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OK, then, as you may or may not recall, there was some bruhaha about a license for floral arranging that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Louisiana is the only state with the silly situation. So a Legislator here, a Republican, worked to get rid of the exams and the license. Seems he was met with opposition, probably from established florists who would not like the competition. Seems our Advocate was for the exams, fees and licenses, because you know, no one without rigorous teaching and testing could possibly put a yellow with a red flower and a sprig of fern without the Republic collapsing. That this insignificant little matter still consumes us is evidenced by Thursday’s paper, which had a letter to the editor extolling the little that the legislator, one Franklin Foil, was able to get through the nannies of state who stood athwart the roses and said – “No, you can’t think without state training.” For flower arranging, mind you. Absurd. Such is our Advocate, who, I’m sure, with wild abandon, arranges flowers in their offices without so much as a certificate of arranging.

Meanwhile, that same day, yesterday, some Washington Post writer, Ruth Marcus, they of the hotbed of journalists in cahoots with each other for socialism, got herself some prime newspaper space right here in our Advocate to say this most bizarre thing:

The modern Republican argument about taxes seems to boil down to two principles, both misguided. Taxes can be reduced, but they can never be allowed to go up. And whatever level taxes are at, they are too high.

Well, then, this is dumb. How could it be “misguided” to say that taxes are too high? Or that they simply must be cut? That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. It sounds perfectly fine to millions of people. Far more than Ms. Marcus might well relish to contemplate. Only someone with not much free market liberty floating through her veins thinks that it’s misguided to cut taxes, permanently. I suppose there’s no federal spending that is not just uber-important for the lady, though most Americans would disagree if given the cutting pen. So, more taxes and permanent eh? Ms. Marcus. Thanks for the heads up for socialism. And I wonder if Ms. More-Taxes Marcus did donate all that she could to the federal government to make up the debt and deficit that Obama has inflicted upon us.

Meanwhile, our Advocate does try to compare Obama to Reagan. Laughable. For the START treaty where in which Obama is giving up our national security to a nation still spying on us, and still oppressing it’s people, and a nation that works against us internationally on so many things. Talk about your “Misguided.” Surely Ms. Marcus might have written of this delusion. But still, for our Advocate to compare a Freedom Fighter to this poseur in chief for the communist world movement. Well, then, that’s chutzpah.

Then, in the Doonesbury comic strip we find this bit of dialogue in a four panel cartoon about a talking Sarah Palin doll. “Sam, everything she says is programmed in. Her brain is empty. Sarah’s a dummy. A shiny plaything. A cipher, a blank, a total nothing. Not a thought in her had. Just a piece of plastic crap.”

I’m not sure if this is satire against Palin, or against the people who think she’s a dolt. Knowing Doonesbury I’d say the later. Which shoes you how much that millionaire for socialism knows.

Well, then, sure, but what then are we to make of this:

Ms. Palin now has 2,000,000 Facebook followers.

Now, if each has 10 similar friends, that’s 20,000,000, which is a nice way to enter the presidential sweepstakes season. And too, so far, according to some counts, Sarah has endorsed some 29 candidates. Of whom 24 won and 5 lost. Hmm, and Obama? Well, he’s batting 0% so far. And the rest are staying away from him like vultures from the new born.

And so let us just for a moment consider this too – I don’t follow Palin on Facebook, but I follow elsewhere. And so that’s 2,000,001. And how many more like me? And you, and you?

And Obama was able to get 2000 of his followers together just the other day. And they said “Palin’s our gal.” Though they think, perhaps like Marcus, that Palin is misguided or something, for being for, you know, Americans keeping their own money. Sad creatures, these socialists.

Then just the other day, some NY Representative, Andrew Weiner, or is it Anthony? Oh, who cares. He went rude and crude on the House Floor – screaming at Republicans to just sit down, shut up, and vote for what Weiner wants, and not what they perceive is the best interests of the nation and their constituents. So he’s losing it. A possible anger management intervention is necessary.

In other news Charlie Rangel, Crook of NYC, had 13 complaints of his ethics charged against him. He’s undecided to which of his many homes, offices and other hideaways he might repair to so as to take stock of his dwindling political fortunes. And he’s only 80, which in Democratic years means he’s got another good decade or two in Congress before he’s carried out in a box. Alas, many misguided knaves are not going for it. As we the misguided did not go for Yachtman John Kerry’s nonsense about “I’ll pay any taxes owed on the boat I don’t want to talk about.” Sure, John. Sure. You were misguided.

The only socialist thing is falling apart very nicely.

And down in Ft Lauderdale was another example of that – for it seems a video was made of a bunch of pro-illegal alien marchers, some dozen or so, did descend up, attack and beat two or three people who passed by, and perhaps said something. It’s not clear. But what is it with the Left and violence. Whither they will go and the plate glass is broken, the bricks thrown, the punches landed, and the protest signs’ pole sticks become batons to beat the un-socialist. Oh well, that’s what Socialists for Peace do, riot and rampage. Still no word much on national news, nor of any intervention by the Department of Can’t Do Justice, to catch the hate-mongers.

To finish off the Friday fun, look at this:

The crippling budget cuts President Obama proposed for the Coast Guard also deserve a closer examination. Obama’s spending plan reduced the blue water fleet by a full one-third, slashed 1,000 personnel, five cutters, and several aircraft, including helicopters.

Sure, we’re in a war, declared by our enemies, but denied by our government, and the envirowackos bleating about the onslaught of hurricanes to which the Coast Guard might apply themselves, which is a swell time to cut any defense stuff. Don’t ya’ think? Sure, sure, they’re working on cutting the defense budget too. In fact, the only money that these socialists don’t like spending is the money for defense, but any wastrel project is peachy keen. So misguided, right there, and Ms. Marcus can’t see it. Sad.

But still the thrust of the article is that the Coast Guard, while very worried about the number, color, year and model of life jackets, did spray sea water all over that burning oil rig, but not the foam as recommended by such sage wisdom givers as the, ahem, Coast Guard. Thereby their actions sunk the rig and caused the grief.


And so, it’s now considered that the government caused the collapse and sinking of the rig, making the thing all the more harder to fix. And so will Obama kiss his own butt? Or put his own foot on his own throat? You know, to show how tough he is? No wonder why he’s sending the kids to Spain, they keep talking about that hole plugging. Though now it be in Obama’s ratings. So he’s back to the campaign trail, betwixt the golf outings and White House soirees. And nothing says “tough” more than sitting around with four delusional biddies on the View and getting questions like “So enough of other people saying you’re so wonderful, why do you think you’re so wonderful?”

The president paused a moment. Then said “mongrel, it’s because I’m a mongrel, that’s why I’m great.”

Sure Barry, sure. Don’t worry, buddy. Just take a chill pill and follow Weiner’s advice. Sit down, shut up and listen for once.

But don’t worry, no, for Ms. Palin will be there shortly to fix the mess she’ll inherit from you. I’m sure the colluding press will immediately blame her the day after her inauguration for anything amiss – demanding immediate action in the exact way that Obama would have done it had he not been trounced at the polls. Too bad, press dudes, you’ll have to be enraged for four, nay, eight, more years.

And you know the funny thing? Ms. Palin will not say “I inherited it” — Nor will she threaten boot on posterior or neckline of any particular people. But instead she’ll say something like, “Well, OK then, let’s get to work cutting taxes and see what the American people can’t do with their own money. And let’s cut some bloat, shall we? Why, I’ve seen less blubber on a fatted whale than I see around this federal government. And oh yea, where’s that ObamaCare repeal bill, got to sign that, from day one, don’cha know.”

Whether she pardons Obama for any particular crimes he’ll have to answer for I cannot answer. I would like to think she’ll graciously give the pardon, to heal the nation. And then fire every single socialist that Obama hired. So finally our long national nightmare would then be over.


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