Jamal and the Liberty Jacket

If you do one thing today then go to this video of an American man, Jamal, giving an impassioned, and cogent, statement of liberty.

I Believe If This Thinking Was Pervasive We Would Be An Unstoppable Powerhouse

It brought joy to my heart.

And I’m hoping that the TEA Party, and Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann, and so many other public faces of the TEA Party find people like this and bring them up on stage with them, to show the nation what we are made of.

And we are made of far better stuff than the “cowards,” “potential terrorists,” and “racists” that this Administration, this president, this Democratic Party says we are. They are progressively more negative with each passing day. And more rapacious of our wealth and liberty. And I have the feeling that Jamal is just about as fed up as I am, along with you, and the rest of the nation, in now 60 to 70 percent majorities on everything.

From ObamaCare, to “reforms” of all kinds, to the deficit, to our friendship with Israel, to the unread legislation passed by the thousands of pages, to the corruption, the connivance with the media, with the entire panoply of curdled socialist thought that is this government — some 60 to 70 percent are saying NO.And it infuriates the poseurs in power that we do so politely, reasonably and with the backing of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and a health respect for law and order of a liberty kind.

And still they will not listen, but attempt a coup of sorts for the glories of socialism, for what is thousands of pages of unread laws and people appointed in the dead of night to run our lives? This “modern” and “progressive thought,” which is ancient royalism, which is why it worked so well in Europe. Of what difference was it that Vladimir I of the House of Lenin ruled Russia instead of Nicholas II of the House of Romanov? Of what difference that Wilhelm II of the Hohenzollern Family was replaced by Adolf I of the Hitler Family? Of what difference did it make that Victor Emmanual II of Italy was replaced by Benito of Italy? None, they were the state, and their power absolute. So what one killed more than another, or for a different bit of pique? Even when the Spanish Emperor replaced the Aztec Emperor what was the difference — it was still a centralized state with tribute paid to the emperor. The list goes on an on. Did Emperor Li operate any different than Emperor Mao? No. They all killed by millions. They raped and pillaged their way through the lands of their region. Stealing, and then claiming to own the rest. It’s time honored. Pharaoh himself did it. And then Emperor Alexander installed his buddies, the Ptolemies, the Cleopatras, the famous one Number VII, as the new Pharaoh Family. It made no difference.

Then one day, people who think like Jamal came to America, and created a new form of government, and of property ownership, and of law. And it worked beyond the wildest dreams of anybody alive at the time. And it’s been spreading wider ever since. Where do you think those 80 story buildings in Bangkok and Shanghai come from? From liberty to earn and keep wealth.

And now the current crop of Democrats want to return us to the glories of the royalist-socialist past.

It’s not going to happen with people like Jamal around. No, not by a long shot.

And look, at www.jammiefool.blogspot.com you’ll find today an article about Nick Jonas, one of the teen heart throbs of our days, and a bunch of others of similar station in life, all getting together to extol the virtues of Liberty — and Ronald Reagan!

And Jammie looked at a comment by the Left, by a socialist obviously, suggesting beating the young heart throb with a strop. Such fine, fine suggestions by a socialist. For usually they recommend jail or shooting.

So, go watch Jamal’s video, and spread the word. Tell it from the mountains, sing it from the plains, and for us down here, shout it from the swamps.

We shall wrap ourselves in the jacket of liberty, and not in the strait-jacket of socialism. Of that you can be sure. Now, go have a great day, and watch that video, spread the word.


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