Immediately, go, learn, share!

There, go, learn, share, immediately. There’s the racism of the TEA Party.

Light has been shown, and the cockroaches of socialism exposed.

Let me tell you a story. In 2006 I went to visit my cousins in Prague. There, in Ondrej’s house, a man I had never met, but I knew was a cousin, he showed me something astounding. I already knew that cousin Milos’s house and bar were festooned with American flags, which stood so proud there on V Bokach Street in Hlubochepy, that a Marine would blush for the display of patriotism.

There Ondrej had the Rolling Stones albums I sent him during Ronald Reagan’s term. Still in the Mozart sleeves I put them in when I sent them to him when the Czech Republic was under the glorious Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

They were not allowed to listen to rock and roll. They could go to jail. So I put Rolling Stones LPs, those big vinyl records, into the discarded Mozart and Tchaikovsky jackets. The customs officials were too lazy and stupid to look and learn. Ondrej had his Rolling Stones.

But you, you are an American. Under no such constraints, yet. But what did Ezra Klein of Journolist fame promote — the banning of FOX network from the eyes of Americans. Unholy business, that. Unholy.

For God Ordained Free Speech and Liberty for All Mankind.

It is Not some privilege given by some government flunky who thinks he knows best.

So there, go to that website, and see the Glory of America. See the passion and the flame of Liberty burn bright.

Know that we will prevail.

Not because we will beat our opponents into submission, as they would do unto us, as is the known outcome of every socialist regime ever perpetrated upon mankind. No, we will win by convincing them of the errors of their ways, and bring them to Liberty, one nation, indivisible with justice for all — and a sound sane government that lives within its means, and under our watchful eye of permission by We the People.

Even if we have to elect Sarah Palin!

No, these socialists will not win. There tonight, on some TV show my old friend was watching, was Ezra Klein himself, pretending to be a savant and a prophet of the new world order. He was now, today, all for rescinding the Filibuster. Yet, just a few two years ago, there he was, as all puffed up as tonight, as full of socialism now as then, so  much so  his eyes were brown, if you know what I mean, pretending to be aghast at rescinding the Filibuster. From one position to the other, polar opposites, in under three years. There is the fidelity and faith of socialism.

The lying hussy.

He of Cabalistas, intent on Socialism.

Fighting the decency of whomever is making Runaway Slave Movie.

There he was, lying through his teeth, as good socialists do, except about killing the enemies of the people, who always turn out to be the people themselves.

No, this will not stand.

They will be stopped.

If not today, then tomorrow.

And so spread the word you’ll learn at Runaway Slave Movie

Immediately, go, learn, share.

Runaway slave, runaway!


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