Thumping away

“Those guys are scumam ihate what they say about you. Youa3e my friend but we need tocalm that down,” he wrote – attributes this to the dearly departed ex-governor of New Jersey, one John Corzine. He of the “party of the people,” and not of the rich-fat-cat-wall-street Republicans. He’s worth “only” some $500,000,000 or something. Which he earned on Wall Street. Other than that, he’s just a regular guy as exemplified by his inability to spell or write coherently. Other than that he’s a fine Democrat, and therefore will not be hindered in his efforts to do anything by the press by something as silly as a way beyond Palinesque typo, but lapsing into gibberish. Obama, too, is loathe to speak some words correctly, such as “corps” — which thanks to the French, as John Kerry should know, is pronounced “core.”

Which leads me to wonder, what do some people think those red-squiggly lines under words mean when they type? Whether in comments sections on websites, or just their articles somewhere, and tweets – do they not know that it means the spell-check feature of the machine they use has found a misspelled word, or something confound it. I know English is a hard to spell language, but still, dictionaries are on hand from every web portal. They really should get their act together. But a governor and former big-time stock trader, and a fine Democrat no doubt, just illiterate. It’s said many a king couldn’t write well either, and in simpler languages than English.

Meanwhile, at

I found this cute clip of Dee Snyder, who I went to High School with, and he’s the lead singer of Twisted Sister. He was the guy hauled into Congress to talk about the words of his music, by Tipper Gore and Fatty Albert, no less. He was accused of imperiling the Republic for bad words and violent images, and immorality and Lord knows what else. It was, of course, among the first times the Democrats abandoned the principle of Free Speech for the security of the Nanny State. Still, he was on a “wendy williams show” – I have no idea who or what or where that is – ah, but the words Dee speaks, roughly:

“I’m still married and none of my kids have been arrested for drugs, which we can’t we say about Al and Tipper.”

Yep, that Al and Tipper of multiple mansions, a divorce, and a hooligan-arrested son. Of course, Al’s in such heap big trouble so much of late that it’s no wonder Tipper is divorcing him.

And then, to top off the morning, look at these two:

It’s the same video, but different comments. What I like is the lady in the video saying Exactly what I’ve been saying since high school – the entire federal entitlement program system is unconstitutional because the 13th Amendment prohibits slavery, and to entitle one person, over there, to your money, means you are not entitled to your money. And so thus, since money is labor, some other person is entitled by law to your labor. Which is, no matter how you slice it, involuntary servitude and slavery to the degree of the tax for the entitlement. The purpose of the entitlement is not the issue – sure, people need help, everyone does. Even Al and Tipper and their kids, as is well evidenced. But still, the lady presents the stark language of the Constitution on the demerits of ObamaCare to US Representative Pete Stark. Mr. Stark stares into space a moment, to search for the right words to still this woman’s concern’s, and then starkly explains that the Constitution is simply irrelevant, and he and the Federal government might just do anything they wish.

Can you say “Tyranny”?

To Stark’s bemused condescension, the crowd, in a place full to the gunwales with people, simply erupts once again into fervently polite boos and calls for resignation and electoral defeat. Indeed, though I haven’t seen a tally, it seems every where Democrats go to speak these days citizens just rile them up to saying “yes, I’m for Tyranny!” and then the people rise up in utter disgust and indignation.

Surely this is where we have arrived. For now they’ll tell us to buy health insurance, and pay more outrageous sums in taxes. And they’re beginning to tell us what to buy and sell, and how to do it. And what to eat and how not to cook it. Next they’ll tell us we are to buy the Chevy Volt, or else. And they are obviously, the entire Democratic Party — there are no innocents among them — all loitering around the edges of the idea of stopping free speech. They talk of FCC rules for the internet, and of bailing out newspapers, and of limiting access to the web and to government documents which we bought and paid for, and they’re talking about “fairness” which means to them – we have to listen to what we say. On and on comes the Tyranny of the Democrats. It’s rather awesome and shocking to behold. They say it clearer and clearer everyday:

We are royal, and sage, filled with the wisdom of Karl Marx, and you, you peons, you shall do as you’re told.

Indeed, they seem quite proud of their royalist-socialist demeanor. They are all for tyranny, they are now saying. Well, thanks for clearing up that, people. The division between Liberty and Tyranny are getting starker everyday. Look, listen, and resist. Vote Democrat at any level is simply now perilous to the nation. It’s voting for a clear and present enemy of We the People, for they have declared the vast majority of Americans to be un-American. And when the people are against themselves, that’s something.

Now, it’s true that this has been coming for a while. And still, some people are not convinced, but remained stupefied by a conniving press colluding with a tyrannical socialist movement in league with the enemies of the United States, the Constitution and of Liberty, also called, The Democratic Party. Though less and less each day is the bumfuddling working.

It’s sort of like a noise one hears in the car. Oh, it’s just a little thump. But still, next week there it is a again. Then just a few days later. And then the next day. Then everyday. Then it’s every so often every day. Then it’s thump bump thump bump every time you start the car. But still, either through lack of cash due to rapacious taxes or underemployed due to rapacious business constraints, you have little money to spend. So you ignore the problem, perhaps hoping it goes away. Such is our national bus. It’s thumping and bumping going down the road. The Democrats and Socialists have been driving for decades, actually. And now the noise of demise is heard too much, as they rev the engine for their final run for the cliff they want to plunge us over.

Still, this president and this Congress, and this Socialist Cabal will not pull over for a mechanic to take a look. For they aim to crash the bus, as Socialist theory calls for them to do. They are now candidly admitting that they aim to Destroy these United States. The Democrats are no longer a fit party to rule anything. And we must seize the steering wheel, and perhaps tie down the unruly passengers, until we get to a mechanic’s shop, so repairs might be made.

There, there it is, on up ahead, around the bend, I see it – Palin’s TEA Party Garage.

Their motto?

“All makes and models of socialism overhauled and repaired”

What a final two years of the Obama Mistake to come! It’s going to be quite a show. Refudiation is going to be a bummers for these socialists. Oh well, let’s all thump away for Liberty and rational governance.


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