At the Bully Pulpit

The Tone of the Bully

Once again it’s good to consider the big picture, the trend, the way things are heading, rather than the minutae of whether Shirley Sherrod is or is not a racist. Let’s say, even stipulate, as if legally, that by her own admission she once was a racist, acted within that vein, and then repented. Well good for her. But her meandering Biblical like parable of finding the true way was open to editing, as any 43 minute speech is. So then the President and the Secretary of Agriculture jumped to conclusions so fast that lady was out of a job before anyone bothered to spend a measly 43 minutes to find out if some citizen of this country, even if in public office, shouldn’t be roasted alive in the court of public opinion. Then, to top the audacity of jumpy conclusions, they must backtrack a bit. Still, they are not at fault. Now we are to both lambaste who pointed out the obvious nefarious comments she made but not show the concluding repentance, and to give her all sorts of apologies and ecomiums of reparations and a public apology to her by the president himself.

Teddy Roosevelt said the presidency was like a bully pulpit. And internationally carry a big stick, but speak softly. And Truman said it was the job of telling people to do what they ought to do themselves. And what do we have in Obama? A man who seems to think his stuff don’t stink and that’s that. But he’s got a law of some thousands of pages ready amazingly fast, on any subject it seems. Are we sure these guys aren’t just plagiarizing bad English translations of old Soviet law? I suppose we’ll find out what’s in it when it’s all passed.

But now the game is not the Sherrod case, but the entire right wing, Reaganite TEA Party Sarah Palin Republican women brigade come to burn down the gates of the Kremlin on the Potomac. So quickly did the tone of the bullies shift.

The Left is sure that no Republican, no right-wing anything, is ever Repentant. So they demand immediate cessation of a person’s job and life should a word of years ago be found. Why, they even quite simply say that “’Tis better to make up a fib than to let any opponent of ours get ahead in life.” They’re simple bullies. Of the sort that should be smacked down immediately on surfacing. The Left holds nothing back – it speaks loudly and carries a big stick. It lies and makes stuff up, not necessarily in that order. It dredges of up all manner of out of context and ancient things that supposedly signify some horrendous shortcoming of a public figure almost to the point of demanding, like ancient kings, banishment from the Realm.

And yet, when they are caught, it’s just “oh that, well, that happened so long ago.” Or the more insidious “Yes, but everything else he did was good for the people.” Like Kleagle Senator Byrd. Or Roman Polanski, who is an artiste. Trent Lott wished a happy birthday to a 100 year old colleague and had to resign. Byrd was carried out of office in a box, praised to high heavens by groups and people which the Kleagle hated with fun-ferocity at the same time that Strom Thurmand was there. Lo, they were both unrepentant white southerners. But oh, one became a good Democrat. And the other an Evil Republican. And though they cooperated quite nicely for the next 50 years in the Senate, one was good and forgiven, the other evil and guilty forever, by the Left’s soviet style reasoning. I put that in lower case, just like any good Russian word brought into our language, like glasnost, perestroika, vodka. Still, quite a different take on this tit-for-tat stuff. Heads they win, tails you lose, as the we are seeing.

For out now in the news is this, through that 400 or so “journalists” of some rather major positions in the “news” firmament shared their talking points in bringing us the “Independent Voices” of this or that region or news outlet. It’s quite amazing, such lock step independence. Sort of like “we all dress differently by putting on plaid shirts.” The difference? Oh, well, the plaids are slightly different, one a dash of green, one a dash of red. Sort of like socialism, communism, progressivism, fascism, nazism, bolivarianism, and people’s democracies and people’s republics and among the political parties of Europe, the democratic labor, the socialist labor, the christian democratic, the socialist, the green, the people’s front, the popular party, and ad infinitum. They’re like plaid shirts from here to Edinburgh.

I have long contended, and been mocked, for saying >> I don’t care what political view a newspaper or TV station holds. Just say it, though. Don’t pretend to be “objective.” Don’t tell me “But I keep my opinions outside my job.” Or worst, “My opinions don’t get into my reporting, I’m fair and balanced.” Sure you are. Sure. Like the bullies in the gym locker room are fair and balanced. They’ll tell you how fair once they help you up from the floor, to where their balance gave out and socked you. They hit everyone the same. Not to worry, that’s fair. But like all bullies they do whine to mommy once punched back.

Such prissiness this pseudo-Professor Zasloff of California exhibited in wanting to cut the FOX News Channel from the fair and balanced trade. So fair is Zazloff, he will decide what will be allowed or not. Such respect for the First Amendment, Pursuing Happiness, and making a living as Mr. Zasloff will allow FOX is to be commended, if your a socialist journalist. For the So-Jo crowd did just blithely discuss the merits of the situation. See, just like in a Soviet Commissars meeting, or on a King’s Privy Council, the issues of the day are discussed quite civilly, quite reasonably. So much so that it is hard to question the good words of the powerful. They say nothing untoward to speak of, but merely how they might wreck other people’s life’s and fortunes because it is inconvenient to the people to have such stuff around. Oddly, the more popular a newspaper or TV show, or dissident, or personality, is, the more harshly the commissars, the So-Jo’s and such, want to pull the plug on those who would question them. It’s really not even different than the Inquisition rooting out non-Catholics in 17th Century Spain.

But the weirdest, saddest thing, is that within minutes of Sarah Palin’s being chosen by McCain the So-Jo’s went into overdrive to knock her. They knew nothing about her – but heavens, did the idea of a Republican woman drive them nuts! And they weren’t going to tolerate this at all. Sad. Not that they didn’t like strong Republican woman, but that they sunk into school yard bullying. And not presidential bully pulpit, of getting people to do what they ought to do by themselves. One thing you shouldn’t do, of course, is just make stuff up and twist everything else you can find. Just like the So-Jo’s do, along with the rest of the Big Media, and many a Democrat. Baut that’s just the nature of sovietism.

Of course, now that this is all becoming known, the downfall of the media will come faster. The death knells can be heard now. So too the sinking of the Democrats. So goes the Presidency of this poseur to the position. So too will go the Rinos. The whole thing now over. Now it’s a matter of mopping things up. For they cannot come out of this tail spin. Even if they do a Gettysburg sort of feint into the lines of the Union, there’s no doubt that the party of Jefferson Davis is over.

And what will make Palin a great president is her bully pulpit of promise, of independence, of rational thought, of America’s strengths, of economic sense, of just good feelings.

Ever since Obama spoke of the bitter guns and Bible set, and said electric rates must skyrocket, it was obvious to me that it would all fall apart. Sure, he bamboozled a lot of the people for some of the time. But that’s over. He’s squandered the chance to be a truly great president, and all because of soviet style elitism and true bully behavior is his style. So sad.

But Palin, she’s got that “oh gosh, let’s get some gumption and do it” style of a mom with a kid covered in clue and feathers. And that’s what’s needed to lift the public spirit. We certainly don’t need a presidential commission run by two czars and a Nobel prize winner.


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