Just Rolling Along

Just Rolling Along

Egad, I go away to the countryside for a day and upon return I find out that Sarah Palin may or may not have rolled her eyes when talking to a woman who was vehemently opposed to whatever Sarah Palin is or is not doing. How can the Republic survive? Though perhaps Sarah turned to any number of other people walking around that cloudy chilly day. Or perhaps it was an eye roll signifying “Oh, by gosh, now I get it, you’re right, I really am an idiot, why didn’t I think of that before, thanks for telling me.”

And then I find out that Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the Republic is just a private citizen. I did not know that. That she has the nation in a mild uproar over her trip to Spain is simply not to be accorded any notice, apparently. “Private citizen,” said her husband, the leader of what’s left of the Free World. The man who claims a mandate from heaven and the voters and Karl Marx too has now declared his wife simply not a part of the public discussion.

HAHAHAHHAHA! Ok, no, I’m calm now. Let’s look, shall we?

Hmm. Ms. Obama is as private as Martha Washington was at Valley Forge, urging on the troops. She’s as private as Dolly Madison rescuing the art and furniture before the Brits burned the White House. She’s as private as the published letters of the strong minded public spoken Abigail Adams. She’s as private as Rachel Jackson, over which her husband went to duel. She’s as private as Mary Todd Lincoln in a Union war hospital, put there because the First Lady’s Democratic forbears wanted to preserve the institution of slavery, and the horribly racist Republicans of her husband’s opposition did launch a war to prevent one more day of the Democratic program of the Old South.

She’s as private as any number of First Ladies. You know, like Jackie, and Lady Bird, and Eleanor, and Edith Wilson, who really ran the show as a “private citizen.” She’s as private as Mamie Eisenhower, and Pat Nixon, and Nancy Reagan, and surely as private as Hilary and Laura, and Barbara. Private indeed, more so, perhaps, as the White House would pretend and the press too than Sarah Palin.

So private that we read avidly of each First Lady’s contribution to our society – what did each of them do? How did they contribute to our nation’s sense of self? How did they appeal to our better natures? What did they do to call attention to any particular issue besetting the nation’s families? And there can be no doubt that First Ladies are sort of the national moms. The lady we look to to say, “Hmm, what a great mom and lady, and grandmother and sister.” Our First Lady, since the beginning, has been our lady – she’s no more private than her husband.

Still, the White House dared to say Michelle is a private citizen, not to be talked about, her privacy respected, her life a pastiche of mystique and enigma. Poppycock and piffle, posturing and poseur, and a pee poor example of pretension. Michelle is our sister, she’s our lady – and every thing she does is reflected as an example of American womanhood and the pedestal we like to think she’s on. And what does Michelle do? She vacations like royalty, haughty and above, looking down. Spending like a drunken hussy after robbing a john, and telling the world that American women are interested in baubles and sun bathing, and waltzing in security cocoons while meeting with the rich and famous celebrities and royalty of one of the most oppressive regimes ever to stalk the earth.

Spain was a colonial monster. Go ask a Mexican. And there’s Michelle, with those Hapsburgs, oppressors of the Mexicans – they who sent Cortez – first as New Spain, and then with Emperor Maximillian (Taken out and shot, his wife gone mad,) during the self-same American Civil War to End Slavery – a Hapsburg relative of King Juan Carlos of Spain, did set himself up, with Napoleon III of France’s blessing and connivance, and a healthy dose of 60,000 French troops – which were defeated by a handful of Mexicans at the Castle of Chapultepec on the Cinco De Mayo of Corona Beer fame. What a fine symbol to give to the Mexicans, illegal and legal, now in America, still escaping the leftover ravages of the Spanish Hapsburg Empire of the Spanish Inquisition, the Medieval laws which Alphonso XII issued in 1280, and the pusher of royal privilege at the behest of a far away foreign power. My my, what would La Raza say if they had an ounce of dignity.

The same royal family which rules Spain today ruled Austria, and much of Europe, since Rudolf II, Duke of Austria, got on the throne of the Holy Roman Empire in the 1250s. There, from Vienna, that family spread to Hungary, and the Balkans, and to the Netherlands, and Germany, and over into France (Marie Antoinette Hapsburg, after all) and then into Spain, and from there to Portugal, and then to Brazil under slave master Emperor Pedro I, and all South America, and Mexico and up into San Francisco if you listen to them, and then back again in another branch of the family into Mexico, this time from the French branch of the family, as mentioned above. That family, with whom Michelle is cavorting is a multi-branched hydra of royalist colonial privilege. Other than that, I’m sure, they’re “private” citizens, meeting with our “First Private Citizen.” Just short of comrades perhaps.

Meanwhile, oh, the eye roll, maybe. From the video it’s hard to determine. Public citizen Palin – well, what would she be? This woman who writes “hi mom” on her hand and brings the news cycle to a halt. This lady who goes to her house to find a peeping tom moved in next door with near presidential approval. This mom who finds her kids every move and molecule subject to intense speculation on the front pages of the nation’s newspapers. Palin speaks, and the press must find out how much her salary is. She misspells a word and the entire country engages in a conversation about the creation of new words. Ms. Palin say’s hi to a woman who obviously loathes her and the world is glued to every nuance of the visage. The video is slowed down, enhanced, enlarged, colorized, and who knows how analyzed as to the direction, intensity and purpose of the alleged eye roll.

This is the state of our nation:

We have a failing president who only meets with hand picked audiences who agree to be nice to him and his spendthrift clueless wife, with nary a thought to the destruction they bring to our nation, and the press is gaga in joy and admiration.

And a fine lady meets cheerfully with a person who despises her and has a pleasant conversation. And the press is just a-flummoxed and besotted and besides themselves in wondering what it means for the future.

Yah, they’re worried for the future of the Socialist Republic that Obama and the wife want to set up. I wonder what they’ll do for a living when all the rest of the media is sold for $1 like Newsweek?

Meanwhile, the wife and her husband, the royals of our times, the think, are so exhausted from fighting off the complaints of the nation about their vacations that they are going on two or three more vacations before August is done with.

Palin, in the meanwhile, will continue to be “the worst governor evah” according to the “victim” of the “eye rolling.” Yah. Sure. I roll my eyes at the very concept.


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