That sinking feeling

The Maldives are low, flat islands in the north end of the Indian Ocean. For many enviro-fools these islands are harbingers of a rising sea. Why only these islands, and no where else, I don’t know. They’re convenient, and you can’t get to them without permission of India, more or less. Der Spiegel, of Germany, this week, says that the coral reefs there are growing. And in a careful analysis of WWII era areal photos and today’s shows that the islands are just about where they’ve always been, perilously close to high tide.

Of course little mentioned by the enviro-fools is that these islands are periodically swept by typhoons, which do move around the sands and coconuts, which they meow about. Hurricanes, as we know them, yes, to the point of, true, removing some beach here where you stood last week. But those beaches are merely moved over there, where you should go, enviro-fool, to see the new beach. So the islands are the same as they ever were, square foot-wise. Given the difficulty of measuring such things, it’s another convenient trick of the enviro-fools to use the smallest measure they can grasp onto. Then they head for the press, in connivance with them they know, and now we do too: see “journolist” on the internet search engines, have fun. .

Or are they? Are they sinking? Suppose they are “sinking,” or as the enviro-fools put it, the sea is rising. Well, it just so happens that those islands also sit on a tectonic plate that is pushing down under the Himalayas, thereby pushing up those mountains. Everest grows! And the glaciers there too. But the key is this – the plate on which the Maldives ride is going under – so it’s pulling the coconuts down with it. So there’s nothing were going to do about it. Or are tectonic plates also caused by man? It’s just is the luck of the Maldives to be just where the plate is plunging beneath the seas. Poor Bangladesh is right up the gulf, plunging itself under the Himalayas. Nepal grows taller at the low lying region’s expense.

Meanwhile tectonically, then, I read this at

And one of Holder’s first acts was to call the United States “a nation of cowards” on racial issues. “Though race-related issues continue to occupy a significant portion of our political discussion and though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we average Americans simply do not talk enough with each other about race,” he said.

What’s there to talk about? Everyone is getting along exceedingly well. Everywhere one goes one finds the most incredible melange of races and ethnicities, religions and customs in just blissful harmony. From the Subways of New York, to Miami Beach, to Houston, and even Phoenix, and up to Chicago and back to San Francisco, and everywhere in between. There’s a Mexican restaurant in Woodville Mississippi for crying out loud! The only worries we all have with each other at this point is what on earth is the president and his rabid followers doing to America?

In airports, banks, restaurants, the post offices and the shopping malls, everywhere across this great land, you find an incredible peaceful friendliness among types that is more reflective of the world than the damn UN. I mean really. What is Holder talking about – we don’t talk to each other about race? Why should we? Shouldn’t we, in the immortal words of Rodney King, more wise than Holder obviously, “all just get along.” And we do. But the Left is not satisfied. For there are no votes in peace and prosperity for the poseurs of socialism. They must have conflict. Marx himself said: no conflict, no society. These people breathe for mayhem. And We the People are living in amazing peace.

That’s perhaps why the Left loves the muslims. It’s the mayhem, you see.

The latest canard was pushed by Howard Dean – publicly blaming Fox for racism for showing the video of Sherrod speaking. After the president fired her for that video’s appearance! Fox acted second, well after the firing. But Dean went on to blame Fox and the gang of right wingers for forcing the president’s hand. And the president, such a thinker he is, jumped like a little girl whose crinoline is on fire. It’s amazing delusion, this Dean fellow has.

Coming from a guy who was governor of a state with 98% white residents, hell, WASPs, while you’re at it, is quite hilarious. Hahahaha! Really. This man never lived in the diversity of America. He’s clueless. He doesn’t matter anymore. He’s like the points on Drew Carey’s “Who’s line is it anyway?” He is, by the way, quite the Libertarian, and I wish he would get more public on the issue. Along with so many other Hollywood Liberty Lovers. There are many. How do we get them to join the fray?

Go look up Morgan Freeman’s joust with Mike Wallace – why is there a black history month indeed, for there’s not an American alive who is not only aware of the history of our black citizens, but has bent over backwards in an effort to make up for the problems of long ago dead ancestors for some of us, and for others of us, just people we had no idea existed.

As I’m prone to say: my family got here by 1920, they spoke English by 1950, I’m lucky I’m not named Vecheslav or Ctibor, Bohumil or Vaclav. The ship we came over on is still floating. They got to the Czech neighborhood – both sides – in Manhattan, and stayed as Czech as any new Mexican stays Mexican. I don’t even remember my great grandparents speaking English. The grandparents, and many relatives, spoke Czech constantly. I, a modern American, is simply not responsible for what someone name Smith in Atlanta in 1850 did. It’s absurd.

But Dean? He’s as white as a cabal of journalists >> go see the white faces of the growing list of cabalists for socialism at – it’s growing by the hour.

Meanwhile, I come back from Mississippi, where I saw no signs of racism of anykind, to read this late Sunday night. So you can read it early Monday morning: >>

(AFP) US President Barack Obama and his family are to take a holiday early August in the posh southern Spanish resort city of Marbella, Spanish newspaper El Pais and El Mundo reported Sunday on their websites.

Obama, who would be on his first holiday in Spain since becoming president, was to use the occasion to visit Spanish King Juan Carlos on the Balearic island of Mallorca, the two dailies reported, citing diplomats. Nothing like meeting a Hapsburg King on his home turf, what an opportunity to bow! Mabye Obama will apologize for us freeing Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Phillapines, and basically every country south of the Rio Grande. And apologize too for the fact that those charming people adopted socialism, which is just warmed over Royalism, best exhibited by the Hapsburgs of Spain.

The president would stay at Marbella, a prime holiday destination favoured by the rich and famous, from August 4 to 8, according to El Mundo. Maybe he can get to Cordoba, to see the mosque the mohammedans built to celebrate their conquest of Iberia (hell, the Spanish weren’t even there yet, so what’s the bitch eh? Oh, that’s “history.” For us, 10 years ago, oh, that’s just a man made event of some sort by a bunch of angry folks because America allowed Spain to reconquer Grenada in 1491, just before that evil Columbus even sailed the ocean blue.

The newspaper said that originally only his wife and daughters were supposed to come.

Sure, they’re exhausted too, from plugging holes of some sort or another. Marie Antionette acted similarly. Michelle’s husband’s policies have brought macaroni and cheese to the dinner tables of millions, after a vacation under the sprinkler in the yard, and this woman zooms off to Spain with the kiddies. Why not just take John Kerry’s yacht, and be done with it.

The Spanish government could not confirm on Sunday that Obama and his family were coming. And why would they? They’re probably pissed at him too. They are of course, hypocritical, for after socialistically complaining about America for decades – under the Franco Republican Socialists, and now the Democratic Socialists of the king’s own realm, they’re going to ask Obama for a 400 Billion Buck bail out. And Spain, as home of the Hapsburgs, is of course, too big to fail. So we’ll bail out those suckers.

Well, that’s just what I get from a combination of the news and a few hours driving – it makes for quite a stew of forward moving, um, progressive thought. You know, to sort of watch for hazards on the road.

Now for a glass of TEA.


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