Late night rumble

Let’s get ready to rumble.

OK, the day goes by, stuff happens, and winds up as a third post of the day, which may well be your first of mine for the AM.

First Gerard Shields pushes socialism as best he can, in league with Mary Landrieu. Here it is, she’s pushing a $30,000,000,000 – as in Billion Bucks – loan fund to small businesses. Both these fools are besides themselves in how wonderful, absolutely wonderful this is for small businesses. Landrieu said “If I took out the words big government, taxes or regulation … most of the members of the other side couldn’t finish a sentence, because they can’t debate a specific.” Laughable coming from a woman who said not only that she doesn’t play Washington Politics, but didn’t even read the law, ObamaCare, she voted for. Talk about not debate specifics. And still not a nary word of a refusal to debate Culler Berwick, he in love with the death panels of the English (un)health care system, by pushing him on us in a recess appointment. But she’s ready to debate, she is! But still, why debate specifics of this boondoggle when it’s just so much more reasonable to say:

Mary, why don’t you just give a $30,000,000,000 – billions again – tax cut to small businesses? Wouldn’t that do so much more to help them? Sure it would. And look, from where will the billions come from? Why, from taxes on small businesses, so they might send their money to Washington to get it back after they fill out the right form for their own money. Such a silly woman. Just silly. And Shields is just dumb to not see the mindless taxing to give back largesse. Why doesn’t our Advocate see this reality? Or are they just shills for socialism? Sure, sure they are, at this point it’s obvious.

And then, I see in a Mark Ballard column on the op-ed page, and he’s our “advocate’s capital news bureau,” this:

“The budget [of Louisiana] is $25.5 billion, of which the federal government contributes about $11.5 billion.” Well, yes, and along comes the federal mandates and the strings to strangle. And yet, where does this dullard Ballard think the $11.5 billion comes from? It must come from Louisiana, one way or the other. Or it comes from some other state. And thus that state loses. Or do we give $15 billion in taxes to the feds, and only get back $11.5 billion, meaning we’re screwed. But someone somewhere is paying out money that makes no sense economically, and more importantly, is unconstitutional.

About which, one should really see these websites, to get a handle on the rumble in the land:

Serious thinkers they are, not the rambling I do. All are about the growing movement in this nation to dismantle these sorts of $11.5 billion federal supports for our state budget, and the strings of strangulation attached, as well as the $30 Billion in Mary-dollars. The whole thing is crashing, so sweetly, in a legal way.

Indeed, by the words of the aptly named the US Government is down one on the count to a fight by Virginia to nullify ObamaCare. The judge up there ruled that the suit most certainly can go on, and dismissed the “frivolous” claim by the Feds that the suit was “frivolous.” The Feds and Obama won’t even debate the law. What say you, Mary, on that bit of absurdity? And Louisiana is part of this wider 20 state effort to sue against the law. It’s just so wrong.

And I recall from just yesterday, when the lady in California brought up the unconstitutionality of the law, let us not forget that one of Mary Landrieu’s side – Socialist Democrat Pete Stark of California – just simply said the Constitution just doesn’t matter. I’d love to hear our Mary opine upon that. And Shields and the Advocate itself. For they are in league with Stark, starkly so.

Then the headline of E.J. Dionne is simply stupid: “US Politics has become plain stupid.” Well, sir, if you hadn’t pushed your socialist dream upon a miffed people you wouldn’t have so many people wandering around just enraged as the dickens. Still, you keep calling us stupid, what a guy. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the mush, for the first thing he did is go to what some “conservative” in England did. Well, sir, England is, last I looked, not America. I don’t care how dumb they are over there. And what a socialist masquerading as a “conservative” — whatever that word signifies anymore – is doing in England possibly having any effect here in America I really didn’t want to know. Dionne is so wrong on so much, so stupid, in fact, that I wonder why Our Advocate pays for his drivel.

And then, more mush, by the barrelful this time – in an article by Richard Burgess of the Advocate’s Acadiana bureau. He writes, with a straight face, one presumes, that while Lafayette, a city to our west, is going to be using natural gas to power city cars, that — “the decision by Lafayette and other cities to make the leap has been made easier by generous government grants and tax credits for a fuel touted as cheaper and cleaner burning alternative to gasoline.”

And I marvel, no, I really do, at the mindlessness. IF the fuel was cheaper it WOULD NOT need generous subsidies of any kind, but would simply be sold as, well, as cheaper. The price of the natural gas isn’t cheaper, it’s just as expensive or more, than gasoline. The generosity of the government with other people’s money is what makes the price cheaper, but the cost is still the same. Even more bizarre is that he writes:

“The industry … also stresses that it is a domestic source at a time when the US is struggling to wean itself from foreign oil.”

We are? I didn’t know that. Hell, even the Advocate was not on the memo just the other day. After all, we’ve all but outlawed drilling onshore, off shore, near shore and far from shore anywhere in this land or water. Why didn’t this putz point that out anywhere in the article on energy? After all, this is the same day that Mary Landrieu is extolled for her “business prowess” — though she never ran a business in her life – for more taxes, more tax subsidies, more government spending – and just a day or two AFTER she said: “Obama’s moratorium on drilling will hurt jobs in Louisiana.” How can we be moving from foreign oil and not drilling for our own? The Advocate even approvingly reports how the Shreveport Times points out the jobs and energy killing presidential measures. Stopping work here is weaning us off of oil work over there? Surely the man pulls my leg?

Oh that’s right, we’ll do wind and biofuels, and solar, no doubt. Which will be supported by subsidies and grants and such to make them “Affordable.” And where will the money come from? Why, from taxing the oil companies – though there be less money coming in now that they’re being put out of business. From where then will the money come from? No doubt Mary will tell us how she’ll approve $30,000,000,000 to solve this very problem.

The Advocate, independent as it claims to be, can’t be bothered to put this all together. It’s a morass, and in a sense, Dionne is right, it’s stupid. It’s stupid because socialism and big government is stupid.

And what do Shields, Ballard, Dionne, Landrieu and Shields want? Why, more government, more taxes, more subsidies, more rules, more socialism. They bleat it daily. Frighteningly so. So who’s being stupid?

To finish off the utter absurdity of the evening I watched a wonderful new video by – as I picked up from – really, you’ve got to check out this wonderful little piece on how Obama is a Communist.

And after all that I can only say – do these people really think they’ll get away with this garbage? Sure, in the short term they think they are winning. But alas for them, this is their high water, this is their peak, this is their shining moment to do something to better the human condition.

And all they did was go back to socialism, communism and a mindless stupid tyranny of a self-proclaimed ruling class with no earthly clue as to how to do anything but gum up the works and blame everyone else for the problems they caused. Oh yah, and call everyone a racist.

Really, these folks need to drink some TEA. For it makes it so much easier to rumble for liberty, and Refudiate the Socialists!


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