Synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming

At I saw this tidbit, in a piece ripping apart this guy Kevin Carey, who is a proud, though defensive, member of Jornolist:

“Right-wing radio host Mark Levin published a McCarthyite list of known Journolist members on his Facebook page.”

And I wonder what the man is talking about. Levin is not a senator, therefore he could hardly replicate Senator McCarthy’s political tact of accusing people of being communists without much proof. He’s been vindicated somewhat in recent years, when it was found out that indeed some of the people he named were communists, but still. Levin is no McCarthy, because:

First Carey says that the list is merely a bunch of reporters and such having chats about the events of our times, and their reporting of it. Though their reporting is astoundingly similar, very much like synchronized swimming is, it’s different enough to pretend that they are independent voices. It’s a list of the so-called best and the brightest of the world of journalism today. It’s a list of public figures, all with bylines and profiles, all hungry for attention, who attend awards dinners and presidential access moments (we can all speak the newspeak, and surely they’re not interviews of any import.) They are hardly like any communists in the 1950s who hid as best they could. These guys are newshounds, not hidden.

They are in the news, because they are news makers, in more ways than one. And a list of them might have been created simply by a plain language analysis and comparison of words and phrases used over the course of a few months in their writings hither and yon. That is, if you read the Times of Los Angeles and of New York, and Newsweek, Time, Atlantic, etc, and the Washington Post and a few of the other grand news purveyors of our times, then anyone could see that there are astonishing parallels in reportage. It’s what people have been saying for quite a while now. It’s just too obvious. The list that everyone is pointing to (and not just poor Levin, who is singled out for umbrage) is merely a more convenient way of putting it out there, for they provided the list themselves, saving us the time for the analysis. They are card carrying members of the list, as they all say. That they ask for ID to cross their border is all the more ironic. But now that we do know, we can save on our publications buying, since why pay to read the same stuff twice or thrice, eh? Perhaps that’s Carey’s beef, business will decline.

And then, at

Could 2011 be the Year Without Summer? By Tom Rowan,

I read this:

The northern hemisphere has experienced 3 years in a row of record breaking cold winters and snow fall. It snowed in all 50 States last winter. As in 1816, Canada and the rest of North America are experiencing record rainfalls this summer. Much of the Canadian harvest has been lost due to flooding. Some of the ski slopes in the western US reopened in July. Today, South America is experiencing a brutally cold winter killing farmers along with their livestock. It snowed in the Amazon. For two years in a row it has snowed in Australia during summertime.

I’m guessing the above is true. And it snowed in May in Germany too, and not up on some Bavarian Alp either, but down there in the streets.

And yet the journalists are pushing the “it’s the hottest year ever” and the “energy legislation is needed” meme. It’s contrary to the inconvenient facts, but hey, they got an agenda to push.

We don’t even need a list to see the list of, um, journalists who are pushing the story of climate warming, still, after the debunking. They’re not done, not by a long shot. Here, look, from yesterday’s Advocate:

“Storm Luck Won’t Hold Long” — what mush. It’s not news. It’s not a fact. There’s no who, what, when, where, or why, or how to the “story.” It’s a fiction. It’s expository writing. How is this “news” known? By what crystal ball do David Dishineau and Harry R. Weber divine this “fact.”

Here’s a key sentence: “But with peak hurricane season starting in early August chances are the next big storm is right on Bonnie’s heels.” Chances are? Isn’t that a song by Nat King Cole?

Oh really? How do they know? Couldn’t the “next big storm” hit North Carolina? Or Belize, like the first storm, Alex? Couldn’t the next big one not come anywhere near the Gulf? Of course it could. In fact, one hurricane does not follow in the heels of another, but takes a wildly different track. And what heels? Bonnie disintegrated in exactly the opposite way to the story AP has been pushing through Seth Borenstein (and I’m surprised he didn’t write this story, and by the way, where’s the Advocate’s own staff to report on such local news right here in our own backyard?) of more and more massive hurricanes. Alex was a dud that only killed because of the socialist poverty of the southern wonders, and Bonnie went belly up. Not a sprinkle, not a breeze.

Meanwhile, then there’s this, reported by :

“In the 2002 Microsoft Encarta Dictionary (St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY) under “America” there is a note that reads: “The use of America to mean the United States may cause offense to people from Canada and Central and South America, and should be avoided. Use North America to refer to the United States and Canada together.”

So, the use of the name of our country may cause offense, eh? To Canadians eh? They hate being confused with Americans. It’s, to be French about it, their bette noir. So the rest of the hemisphere can call themselves Americans, but we can’t for it might offend them. Giggle, really. Just giggle. And there’s not a person on earth who thinks, when he says he’s going to America, that he’s going to Brazil, Guatemala or Canada. Not a one is confused on the issue of where America is, nor what it is, except may the Encartaristas. And I like how Mexicans are “American” but they’re not “North American” though they be right here on the continent with us. Hysterical mush by our fellow, um, Americans.

Let’s just look at three countries here in the “Americas.”

The United States of Brazil, the United States of Mexico, and the United States of America. I believe it’s also the United States of Venezuela, too, oddly enough. Still, all three are clearly United States (and we had ours first, the copycats,) and it’s right there on their money and their laws. But we’re all America, and they’re Brazil and Mexico, too, but we’re not America, because it offends them? Youse gots to be kiddin’ me.

Finally, this fine morning, is this from

Last month McDonald’s and the CPSC [consumer products safety commission] issued a recall of 12 million Shrek 3 commemorative glasses because some of the paint on the cups contained trace levels of cadmium. It’s good to get those off the market, right? Cadmium can cause bone softening and kidney problems, right?

Amazingly, we’re digging up tons of cadmium, and processing tons, and shipping it, and fashioning it into batteries for our wondrous electric cars, and the batteries we’ll need for the windmills when not twisting in the wind, and for the solar panels which shall light our night and power our days. And then too, joined with the mercury in our new Congress approved light bulbs, we can read all about us making sure cadmium comes not near the children, lest the public health costs be affected.

We’re going to dig and dig up that cadmium, leaving behind pits and mine trailings, despoiling the environment to save it — it does not grow on trees for sure – and virtually encapsulate ourselves with the stuff – but heaven forfend a trace amount do get on the nimble fingers of prepubescent kiddies in the evil grasp of McDonalds. That you would need to scrape off and eat something like 100,000 cup’s worth of paint to get a tad of cadmium exposure is just so not important – neither are all those laboring in the cadmium mines of the empire of the environmental industry, who shall literally bathe in the stuff for the good of the people.

Obama is off on vacation, or otherwise I’m sure we would have heard from him, giving anti-cadmium-enriched speeches – nah — I got it! That teleprompter, that silvery screen – it’s got to have cadmium – it’s affected his brain. Oh the horrors! The Republic doomed, now he’ll glow in the dark, and we’ll see him then, too.


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