed to what the 20% socialists in our midst, that the stuff will hit the fan, elections will be held in 2010, and 2012, which will see the 80% win, as they must by numbers alone.

The most interesting thing will be to see if the Republican, likely to be Palin, but perhaps another, will win 80% of the votes and the socialist candidate, bound to be Obama, but perhaps another, wins the 20%, or if some still cling to the bitter hope that socialism is the American way.

And thus the will of the 80% will be done, even if it takes longer than many might wish for. So in this sense, of 80-20, I’m just not worried. And within the decade or less of Palin’s election the economy will be booming, jobs plentiful, taxes low, and laws repealed by the thousands of pages. And thus the resurgence of the American Republic will be opposed by 20% who think we’re no more exceptional than Venezuela is or something. It will then be the job of the 80% to forever appease this 20%, much like errant noisy children are given candy and cake to calm them and get them to at least behave while the adults have our party. So cheer up America – we’re on our way out of this, the Obama Error.

And for that, 80% of the people will give thanks to him, our worst and most failed president, for having done one thing, and only one thing – uniting America in a way not seen in quite awhile. Thanks, Mr. O – you did your best, now, please, sit in the corner, shush, wait out your term, and be glad you’re not indicted, tried, convicted, impeached and then imprisoned for having abandoned your own country to the wolves of the world. For we are, despite carping to the contrary, a generous and forgiving people, willing to tolerate enormous folly. Though we prefer it in the movies. Perhaps Michael Moore or Oliver Stone can get you a job.


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