More Tyranny

More tyranny, folks. Just plain old property seizure for the good of the state. This is something I’ve been bleating about to my friends for years. They look at me funny, not imagining such a thing. But there is it, a rather well researched bunch of information about this little bit of tyranny.

Do some people really still doubt that this has got to stop?

Do some people really still think that the TEA Party Liberty movement doesn’t have a lot to do?

This is not all going to be solved in this November’s elections. That’s just the opening gambit in this chess game. But rest assured, the onset of tyranny is being stopped in its tracks. The numbers of people fighting, legally mind you, and Constitutionally, is way too big for the Socialists to get away with this. They done opened a can of worms and found a bunch of rattlesnakes.

Hence the “Don’t tread on me” flags. So far just paraded about at TEA Party rallies. When you start to see them flying from car dealerships know that the end of the Socialist nightmare is ever more closer. The growing number of billboards against Obama is but another sign on the way to Liberty.

These Democrats, and not a few Republicans, are each day now admitting that they are socialists. That only leads to tyranny, as anyone who ever thought about the matter can conclude.

Ah, to be witness to the end, such sweetness, like garden gazing.


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