Vacation for me too

OK, I’m off on a two day vacation, unlike the president’s wife, who’s gone for 10 days or something. I’d go on a longer one perhaps, but her husband’s policies have cut into my income, and made me worrisome, and the taxes, oh the taxes. So I’ll stay close to home and importune friends for lodging.

Still, I’m not hurting, but just thoughtful. I don’t have the Congressional impulse to spend every dime I can get my hand on and borrow. I’m a tad more frugal, though some call it cheap. But I could teach Congress how not to spend money on signs about how they’re spending money. And the waste! Where will those signs go when we’re done with them? To the junk yard? Or will they be recycled for more notices of intent to do something as soon as they get the money? Hmm.

True, later this month I’m off to NYC and Pennsylvania for 10 days, but that’s to friends’ and family, not some super rich uber-resort on the Coast of Spain. I’ll watch every penny, and lament its loss to commerce, not because I don’t want business to thrive, but I need to eat too.

I shall walk past the site of new victory mosque and see what that’s about. And I’ll go look, once again, at the hole in the ground where the buildings I used to work in once stood. I worked up there from the 78th to 105th floors of Tower II. I was a printer for a company that printed for engineers and architects of nuclear power plants. Alas, I don’t think they’re in business anymore. Something about banning nuclear power plants in the USA. But I was up there for several years, taking the express elevator to the 78th Floor Skylobby, before either walking up the stairs to our main office, or taking the local elevator to some particular floor where the printing was to be done.

I never thought to look down and wonder if a mosque to this building’s destruction would ever be built. I wish I had, so I might have signed the petition against it sooner.

The news is abuzz over the president’s wife escapades. It’s her money, mostly, though the rest be ours. Still, if I was married to him I might need a break from the “enough of you telling me how wonderful I am, let me tell you how wonderful I am.”

And other than that, the Democrats think they’ll be victors, and the saner ones among them are saying, “well, we might lose big.”

The funny thing is — if they win this election, they’ll lose bigger later, and if they lose this election, they’ll keep on losing. For I’ve concluded on the basis of raw gut intuition, and based on a roiling confection of a thousand different blogs and sources, and serious websites of politics and economics, that this current course the nation is on will not work. The entire socialist experiment is now a thing of the past; now it’s just time to dismantle the entirety of it.

I believe, having seen the TEA Party, that no matter who wins this November, no matter which party, and no matter which incumbents, and no matter which RINOs or Blue Dogs, or warhorses or which ever grandees of the realm, no matter which pretenders to “Reform” — the whole bunch will be swept away over time. There is nothing to be done to correct the damage but to get rid of it entirely. Nothing of the Obama interregnum will remain, and most of the past thirty or seventy years will be taken care of too.

The simple reality is is that the math is unsustainable. And now, after Obama did unify the nation, We the people are not going to go back to our couches and say “good job done.” No, we will ride herd on the Democrats and the Republicans until rational sanity is returned to governance. We the People are miffed, and just not going to take it anymore.

The sycophants of the president are slowly seeing the light — if they think he’s too far to the right, they’ll hate him, and if he’s too far to the left, they’ll hate him. Poor Mr. O, he painted himself into a corner rhetorically, and now the reality has come back to say hello. And reality always trumps the best laid plans of mice and men.

So fear not America, the end is nigh, even if twenty years worth of nigh, but no more will the American majority simply take this lying down. We’re slow to anger, long willing to entertain the most outrageous nonsense, willing to suffer what ills might be wrought by government for quite some time. We’re even willing to be called idiots by all sorts of academics and politicos. But really, there comes a time.

This is it. TEA Time. It’s like plunging backwards into the pool, as if in some beverage commercial. But plunge we have. And plunge has two meanings of course, as so much English does — to drop into something unexpectedly, and to cause a vacuum to flush out a sewer pipe.

Well, Congress is a sewer, so plunging is required. And liberty is like a vast pool of cool water on a hot day — plunge right in, the water’s fine.

I sure hope Obama, Pelosi and Reid like their new villas on the Coast of Spain. I’m almost tempted to start the movement to pay them a collective Billion Bucks just to go away. I’d throw in amnesty for crimes of any kind and perhaps we’d be rid of them.

See you this Tuesday, and the next Tuesday in November, too.


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