Saturday night sillies

Saturday night sillies

“People really want to run from the (health care) issue because of what happened with the populists, because of the way people were attacked, and it is the number one attack being used by conservatives on the right against anyone on the left, whether they voted for the bill or not,” explained Melinda Gibson, an organizer for the liberal group Health Care for America NOW!

Delusional – all conservatives are on the right, remember dearie? Or do you think there are conservatives on the left too? Hmm. And everyone on the left voted for the bill, in action or in spirit, right. So what’s she talking about? And you have pissed off 65% or so of the nation, and you wonder why you’re attacked? What bubble do you live in?

Meanwhile, here’s her group:

HCAN was founded in 2008 as a coalition of unions and other groups, pledging to spend $40 million on grassroots organizing and advertising campaigns to push national health care.

Why didn’t they spend the $40,000,000 on health care itself? I mean, really, if they can raise that amount of money in donations for health care socialism, surely they could run oh, say, 40 $1,000,000 clinics around the nation. Idiots.

“I wish I could be with all of you in Vegas, but then I realized that this weekend what happens in Vegas will be webcast, daired [sic] and tweeted by 2,000 of you,” Obama joked.

Oh sure, 2000 tweeting away. And that’s all they could get? I mean, really, I know the president said don’t go to Vegas, for the good of the country, which is why the unemployment rate there is some 14% or something. But still, 2000? That’s what your forces for socialism are? That’s your brigade at the barricades? With that you plan on bamboozling 270,000,000 out of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? OK, so there really are about 30,000,000 more delusional socialists, mostly people of various colors, though from the looks of Journolist it’s led by a bunch of white guys (see for the mug shots.

I’m fairly certain that if Sarah Palin had shown up just down the block at the same time she would have had 20,000 tweeting away. Geez, the Obama 2000? Sort of like a Yugo, perhaps. I marvel at that level of support. There are more than 200,000 conservative blogs at this point, not a measly 2000.

“We’re moving America forward,” he said. “When we’ve come this far, we can’t afford to slide back. And that’s the choice America faces this November. Between going back to the failed policies that got us into this mess, and moving forward with policies that are leading us out. I don’t need to tell you that. What I’m asking you is to keep making your voices heard. To keep holding me accountable. [Someone better, Lord knows the press ain’t] To keep up the fight. Change is hard. If we’ve learned anything these past 18 months, it’s that change is possible. It’s possible when folks like you remember the fundamental truth of our democracy: that change doesn’t come from the top down, it comes from the bottom up. It comes from the Netroots, the grassroots, every American who loves their country and believes they can make a difference. We’ve done it before. We can do it again. Let’s finish what we’ve started.”

Yes, well, all dictators said “let’s finish what we’ve started.” Big deal. Nice touch the “every American who loves their country” — leaving the 60% to 70% of Americans who are fed up with this socialist poseur I guess not American, or at least not loving their own country. Meanwhile, he struts around the world saying “What’s there to love? America is a bad country, bad, sit, heel, stay.” Yah, Obama, you keep going on about how terrible this country is, us cowards, with racist hearts – and you say you love this country? You jest? No surely, you do.

Here look:

A rather nice expose on Obama purposely killing Louisiana, perhaps because it’s a Republican state (except for Mary, who is so clueless I don’t know what to say anymore.)

The other day I wrote about reasons to stop the mosque in NYC. Here’s a much more detailed, fact filled, horrifying expose about the muslims involved in this mosque:

It’s getting traitorous out there that’s for sure. It might just be historical, even unprecedented, as the biggest, thickest, most riveting impeachment indictment and trial for our nation’s leaders comes along right quick. They think they’ll get away with this. Hahahahaha!

Quislings, all. That name, perhaps you’re unfamiliar with. He was the prime minister of Norway who sold out the country to the Nazis. The Norwegians, peaceful though they be, did take the guy out after the war and shoot him. Fortunately for this bunch, some federal prison farm will be more likely. Say, any room on Guantanamo?

But feeling down? Don’t. Obama fills a small hall with 2000 once or twice a year now, and 400 writers in a cabal think they run opinion in this country. And Sarah Palin fills big halls with 10 or 20 thousand by the day. Anyday. With tens of thousands just blogging away to friends and families, in the biggest uncoordinated network – aka, liberty thinkers, letting each of us into the mysteries of socialism.

Who do you think is going to win this fight?


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