To the labs!

Despite its name, membership in the liberal online community Journolist wasn’t limited to journalists. Present among the bloggers, reporters and editors were a number of professional political operatives, including top White House economic advisers, key Obama political appointees, and Democratic campaign veterans. Some left government to join Journolist. Others took the opposite route. A few contributed to Journolist from their perches in politics. At times, it became difficult to tell who was supposed to be covering policy and who was trying to make it

American thinker —

And so how will the press ever investigate the press, to see if anything is amiss? And how deep into this was our own Advocate? I doubt any of the staff reporters were on this list. But surely some of the AP Reporters, but definitely a lot of people AP and staff reporters spoke to and referenced. Certainly the opinion makers, but that’s sort of OK, unless opinion and journalism are in cahoots, like these guys were. But you know what, I don’t mind that either. Have at it, by all means – just tell us. I don’t care if you’re the official press of the Democrat Party. Sure, publish the Obamian message of utter nonsense. I don’t care. But at least then I can make the decision to buy or not to buy. And to buy or not buy another. Instead, you remained hidden, and denied the obvious once the light of day and decency figuratively smashed through the plate glass window which Spencer Ackerman, one of the cahoots, wished he could physically smash a conservative of some sort or another through. He’s not of the Religion of Peace, which kills all athwart its path to world domination. He’s of the Journalists of Peace who are bringing us a socialist dictatorship which will eventually kill all athwart its path to world domination. No matter, just state your cause. Lenin had the decency to quote Marx before he had you shot, not you?

Indeed, one wonders if the local newspapers across the land, and the magazines and websites, and national papers all just came out and said “yah, we’re socialists,” or “yah, we’re for limited government.” Surely then we’d have more news, and more views, and too more jobs, for there would be more pressmen and delivery people and IT folks. See, another example of a straight forward product sold by honest salesmen always results in more business. And how a one size fits all one model just is so much less. Strange too, that the press loves diversity they say, except for of opinion, if it’s TEAward.

Meanwhile, speaking of the hidden mush, see:

It rips apart Michael Moore – The Fatty of Mouth Mush. Which is a land far away that even Voldemort wouldn’t go to even if Harry Potter was tied down ready to be killed. He who hates capitalism, but lives in a million dollar home. He who despises liberty for some, praises and demands it for himself. He and his corporation, which hires non-union workers, has taken tax subsidies for his movie complaining about, um, corporations which hire non-union workers. The film, “Capitalism” or something, purports to show the horrors of the free market, and now, out in a theater near you for only $10 a head you can pay Mr. Moore some bucks to see his screed against making bucks. He needs a new Hummer to carry his girth around. Nice work, and apparently tax subsidies, if you can get it. Have a cream pie, dude.

One thing that always bugged me was when he wrote, about some poor schnooks, “and they were laid off on Friday the 13th.” I mean, really, here’s a guy all for Scientific Socialism worried unto most distress, about some people because of the superstitions relating to that particular numbered Friday of any month of the year, and some years without, too. Such ancient superstitions, related directly to the October 13 in 1215 or something that the Pope and one of the King Phillippes of France decided to knock off the Knights Templars and get all their gold and castles. Which was the way to do corporate acquisitions back then. Why, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I of England simply took every last blessed thing the Catholic Church had in England and said, “see, here, this is mine now. Tough noogies.” But really, Mr. Moore, surely you don’t believe the poor schnooks laid off because some business was hit with new taxes and regulations, meaning they couldn’t pay the poor schnooks, and so laid them off, was in anyway, superstitiously related to the Knights Templar’s spat with Pope and King, do you?

Though the current government has a different tack on the old Kingly privilege of seizing the wealth of those they don’t like and giving to those they do. It’s the favoritism of all royalism, even if they call it czar or Dear Leader, or President for Life, or a Democratic Party majority in Congress. They take from the unfavored, and give unto the favorites. Typically, that could change at any moment, as BP discovered. There they were, as favorites getting goodies. Then the oil spilled. Then they were the bad guys. Though apparently they’ve been tuckus-kissing at an extraordinary pace, unto $20 Billion in Bullion, and so they’ll perhaps get back in the King’s good graces. It’s not a modern way to run a country at all, but reeks redolent of the ancient ways of pharaoh and commissar of the soviets. Still, they call it progressive, which is odd.

Other than that, the national debt and deficit spiral upwards, or downwards, as your view inclines. So goes housing, construction, employment, investment, banking, medical device manufacturing, and cars and durable goods, all downward as the Scientific Socialists work out the flow charts. And the laws come rife with bureaucrats. There’s a new flow chart out for the obamapus – with more arms, many more arms, than any mere octopus, that’s for sure. has it, I believe, as do – and really, we all should be going to these sites regularly, for they’re champs in pushing the vast uncoordinated disspiracy (opposite to a conspiracy, perhaps?) Hey this making up words stuff is cool. I feel so Palinesque at this very moment.

Still, it’s Scientific Socialism all right, which means one must study hard the ways of the world, even if you don’t actually do anything. We of course, must be an entomologist, and arachnothologist, and ichthyologist, and superstitiousologist, and spelunker on the way to divining the mood of Lord Berwick, to figure out who may or may not be in authority over our lives and fortunes. I’m sure we’ll get to the right office, once they figure out where on the chart the joint committee on keeping the public healthy determines exactly which bureaucrat might answer your question, or resolve your problem, or just some part if it is complex. He in tower high, ready to cull the herd, for the good of the Republic. We’ll even get time to read Franz Kafka’s odd novels about the bizarre maze-haze of Austrian Emprie bureaucracy. But, now, we have this right here in America, where we might make it work, though it be against all odds given the hoary ways of mankind. Still, what a country! New and improved with Scientific Socialism.

And who knew? I mean, the press isn’t telling us. They’re still reporting on how Sarah Palin’s shoes don’t match her handbag or something. Or how the TEA Party is baking cookies and handing out lemonade in the most uproarious way a mother of three might be able to do in between wiping the kid’s mouths. Still, it’s a dangerous bunch of Americans out there, waving flags, and singing patriotic songs, and speaking of a Declarations, Constitutions, limited government, less taxes, and term limits, or something. For We obviously stand athwart the great march to the future as written way back there in the past, for the glories of Scientific Socialism, which is the truth so help us …

To whom do we so help us…? It used to be God. But he’s not too scientific, they say. Though having invented the lot of it, which the socialists don’t quite notice, for some odd reason.

Oh well, it’s either back to the labs, to make a better man. Or it’s back to work, to make a buck, and keep it. That is the question facing the nation. The Democrats have their lab coats on right now. I believe some refudiation is in order.


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