Here’s your racism…

Here’s your racism, you mindless leftist morons. There’s your “generically angry” Americans you bucket of warm spit Biden. (Sadly he probably meant genetically, but he’s too stupid to deal with the nuance.)

There, go see the face of America.

Like many, who think their grandparents are from some village in Italy, or maybe their grandfather is from some town in Hungary, who knows — she’s got heritage from some village in Ivory Coast, or maybe some town in Senegal.

But she’s an American. No different than you or I. And she’s rational, like you or I.

But different from the Socialists in our midst — for they want to enslave us, and kill who won’t be enslaved. This I know from my family in The Czech Republic. They wrote, back before Hitler, of the gathering storm. Of the premonition that something bad would happen. Then it was the National Socialists, but they were defeated. Then came the International Socialists. Then they lived under the glories of both socialisms, to make the comparison.

What they said was “ne dost vysoky strom…” Not enough high trees…

And what was different between the two? Nothing. No. Nothing. There was censorship — as journolistas and Shirley Sherrod call for. There was surveillance, like our many forms today, just older technology. There was more taxes, more government power. More politicians just dismissing the concerns of the people as so many cranks. On and on the onslaught of bureaucrats. Go read anything of Franz Kafka, of Prague, and Hasek, who wrote the Good Soldier Schweijk. Great writers of the Government Monolith. And Catch 22, which our own government wishes to put us in. The bums.

Go see the video of Cedra Crenshaw at

And grab your liberal friends to see it too.

And go see Morgan Freeman on “black history month” talking to Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes — Wallace, that liberal, is flummoxed by such reasonableness:  go Morgan — for it’s just “American History” every day, every week, every month, every year.

There, there’s your racism. In the lies of the Socialists, in the lies of our president. That’s what socialism is >> nothing but lies, and death, and poverty and base destruction of human dignity. That’s what the Democrats want. Socialism, the worst form of self-imposed buried alive-ism.

Go Cedra, Go!


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