Clueless at CNN

So, this is somewhat astounding, and shows just how out of touch the media is. This by, what is it, Jack Cafferty, on CNN? I don’t watch the dude, but here’s a little blurb on him – with my commentary to follow:

Cafferty even got one minor dig at his nemesis on the right, Sarah Palin. He asked anchor Wolf Blitzer what he thought of his use of the “Obama-nation” term. When Blitzer replied he hadn’t heard of it before, Cafferty quipped, “Me and Sarah Palin- we make up these words.”

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First I point out that Cafferty did not make up the word “Obama-nation,” so who’s he kidding? I’m not sure what word he may have coined, but really now, to claim credit for something one did not do – not cool. And who did coin the word, perhaps we’ll never know. It was so obvious that it might have sprung up in a hundred corners of the nation.

And of course, the dig at Palin if over refudiate. And oddly, the bizarre organization chart of ObamaCare that Caffery finally woke up and saw is an, um, obamanation, is just about the most refutiable things on earth at this point. The public is miffed. We don’t want it. We’re so miffed that entirely new words are required to expiate out anger. Did these guys notice the number of billboards showing up around the nation against this country? They’re not ads. Their not public service announcements. They’re not information boards. What are they then? Well, how ’bout, oh, Obamamiffs. Yah, sure that might work.

Second, there’s really two ways to say the word – a slight difference in pronunciation, though well within the confines of English vowels:

Obama Nation – a clear difference in the two words, sort of like Who Dat Nation!

and Obamination – as in abomination, modified.

Which you use I’m sure is determined by which side of the 80-20% split in the nation. For as an aside, Rasmussen polls just this week shows that some 80% of the nation is now of some range of opinion that the nation is overtaxed, over-governed, over-regulated, over-obamaed and just Over Obama, and definitely on the wrong track to somewhere no good.

And 20% seem to think every thing is just fine, though views from the yacht are always nice, I suppose.

The latter, and smaller group, is of course, currently in power, or on a big yacht, and are apparently just clueless as to the anger of the nation. Indeed, Obama has gone to some lengths in just the last day or so as to say that the 80% are just perhaps un-American in some way. Sure, he’ll make it to the end of his term with that attitude. Impeachment anyone?

Meanwhile, look at Blitzer – he never heard the term? You got to be kidding! Not in either of the two possible meanings? He’s an idiot. A pure simple idiot. The words – obama-nation or obamination – have been on the lips of millions for the past two years. Where has he been? He’s a news anchor? I recall back to his appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy where he just did abysmally and lost big time. Still, not have heard of it? No, he’s an idiot.

Had he gone to anyone of some, I estimate roughly, some 200,000 websites against this president then he would have encountered it everyday. Had he just googled “how much is Obama liked?” or “support for Obama” he would have come to quite a surprise, apparently, as he admits – obamination is the preferred word by millions for obamacare – and for the entire president.

My God, how out of touch are major news people when they both claim to make up words or confess they never heard of a major piece of the national conversation.

What else don’t they know? When didn’t the know it?

And would all of you, my dear readers, just turn off that stuff, CNN, and put it out of its misery.

I note too, so offensive to America have they now become, that once again, just yesterday or so, Rick Sanchez, another astounding idiot (“What’s nine meters in English?” he once asked,) did call for the shutting down of a major news outlet relied on by millions. Indeed, apparently by far more millions than the rest of the networks combined. That anyone would call for the shutting down of any company is horrendous enough. To call for the shutting down of a news network is more astounding. To call for the government to shut down a major news network is just beyond some soviet commissar or Hugo Chavez, or any other potentate. Sanchez is a menace to the public.

As is Blitzer. And dunder, and dummy, and Olberman, and the huge swath of nut jobs.

Sure, I’m calling for them to be put out of business by shunning their product. But that’s a whole different thing than calling for the government to shut down that company. And it’s a whole other thing for a “reporter” (and I use the word loosely) to call for the government to shut down the competition. I’m just a private dude, talking to some friends, and in some way like in a bar or at a party, talking to some small audience. But Sanchez? He’s a “major” news person, for crying out loud.

Well, the good thing is that like Newsweek, CNN and MSNBC might be sold for a $1 too before long. For the 80% is just not going to keep up this charade for much longer.

Breathe, deep, breathe, deep, ah, calmer. I still have faith will get out of this mess that’s for sure.

Poor Wolfie & Rick are going to be just beside themselves when Sarah Palin is being sworn in as the next president.


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