Obama, Holder, Racists?

Obama, Holder, Racists?

Now this is a man bites dog story. It just screams, like, wow!

The mayor of the city of New Roads, a Democrat of African heritage, “is charging the federal government of targeting him and other black elected officials in its two-year investigation into the Cifer 5000 garbage cleaning service.” This our Advocate reports today, page A1.

Wow! Racism! From one set of African-Americans directed at another! It’s truly a turn for the worse in our post-racial ObamaLove era.

Mayor Tommy Nelson “further questions why the government resorted to having an exotic dancer proposition him with offers of sex and oral sex in a New Orleans strip club as part of its investigation, offers that he says he turned down.”

Well, um, what was the mayor doing in a New Orleans strip club in the first place? And he no doubt a fine family man! Now, surely he knew that he might well get propositioned in such a manner in a club of this nature in Sin City, did he not? How could he not? He’s no rube, is he? And sure, he turned down this particular exotic dancer, but which then did he choose? For he is a discerning man, I would imagine, able to run a small sized city for sure. Perhaps he was a rube, out with some friends, and did wander into a strip club without any being aware of the dangers of federal entrapment officers lurking inside. Did he think that business meetings with garbage cleaning service companies for his city really were held late at night in a strip club? The acceptance of the emolument strikes me as corruption right from the get go, leaving aside exotic services accepted or declined.

But then too, what were the federal agents doing there? Where they trailing the mayor? Were they bringing the mayor to the place? Or were they merely there quaffing beers and envisaging babes and the mayor happened upon them. It’s a confusing set of facts. And no doubt the mayor wants to get to the bottom of the issue.

And in that way he can concentrate more fully on the corruption, racketeering and bribery charges lurking back at his office in New Roads, some 110 miles from the closest New Orleans strip club. A club he had to have had some way of learning the nature of during the near 2 hour trip to the point of no contact, as he claims.

Two other Democratic politicians, White Castle Mayor Maurice “Big Mo” Brown, and his brother the police chief of that same town, Mario D. Brown, were also indicted on the corruption in office charges. No word on whether they did or did not have any sex of any kind with any exotic dancers or other nefarious skankettes, or if they even visited a strip club.

According to the paper, the mayor’s motion says it’s “readily apparent” — and the Advocate calls out this phrase quoted and no other – that the government intentionally targeted several black elected officials and none of their white peers.

On and on the article drones, but makes no mention of these fine fellows being of the Democratic Party, though surely they are. And it makes no mention of Obama or Holder being the ring leaders to get their, um, fellow man.

It seems this Cifer 5000 company, offering garbage cleaning services – and why anyone would want to clean garbage, or how one might go about doing it is not clear to me – only offered the trips to the strip clubs to the African-American mayors, and not to the European-Americans in nearby cities, it’s claimed. Even more outrageous to the mayor ensnared is that the exotic dancers he was shown were all African-American too. Which is doubly dastardly. And too “every single government agent operating in any undercover capacity in this investigation was African-American,” says the motion of the mayor.

This is quite a charge. A black president, with a Department of Justice run by a black guy, and nothing but black federal agents at work, take a black mayor to a black strip club – and lure him into the maw of infidelity to his marriage vows and his oath of public office.

Sure Mr. Mayor, that’s right. And sir, if you can prove this, well, this would get interesting on a national level. For really, I can’t imagine that Mr. Holder, the Attorney General, woke up one fine morning and said “hey, let’s go entrap the mayor of New Roads Louisiana.” He must have it out for all such elected officials, right? Or, so at what downstream layer of bureaucrats was this plan hatched to get a fake company, I think, for the article doesn’t quite say, or not that I can figure out it does, broach a good dose of corruption on the good mayor? A man who, if his motion be true, was simply a fine guy doing a fine job making sure that the big city of the parish was simply run the very best way.

Oh, but to cry racism! Now that’s news.

Even more amazing, a huge long article on racism and not one mention of George Bush, the Republicans or the TEA Party. Oh no! It’s the black president and his black run DOJ who are leading the federal strip club entrapment program to get the black mayors of small southern cities. My, my, what could the bizarre purpose of that?

But I do give the mayor credit for throwing the race card in such a fair way, and all to throw attention off the bribery and racketeering. Brilliant political and legal move. Yep, it’s a post racial world when blacks accuse other blacks of racism. This is progress indeed.


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