Can you recall?

Can you recall…

… a time when any national legislation, within three months of its passage by Our Congress, was subject to a referendum? What was the answer, We the people? We said NO!? Some 73% of the people in Missouri said just that to ObamaCare. Now, I’ve been a student of politics for decades. Indeed, I have a degree in it from New York University. I’ve had read the New York Times daily since sixth grade unto just about 8 or so years ago, when they turned to complete mush. I’ve read newspapers still, though. And have been an avid internet newshound. As well as maintaining my finger on the national pulse. Some people take care of kids, or follow the local football team, I follow politics.

And frankly, I don’t recall such a measure having been submitted anywhere. Ever. Nor do I recall such a vote. Never. Not once. Oh sure, there’s been referendums the next year or two on state ballots, in states which allow such referendums. They are met with middling success one way or the other. And more often they’re against court decisions, rather than to legislation. But federally? Nope. I don’t recall at all.

And it’s not just in Missouri. But other state legislatures have voted to say NO! Louisiana is among them. And other states are having referendums. And Virginia is taking one route in court to say NO! And some 20 other states are going to court to say NO! And dozens, if not hundreds, of private groups are doing the same, NO! And who knows how many more lawsuits against this president’s Unconstitutional Boondoggle are being prepared, NO!. The list seems endless – for NO! And lo, none for yes. Not a pip, jot or tittle of “yes,” save for among our pretended rulers and their sycophants. I certainly can’t recall such a law passed, of any kind, in the face of overwhelming NO!

And so, having heard the news today, oh boy, I awaited the headlines of the morning. For I wanted to gleefully engage in support, such as I can render from Louisiana, for the great people of the state of Missouri. Not the Great State, as is so often said, and rightly & proudly so, but this time, the Great People. NO! They did say. And so what was the screaming headline of my morning’s Advocate? First, breathe, for today is August 4th, and fresh news always gives me the vapors. Our Advocate (or somebody’s, for I’m not sure no more,) did brazenly report that some poor schnookette was attacked by an alligator, and did survive, on JULY 28TH! — a full week ago! Now that’s keeping right on top of things. Yes sirree bob.

The picture accompanying the poor schnookette (for who I do feel, I do, God bless the lady, really, a horrible occurrence indeed,) shows her mangled arm, in a reddish cast. I’m sure, because she’s Chinese, that her red is for the good luck associated with that color in Chinese culture. But still, a bit too bloody for my American culture’s taste. But news I can use? Nope. Not a bit. Though nothing like mangled arm with one’s morning coffee.

So I get to page two of this mush-paper and find there, hidden low, so as to perhaps not be found, this:

Mo. voters reject part of Obama health plan”

By an unnamed, unwilling to admit his or her words, reporter for the Associated Press.

Plan? PLAN? I thought it was a LAW! Lo, it is, for the article tells me: “…because federal law generally trumps state law.” You don’t say? Generally, I would suppose true. In the face of the above listed aggrieved NO-sayers, in the proportions being expressed, I’d say We the People hold a better set of cards. We’ve got a Royal Straight Flush in Trump in Spades, and all ObamaCare has is, maybe, a wild card deuce of clubs he has named trump for his own purpose. A “plan” indeed.

And have you seen the “plan”? Have you seen the organizational chart? It’s all over the net – at nearly any rational website. Even Jack Cafferty of CNN – that CNN, the president’s pooch – said “Oh my God, what has this man wrought?” Or close enough a quote for government and newspaper work.

“Reject part”? — yah, sure, you think so, Monsieur Anonymous of the AP. When 73% of the people say NO! To the very crux of the LAW I would dare say that the rejection is in full, not in part.

Then, Monsieur Anonymous did actually write: “The intent of the federal requirement is to broaden the pool of healthy people covered by insurers, thus holding down premiums that otherwise would rise because of separate provisions prohibiting insures from denying coverage to people with poor health or pre-existing conditions.”

Ah, so, the intent of the law, eh? No, sir, the intent of the law is to insert the government into the medicine chests of the people, and perhaps poke down our pants to see if we have the right colored underwear on Wednesday. The intent is to wreck the finest medical care system in the world. The intent is, as Ol’ Killer Berwick has said, often, to basically cull the populace of costly and unfit people so that a new Socialist man might be created.

Right on schedule, towards that goal, Charlie Rangel, up on corruption charges, submitted legislation again, to require all able bodied men and women between the ages of 18 and 42 to work for the government as the government decrees. In an intent no doubt to keep us healthy for the public good.

ObamaCare, this AP article, the organizational chart, Berwick, Rangel, Pelosi, Reid, Obama himself — they all reek of North Korea, or Pol Pot, if you ask me. The rotten bunch have the stench of royalism and the stank of Socialism. And still, our Advocate, in connivance with the AP, does push the “trump” of federal law. Yah, sure. Y’all think so.

Still, I’m not worried. For ObamaCare is going down. Can’t say if Obama is going down with it, for he might go down for other reasons to the Well of the House for Impeachment. I think Michelle, the first commissar’s wife, smells the coffee, and is over there in Spain searching out exile-retirement villas for the soon to be former president’s family. Godspeed, socialistas, you all will need it.

For even if some judge rules “sure, you can do this,” for the president’s “plan” (I just can’t stop giggling over that one,) and its “intent” ((I just can’t stop giggling over that one,) then what will happen is that nearly everybody who voted for the “plan” will be systematically removed at the ballot box. Then the bureaucracies which have started to grow like fetid fungus will be defunded, disbanded and removed from their garrets. Then the law itself, every word and period, comma and clause, will be stripped from the books. And then, if there’s anything left to do, it will be done.

If the Republicans get in power and don’t do it – then they too shall be removed.

The nation has now reached the point of NO! Its will be done, and there’s no force on Al Gore’s green earth which is going to stop the removal of this law. 73%? Are you kidding? You’re going to “trump” the will of such a majority of the people? With what army?

On immigration, on the financial system, on the plethora of laws this Congress is passing faster than printers can print the thousands of pages of unread “legislation.” No, it will not stand. Everyday I grow more confident that despite their best efforts, the socialists are going to be tossed out and sanity restored. It might take twenty years, but it will be done. I can sense it in everything that’s happening today. Including the president’s new approval rating, down to now 40% — and by the looks of it in Missouri, just some 27%. I hear in Arizona he’s beloved by a whopping 28%. In even New York, some 58% of the people are saying NO! No to it all.

I hear, Mr. Obama, a mosque might be built in New York. A “center” of love and happiness they say. Sure, and I’m sure sir, they’ll need a director and chief fundraiser. So please, sir, do us all a favor, resign the job you can’t do, and go volunteer (you got enough money already, remember?) for the imam job at that mosque-center, so we know it’s in, um, good hands, and not the hands of the usual “death to the infidel” muslims so blatant on earth.

And the Advocate should just close its doors now, before their business really falls off, and they be sold for a $1 like Newsweek.


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