There they go again

I haven’t looked at some “local” news in a while – for is anything really local anymore? Isn’t every doggone thing a national issue now? Are we all supposed to be involved? Isn’t it all politics? Isn’t that the problem? Isn’t my headline here in Louisiana pretty much the same as it is for you in New York and Iowa and Oregon? Sure it is.

In nearly every conversation I have with people the talk isn’t about “politics” in the sense of “running” the country. Nor is it about “policy” which this or that bureaucrat puts forth as brilliance. Nor is it about the fine things the government at every level is doing. No, it’s about “the bums.” We the People talk only about the utter audacity, the corruption, the scandal, the tawdry sex, the brazen hypocrisy, the flamboozling and misstating, the bumfuddling and the back peddling. On and on it’s all about the personalities and the soap opera and the foibles, and not about what exactly they are doing. Which is putting a tax on everything that moves and doesn’t move, and regulating everything to the point where even the color of the toilet paper is set down in some manual somewhere.

And then, at a way too early hour our Advocate does inform us that the newspaper has arrived, the sun has risen, the coffee is a-making, and the first blossoms of the day are to bloom. Or as Gerald Shields, our Advocate’s Washington Bureau puts it: “La. Incumbents building war chests for elections.”

Well, yah. That’s what the political class do, they raise money. Gobs of the stuff in the poverty of America, as were told exists. Millions of bucks from the poor, uninsured, unemployed peons who populate our nation of cowards, racists and violent TEA Party extremists, as this administration would style us. Everything is going to hell in a hand basket and our Mr. Shields does inform us that the scoundrels are raising money just as fast as they can.

And he uses the language of war! For which Republicans were castigated just recently, particularly Sarah Palin, of course, as usual, per the plan, as now discovered, and is growing daily in sordid details of a socialist sort. And all the while the Democrats were screaming “to the barricades, burn down the stores!” and actually did just that — with nary a peep of concern by the press and politicians, lest the innocents have their civil rights contested. As a bonus for the Republicans, they’re accused of dismantling the government, running it for the rich, and re-instituting the Democratic Party’s institution of slavery at the same time, in terms of stupidity and unholy alliance with big oil or something. Not to worry, the press informs me that the incumbents are raising money. Good to know.

Yes, but to what purpose? So I know all about how much Mr. Melancon has raised in his race to “knock off” Mr. Vitter, as Mr. Shields puts it — in a “violent image of death by mob” as it is usually hurled at Republicans who use such language. Yes, well, so good, know we now. Now why would I ever not know that incumbents were raising funds? Do tell, Mr. Shields, in our continuous election cycles, are challengers building war chests too? Indeed, since he mentions Melancon, who is a challenger, that surely puts the question: why not just say “Politicians raising funds for campaigns”? What’s with the war chests and incumbents? Isn’t it bank accounts and politicians? I mean really, speak plainly so we might grasp the enormity of the disaster of having a permanent political class. And then, since it’s not news at all, for that apparently the most important job a politician can have, to raise funds, why on earth is this “news”? I can imagine the headline tomorrow, “Grass grows on prediction of sunrise.”

But I have no earthly clue as to what exactly either one will do once either one is ensconced in Gomorrah on the Potomac. Certainly it’s not Sodom, for there’s far too much chakra releasing with the damsels for it to be that. Though Barney Frank is supposedly a bit different. Still, why do I know more about their sex lives than I do about what ungodly new law they are to release upon us, like the hounds in the hunt, and we the rabbits. Aye, and not a word of Mary Landrieu’s fundraisers, recumbent though she be — “I don’t play those Washington games” — yah, hahaha! Sure.

For instance, right up there, on the other side of the physical page is this: “Oil bills brought before Congress.” Yes, they’re going to pay our oil bills. Didn’t Obama say he was going to do that? Or wasn’t he going to ensure they skyrocket? Sure, he said both, and eliminate them through wind and sun power too, and so he’s a busy working on that right now. Indeed, off to Spain I hear to see if the sun isn’t better over there, or something.

Or is it that Congress has all of a sudden come up with a few hundred pages of oil law? My, they write fast! And in such detail, down to the color and number of life rafts on a slow moving barge. Is this going to be another bunch of unread, unknown, we’ll know what’s in it soon enough, and just like a Halloween horror house movie, we don’t know what it will do? No, we usually, even exactly, do know what it will do. There will be bureaucrats, and laws, and litigation, and lobbying, and blame, and wild accusations about wrecking the country, and yes, fund raising off this very important issue, they say, by incumbents and challengers alike. Poor challengers, can’t even make a headline in the daily paper.

I wonder how Mr. Vitter, in particular, has the time to read and craft so many bills, and understand things, and what with visits to his lawyers and publicists about his tawdry sex scandal, and his fundraising, and his, I’m sure, town hall meetings – when does he find the time?

Which is why having every thing a political issue is no good. But that’s what our current government and many of the people want. No, not just Obama, but the whole entire parade of governmentalists. And they are mental, those who wish to govern, or pine for governance. I mean, really – Charlie Rangel? He’s tetched, and rude, and just so smarmy you want to bop him lightly on the head and say, “OK, Charlie, let’s go play shuffleboard.” I’m not sure if Senator Lautenberg of New Jersey even gets out of bed anymore, surely Democratic Kleagle Robert Byrd didn’t.

And since Shields wrote both the oil bill story and the incumbents raise funds story, could not he have meshed them somehow? Indeed, why isn’t Mr. Shields in the paper every day, detailing every day of who Landrieu and Vitter, our two darling senators, met with. What time they spent reading oh so important legislation. How many phone calls, to which events they went – all these things I would think necessary for me to really and truly assess what my employee was doing.

Look at this, we’re the boss, and they’re telling us what time they’ll punch in and out, and how much they’ll get paid, and when they might take lunch, and vacation, and if they feel in the mood to tell us what they’re doing. They seem to think they are in charge.

So I would say this, it’s time to put some terms limits on these people. And get back to a citizen legislature. With not so many lawyers, indeed, none. I have always thought, nay, known, that lawyers are in fact “officers of the court,” and “members of the bar” and a part of the Judiciary branch of government. And I have always thought, nay, known, that no one shall be a member of any two branches of government at the same time. Which would seem to put a kabosh on lawyers serving in Congress. And what do lawyers make? Laws. By the unread thousands of pages, so they might have jobs for their lawyer college roommates now gone professional, and for themselves once they leave office to the lobbying firms where their invaluable knowledge about the crafting of the law is so much in demand.

What’s all the more amazing, is that nothing in the physical world really changes, much, or at least not what any reasonable, prudent person might do to ensure he makes it the next day. But there’s a law about something, so a bureaucrat is hired to create a form for the person involved in the physical world to fill out and file, with the appropriate fee and back up information, with this same bureaucrat, so that it might be filed in the most convenient way for the bureaucrat to retain access of this information to be used for some purpose or another having nothing to do with the physical world that actually gets dinner to the table. Indeed, most bureaucratic “crimes” are because someone didn’t fill out and file some damn form right. The horrors of incorrect form filing, can of course, cause great disruption in getting wheat to the bakers so the donuts come out fresh. .

That’s what happens when Congress, a pack of lawyers busy fund-raising, go and write a law about “blowout preventers.” I’m sure that Mr. Vitter, and Mr. Melancon, and even Harry Reid, are all aware of the complex issues involved with blowout prevention. They most like studied the issue right before they left for the fundraiser at the blowout preventer manufacturer’s annual dinner in honor of the good congressman of their district, wherever that might be. And so then the bureaucrat will get the power to write a rule about blowouts, and when they should or should not happen, and what equipment might be best, and what color are the safety switches, because you see, the guy down there coated in grime from preventing that blowout by actually installing that thing is simply not able to conduct his job without the able ministrations of the administration. Yah, and then mother nature does her thing, and father earth throws in a rock or two, and the next thing you know, the lawyers and the bureaucrats discover that Form 156(J)7-a of Section 76 of Title CXX of the US Law #8, or some such, of the present act, has simply not been filed with the right signatures and information with the right office in Washington, saying that mother nature and father earth would not put the thing amiss.

Meanwhile, since mistakes will happen, and unknowable disaster will strike, the thing to do is perhaps this — “Any oil company can drill where they want to, and if they befoul the land they shall pay 100% of the clean up costs to return the land to whence it was, and will not be protected from any and all civil liability and financial damages whatsoever.”

Now, sure a bit more complicated, and let’s keep the wells out of sight of the Falls of Yosemite, but still, we do have some 3.5 million square miles to drill on, if one wanted to. But if there was no bureaucrat to make preposterous rules they have no earthly clue about – for they are well trained in administration, but perhaps not so much in the physical world of blowout prevention – then there would be no reason to have a lobbyist making sure the rule was written just as loopholely as could be done, and no politician would have the very good opportunity to talk to the CEO of some blowout prevention company about the upcoming unread law that might be full of adverse provisions except for the small donation to hit the delete key.

Ah, but if those oil companies were on their own – with but one proviso, “You break it, you fix it and you pay for it.” Open the liability gates, and let them do as they will, and they will be so darn careful a babe might toddle through unsullied at peak production.

But regulate them, and protect them by law and rule, and you will create the mush of “Incumbents raise funds” as if this is some news unexpected. And yet there it is, tied right into “Oil bills brought” — which means politicians must be bought, and lobbyists, and lawyers, and all manner of publicists and such, and all to do something that doesn’t require politicians, lobbyists, lawyers and publicists to do – which is get the stuff out of the ground and into the pipeline, and into our gas tanks.

Other than that mush to aggravate me for the AM garden stroll is the news: General “Government” Motors said that in the finest spirit of competition by a socialist corporation, they will put out a car nearly exactly similar to a private corporation’s model. And for just $8,000 more. I’m sure hearings will be held right away, whose subject will be what rules and regulations must be placed upon Nissan, the profiting privateer of electric vehicles, to get their price up to the government’s offering. I wonder what the incumbents will say.


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