Audacious; Ollie be careful

“If there is any armed aggression against Venezuela from Colombian territory or anywhere else supported by the Yankee empire, we would suspend shipments of oil to the United States, even if we have to eat stones here, Hugo Chavez told thousands of supporters in an outdoor speech.

So, in a fit of socialist stupidity, Oliver Stone’s favorite president, Hugo Chavez, threatens to feed his people “stones.” I don’t know how many kids and kinfolk Ollie Stone has, but I’d be worried about the coming outbreak of cannibalism coming down there in the in the tropics.

That thousands of supports all screamed for rocks instead of ice cream shows just how self-loathing socialists are. They’d rather starve than switch to rational thought. At least it cuts health care costs, and obesity!

Meanwhile, apparently the Canadians are tired of Obama’s anti business climate, and so are threatening to help it by threatening to shut off their oil flow to us.

And meanwhile, the president of LaFourche Parish called for a complete ban on shipping oil in the Gulf of Mexico — a parish president of an oil producing parish mind you. More self-immolation from America haters. And you thought it was a national problem. Silly you.

So let’s see — no oil from abroad and no oil from home, hmm, that should be good for the jobs picture, and Joe Biden’s summer of recovery.

Now, back to my schedule post, just previously, below.

I’m going to go out in the backyard now and look to where a vegetable garden and a dairy cow might go, and the chicken coop. For sustainability — my own. If I don’t blow a gasket or something.


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