Let’s go Amish

Every so often you have to wonder about the quality of the press and of the professors of our nation. OK, not every so often, but just plain often. Still, look, at this I found at:


By MARK SCOLFORO, Associated Press Writer – Wed Jul 28, 1:29 pm ET [that’s eastern time, not extra terrestrial, but still, perhaps he should phone home. Or just talk to me, to learn how to spot mush.]

“They are sort of challenging some of the mainstream assumptions about progress and how you achieve the good life and happiness,” said Elizabethtown professor Don Kraybill, the study’s director. “They’re not merely surviving; they’re thriving, and growing at this very rapid rate.”

So, “progress” “achieve” “good life” happiness” at a “very rapid rate,” eh? “Challenging some” of our “mainstream assumptions,” eh?

Here’s how, as reported by Ms. Scolforo:

The remarkable growth is almost entirely due to the Amish birth rate — many Amish families have five or more children.

And you know, I doubt there’s an abortion among them. And so the progress of good life and happiness achieved at a rapid rate has absolutely nothing to do with any challenging of mainstream assumptions – other than the reality that the Amish are “thriving” because they’re keeping their kids alive.

Now, let’s look at the near static percentage of Americans of African heritage – it’s about 12.5% to 13.5% (it depends on whose counting,) — and how many abortions are there within the black communities? What is it now? Some 20 Million African Heritage people, just gone. Not to add to our national firmament. For the good of the people, says Planned Parenthood. If you ask me to be cynical, and cruel, I would say the Democrats have been systematically culling African Heritage people from our population by the promotion of Abortion for some bizarre racism.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have attempted to save every African Heritage baby in this land ever since Roe V. Wade was decided. Much to the constant screaming by Democrats that killing babies is perfectly acceptable behavior in our mainstream society. I would think the reporter would have pointed out that the only challenge to the mainstream offered by the Amish is “don’t kill your next generation.”

Here’s more evidence from Scolforo:

Kraybill said the Amish retain about 85 percent of the young adults who have to decide whether to remain in the church. The Amish marry within the community, and the total number of converts nationwide is believed to be less than 100, he said.

So this professor fellow himself says that there’s no net in migration, or converts from outside Amish communities – their example of achieving the good life and happiness and progress is obviously very idiosyncratic. One not so challenging enough to modern ways for anyone to give it up. Not even off the grid lesbian socialists in Vermont go as far as the Amish. Obviously no Americans are joining the Amish — instead the are keeping their kids.

African Heritage Americans complain about their numerical disadvantage. Well, I make this persnal appeal: join Sarah Palin in keeping those babies. You should abandon your so-called leaders, like Sharpton, Jackson, and the newly minted millionaire Shirley Sherrod (don’t you don’t think that the movie deal is not in the works.) And that other fellow. What’s his name? Oh yes, Mr. Obama. And you should join the TEA Party Cavalcade to wealth and prosperity, and keeping kids alive.

European Heritage Americans cannot become African Heritage Americans, obviously, but the latter are killing their kids before they get a chance to join the productive class. That is not the Republicans fault, nor of the TEA Party. These two are begging for ceasing the slaughter. But your leaders keep telling you to kill your babies, and you listen. Beats me why, but there you go.

Now, that alone is not so dramatic, perhaps, if you’re a liberal. But for Scolforo to just blithely quote Kraybill give some social studies mush, and not say, “Hey Professor, how is all that progress achieved?” The professor’s data would seem to not support the professor’s conclusions, and the reporter’s job was to say “whoa, that don’t make no sense, dude.” But he did not, apparently.

Then there’s this little tidbit:

The newest state to get an Amish settlement is South Dakota, after a group of at least six families bought several farms near Tripp in the southeastern part of the state

Which is funny because Tripp South Dakota was a mostly Czech town. And more than a few of those Czech families there came to Louisiana and settled in the two Czech communities of Louisiana, Kolin and Libuse, up near Alexandria. The Czechs came south in the 1920s, because the land was cheap, and now apparently the Amish are moving to Tripp because the land is cheap. And that’s what people have been doing since the dawn of time. Only here, in the US it is orderly and proper. How nice. You ask me how I would know such a tiny bit of factoid trivia? Well, I wrote a book on the Czechs & Slovaks of Louisiana, and there they were, the Czechs of Tripp, come south for the Bohemian Colony.

They joined the modern world as it came along, and had no nostalgia for the less technical past.

Poor Kraybill pines for it, poor Scolforo possibly does, or at least they both want for other Americans, like so many socialists do, to um, you know, challenging some of the mainstream assumptions about progress and how you achieve the good life and happiness,”

The irony of all this is that the EPA has recently more or less declared Milk a hazardous oil in need of vast remediation efforts or something. And so the out-of-mainstream socialists in charge are going to be challenging the most fantastically individualistic bunch of Americans this country ever attracted or produced. And these astoundingly eco-friendly people are going to be who knows how harassed and harangued by busybodies. These Amish people live by their word, which they say is The Word of God himself. Quite an ornery lot, too.

We have them to thank for silver reflective tape. Decades ago, I believe the late 1960s, the state of Pennsylvania said that all slow moving vehicles must put huge orange triangles on them to traverse the roads. The Amish said “we don’t do orange.” The state persisted. The Amish would not relent. Thus individuals pursuing happiness came up against the maw of the state. And so the Amish gathered, and put those hated orange triangles on their buggies, and then they went onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike, going in both directions, two abreast in lines of dozens, in convoys every now and then. They did, shall we say, gum up the works. When told they couldn’t be on the freeway they replied “You told us if we drive on the highways we need orange reflectors, we have them, so we’re on the highway.”

And thus the standoff continued. The mighty tollway of Pennsylvania, source of millions in revenues, came to a stop. And thus the cash cow was laid low.

Out near Pittsburgh some bright young fuzzy headed thinker in the state department of transportation did come up quickly with a dull colored silvery gray tape that would only shine with the headlights of oncoming cars. The Amish looked at it and said “Yeah, we can live with that.” And they went home, and affixed the modern hex, to ward off the evils of the state, as much as they affix hex signs to their barns to ward of the evils of God’s great nature.

Such is individuals in the face of the state. Such is the rational conclusion. Such is creativity among us. And that’s what’s going to save us, as soon as we get rid of these socialists.

American’s love shopping, and for new things especially. But right now the government is putting up Orange reflectors saying caution – and they take our money we might go shopping with, and call it taxes, to help us, they say, because we don’t have enough money … yah.

Let’s get Amish, is all I can say. That’s a way to challenge the so-called mainstream, which pretends to be the permanent power of this nation. They’re going to be sad when it’s all dismantled, and we should be kind, to help them through their pain.


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