The Lying Fools

In an article by Chris Chase, entitled:

Politician in Redskins country lied about playing for Cowboys

That’s football for those not in the know,

I detect a bit of the concept I wrote of earlier today, of the Mayor of New Roads claim of racism by the federal government. Could this be such a case too? Though how the feds got him to just bald face lie is not pondered upon by our pundit Chase, who writes:

Michael Vaughn is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates and represents Prince George’s County 24th district

Not anywhere in the article is party affiliation mentioned. But there is a picture of the scoundrel, and he’s um, well, um, can we say it? Is it racist? Why, he’s African-American – or better, an American of African heritage like I’m an American of European heritage, more specifically Czech, both sides, forever and a day into the past as far as we know. Anyway, hmm, Washington, the heritage, um, I’d say Democrat. I could be wrong. I doubt it.

But then there’s this: That’s like running for mayor of Berkeley and saying you once worked for Sarah Palin.

How absurd, because actually it’s quite possible to run for mayor of Berkeley saying you worked for Palin. She might even be good enough to come down and make an appearance with you. You might not get elected. You might get just 10% of the vote. But still, it’s quite possible to do what he says is not so possible. The fool.

More at:;_ylt=AlfXy3baSGteRq7T7BFQBLfSrYZ4?urn=nfl-261541

Which is funny it’s in the sports section and not on page one.

And then, speaking of fools, come our erstwhile Senate Majority Leader, the man in charge of the “greatest debate club in the world,” as is often said about one of our branches of our Congress:

But in a statement Wednesday morning, the Reid campaign doubled down on the line.

Sen. Reid’s contention was simply that he doesn’t understand how anyone, Hispanic or otherwise, would vote for Republican candidates because they oppose saving teachers’ jobs, oppose job-creating tax incentives for small businesses, oppose investments in job-creating clean energy projects, and oppose the help for struggling, unemployed Nevadans to put food on the table and stay in their homes,” read the statement.

Which I found at:

Now, some Republican, say, oh any of them, should simply hold the news conference and say “Senator Reid’s comments are absurd.” Just like that. Say it so.

Republicans, Conservatives, the Right, the TEA Party, etc, don’t oppose saving teachers jobs, we just want better teachers, closer to the people, with less administration, and less of the mush which passes for thought in the education establishment.

We don’t oppose “tax incentives” — indeed, we beg and plead for Tax Cuts ad infinitum. We plead with Democrats to stop the tax disincentives that they pass with alarming frequency.

We don’t oppose investments in green energy. Indeed, we celebrate any business that might create a better CO2 trap, or a better litter sucker-upper. Any. Have at it, environuts, invent something for crying out loud, and like to the door of the inventor of a better mouse trap, we’ll beat a path to your door, too.

We think if you cut property taxes by a bunch people would better be able to stay in their homes. If you guys, you Democrats cut taxes on all sorts of things more people would have more money.

But it’s not enough to just attack Reid on the politics of it, as Hot Air does, as is their wont and prerogative. No, he must be attacked on the sheer utter absurdity of his remarks.

Other than that, these guys are economically illiterate, corrupt, race baiting, citizen denigrating, one party rule, big government statists. Aka, Socialists. Just come out and say it, you fool, Harry. But cut the garbage, you work for us.


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  1. Dave

    This socialist wannabe government crew has got to go! I am a Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor licensed in New York and Connecticut. There are two really great indicators of economic health in this country…if surveyors are NOT working and there is tire trash on the highways…things are really bad.
    Nothing happens without a survey, and truckers don’t really want to buy recaps!

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