The Palin Presidency

The Palin Presidency

There is of course, while no definitive answer, and it’s not definite she’ll be, but still, there is a growing likelihood that Sarah Palin will be our next president.

Talk about your historic and unprecedented.

I mentioned yesterday that she hit 2,000,000 followers to her Facebook page – and how many more millions who flit in and out trying to get a measure of the woman? And those two million I believe translate to 20,000,000 follower-voters. The rule of thumb for radio shows is that for every caller you have a 1,000 listeners. OK, so for every Facebook adherents you have 10 devotees who would do the same if they perhaps knew how or had the gumption, or both, to be official followers. How many followers of Palin have no idea what Facebook is or how to work it? I’d say my father and his girlfriend and his 75-85 year old set of pinochle players down there in Boca are perfect examples of Palin supporters with no earthly knowledge of or intention of ever looking at Facebook, if they knew how to even find the internet portal. But still, I know there, among those geriatric shufflers there’s 10 or 12 votes for Palin. Men and women from a time in history when woman who were not nurses, teachers or secretaries were home with the brood, and now they are all considering a woman as president. Which is quite a thing to behold. So before she’s said a word, before she’s started the campaign, before the first primary or caucus, there she is sitting on a huge pile of good will attached to a huge pile of votes.

Her likely opponents for the Republican nomination are of course just as sure they want to be president as any other in their position. Pawlenty, Gingrich, Daniels, Romney, Jindal – who knows how many. There’s a passel for sure. Still, together, they can fill a good sized arena, like a college bowl stadium. Which is a good 70,000 people or so. But then, Palin has more Facebook followers than Houston has citizens. And Houston is the fourth largest city in America. Other than that they’re equal to the task.

And Palin gets millions to line up for hours for any small chance of a visual at any of her appearances, which makes the press every time, and the rest of the guys do gather in a few hundred at a policy speech to the American Somebodies, which does go into that organizations highly prized newsletter. Still, they have a chance, for in politics something might happen.

You know, maybe Palin will get caught doing something silly, like a Typo, or a Mistake – my my, or even writing something on her hand. It will get the press riled up of course, for the bees must strike the bonnet. But her opponents, all careful speakers, perfectly poised, will get much praise for the stolid and staid policy speeches about the complexity of the issues, and the need for study, which the planning-conniving socialists absolutely adore, for who knows what rules one can insert in the reforming process. It is not at all easy to push for reform, or for new and improved rules and regulations, and better training for bureaucrats armed with well-polished forms of governance, when the whole program is just abolished.

Still, it’s quite a haul. And they’re off! And it’s Sarah on the inside… coming on the mile post …and the rest of the pack a furlough back … oh, the race is the swift …

No, no, that’s a horse race, which our press likes to talk about. So they will endless talk about who is up in the polls, and pull out a well crafted public policy point uttered by a presidential candidate and poor ol’ Sarah will be excoriated for saying “well, why don’t we just get rid of that?” And her followers will adore her, and her detractors will detract her. Though the election must still be won.

OK, so she get’s herself elected. Now what? Well, she’ll almost certainly have a Republican majority in the House, and probably the Senate. And in the statehouses, and governorships. Indeed, it may well be the most Republican time in our history, or at least since the Democrats seceded in 1861 so they might retain the institution of Slavery which they so loved. Who knows, the current generations of African Americans might well be swayed to the ideas of liberty when Sarah points out that she’d absolutely love to speak to the NAACP, and the Black Churches Council, and hold a Town Hall meeting right there in Compton, before heading to the opening of a special needs kid’s children center in the Bronx.

Though many of those Republicans in Congress will be RINOs, or shall we say, weak tea, or green tea, or cold tea, or iced tea, Republicans. They’ll not so be willing to get with the program. Not a worry. That’s the point of the nation – to discuss things in a reasonable manner, and allow the best melange of idea to surface. On the other hand, the Republicans in Congress might be so awed of her that they will just say, “what would you like us to do ma’am.” Which has a worry as strong as the sycophants of the Democrats and Obama, except the former is to dismantle their power, and the latter is to aggrandize it, and so there is a difference.

She’ll have a hostile mainstream press. Which is good in a way. For it will either push the press into a constructive discussion of the issues, or show them to be the shrill Marxists they seem to be right now, and then just put them out of business. In either event, they’ll bring every flaw in and questions of her proposals to the public forum. Good, that’s what is needed. For Liberty minded people DO want to include the Marxists, and give no hindrance to them obtaining perhaps 40 acres and a mule, so to speak, so they might set up their off-the-grid communes to their hearts content. It is the right of cults to be as cultish as they wish, short of killing the kids, I suppose. But still, nothing is stopping the Al Gores of the world from living like the Amish, except maybe the Misses Gore who do object to the life of cow milking required.

And the Unions can blissfully organize themselves into buying committees that take over the industries of their choice. It’s fine, really, if say, the Auto Workers Union bought themselves a car company. Let them raise the funds, and buy the shares, and make the acquisition, and appoint their people to the positions they feel most comfortable for their purpose. The tax breaks showered upon the entity by the Palin Administration might more than make up for any incompetence until they get it sorted out. And if people buy Chevy’s from them, then so be it. But yay, if no one buys the product, oh well, such is the prowess of the Unions then, in running the car companies.

Will any of the plethora of cabinet agencies be eliminated in her 8 years (I’m just fantasizing here, remember)? Probably not. The entrenched interests are perhaps too strong of yet. Then, too, there is the worry of retraining all the bureaucrats to do something constructive rather than administrate. It might be good that some bureaucrat in the Department of Commerce knows that you need Form OMB 4,502(d)f.2 to get some subsidy for your purpose, but under a Palin Administration I would think the subsidies would cease. And perhaps the very purpose of the Department, for Americans have shown a remarkable ability to engage in commerce with not much help at all. In fact, we’re quite accused of being just too good at shopping, which requires commerce. Still, there would be no form required if there was no agency to issue it.

And too, there would be oh so many less IRS agents required, and the accountants that sit in the belly of the behemoth making sure you filled out and signed Schedule D or E, part 4 of Section 2 of the 1040, or some such. For the income tax will have been vastly simplified, one hopes. I’m sure Steve Forbes will be brought into the White House to discuss the matter – he of the vastly simplified flat tax. It’s not an easy thing to dismantle such a complex tumor of a tax code, true. Just like any brain surgery, one must be delicate and deliberate. But still, there are plenty of TEA Party proposals for dismantling the IRS.

On and on through the alphabet mush of federal agencies might the Great Dismantlement pursue the idea of liberty. Thousands of federal employees gone from the payrolls. What we do with the gargantuan buildings is hard to say. Though we will need a Museum to the Folly of Big Government, and what more ironic place to put it than in a former Department of Education building no longer required.

There might be revenues produced, too, from all the I’m sure wholesome and important things that any agency might actually do, that could be spun off as private companies. There’s statisticians who could open up corner stat stores and sell reams of the numbers that Big Government requires, but a free commercial people not so much. There might be all sorts of testing laboratories that are spun off, too, in a great cavalcade of competing entities, showing how their lab does a far better job, and so their skills and processes might be bought and sold on the open market, just like, say, oh, diagnosis of one’s car problems is relegated to the hundreds of auto repair shops right there in your city.

I’m sure that hundreds of such new companies can be spun off the federal government, and that will be part of what the Palin Administration does. But that’s the easy domestic stuff.

Now, foreign policy wise, I’m sure she’ll ask for that bust of Churchill which Obama sent back to be brought right back here. And I’m sure she’ll go to Israel to give succor to that nation besieged. I’m sure the world’s misfit rulers will shake a bit, for she’ll be such an unknown quantity they’ll have no plan to thwart her. On the other hand, if they did, say, rise up and squeak, as the pips are known to do, then she’d call in her generals and ask “when might the bombing start?” And thus bring some liberty to those people under the thumb of tyrants.

This carry a big stick, lob a few missiles, and hole all in war enemies, but in peace, friends, foreign policy will rub the liberals raw. For they want the opposite. She’ll stand tall for the nation. You can tell that right away. She’ll know the judicious way to swat down an invader, if only because she obviously values human life too much. Too much even for liberals to take, for they would have aborted the child. And once you start killing off the unborn, it’s not all that hard to slip into killing off the already-born. It’s just a logical leap of no great distance, as socialism has shown.

But then the liberals will be in stark contrast to the majority. Indeed, the seven dwarfs of the Republican Men’s Club would be all wishy-washy and beloved by the liberals for not showing such a stark contrast between abject surrender and mere supplication. Palin on the other hand would slap down one potentate, as an example to the others. Perhaps North Korea would be a good place to start. But that’s for the generals. I’m sure though, too, when she enters some army field barrack out there in some dangerous place the soldiers will be ripe with pride to serve. Which is in contrast with Obama’s and Biden’s appearances, which do get the right amount of proper applause as one can get away with.

The divisions in the country are big – but the two sides are not nearly as equal. The Left is small in numbers, though seemingly big in size, due to the media, Hollywood and the Universities, with a transient political majority. But absent the majority, soon to come, they are quite vulnerable. For what would happen if no one bought the press any more? Oh well, bye bye birdie. And what if the rational no longer sought out the Marxist professors of our fine universities, who would have had their budget cuts too? To whom would they teach? And already the Anti-American movies are bombing more and more in the theaters, and the stars pushing Marxism more and more ridiculed. And if Hollywood put out a blockbuster, and the seats not sold, whose block is busted?

On the other side of this great divide, are of course, the great unorganized groups of citizens ambling about just miffed as the dickens, and not showing any inclination to take it anymore.

So, to recap – small left has awoken Big Right. Obama flounders towards the end of his term, and Palin wow’s with a “hi mom” on the palm. Which do you think will win? That’s your thinking assignment for the week. For if we go with the Obama’s of this world, we’ll be sure losers. And if we go with Palin, we’ll get back on track. It’s rather clear, rather plain, and dare I say, rather Palin.

So let’s go Refudiate the Socialists and call it a day, so I nor you have to blog anymore, and we might go enjoy the garden.


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  1. I’m undecided on her, but we could do a lot worse.

    The more immediate practical question is: is she electable, given she resigned the governorship. That will count heavily against her, I’m betting, for people all most points of the political compass.

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