Caucus and Gomorrah

Here are two articles about the Tea Party / Republicans / and a Tea Party Caucus in the US Congress.

Yes, well, good. Exactly what we need. So that the three parties might be further delineated. Three you say? Sure. There’s the Socialists, like so many Democrats. Then there’s the Muddling Mush in the Middle, AKA Republicans, RINOS, DINOS, blue dogs, cute dogs, and all sorts of minor critters, and Scott Brown (Former Republican.) And then there’d be the TEA Party. And this way the Socialists can continue wrecking America as fast as they can, and the 3Ms can meander through the troughs of corruption figuring out which gives the better deal – fast or slow wrecking of the country. And then there’d be the Liberty Minded TEA Folks, ready to repeal and replace what the Socialists and the 3M have passed without reading a lick of it.

Though some are miffed. One Trent Lott, a Republican supposedly, says he’d put a stop to it if it were up to him. Fortunately, he’s not in office anymore. I’m sure there’s more than a few RINOs, Republicans in Name Only, as they are known, who have the same opinion. They’ve spoken up somewhat less forcefully than Trent, for they have to still sit in the same cafeteria with the people who want to actually know what’s in the laws they pass.

But, miffed they are, and not so sure they’ll take these upstarts. Well they should. For they are just as culpable in allowing the build up of untrammeled government and onerous taxes, outrageous debt and deficits and a general condescension to the people of this nation. They have been part and parcel of the problem. For regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats are in the majority the size of government grows. The numbers of acts outlawed increases. The number of rules and regulations multiplies. The debt swells, and the deficits push us to teetering on the brink of financial disaster. So what’s the difference?

None. And lo, look, the Republican mucky-mucks want to squash the TEA Party as much as the Democrats do. Maybe more, since they’re the ones who are out of a job, while the Democrats are safe in their Socialist Sinecures, and will not be ousted.

Then too there’s this confusion about what the TEA Party is. It’s easier to say what it is not. It is not a political party. Neither is it a membership group. You can’t even really donate to it. It’s not a government approved 501(c)3 charitable or educational organization. It has no offices, nor officers. There’s no headquarters which you could call up. Nor is there a newsletter than you might receive. There’s nothing really, other than a bunch of miffed Americans. Which is a most dangerous thing.

You can’t tell people for 250 years that they, or better, We, have certain inalienable rights and a federal republic, fractured powerwise to the umpteenth degree, and then just up and say one day, “ooops, sorry, now we’re a Socialist Committee People’s Republic.” That’s just not going to happen. Oh sure, we’ve gone there somewhat. But it will and must end. And the TEA Party, such as it is, will see to it.

To wit, I have in my hands nearly a 90 pages of dense text of new laws, which followed the 128 pages from a day or two ago, which will be followed, I’m sure, with hundreds more pages of new laws by this our State Legislature. Published at a cost of thousands of dollars in our Advocate, to no doubt tell us what the law is. And who can understand such stuff? Who reads it? Why cut the trees down and spend the money? It’s got to stop.

Let’s just look at these one or two items from the mush:

Senate bill 543 which purports to revise Revised Statutes 22:1052 and Part VII of Chapter 11 of Title 22 of the La. Revised Statues of 1950 – Screech to a halt! Why don’t they not pass any new laws, and go take a peek, one by one, through those 60 year old laws and see which might need some revocation, updating and some sort of medical exam to see if they’re still breathing? That might bring us to the modern era, no? And why not work a bit on that numbering system. Why not just law 1,503,893, and be done with it. It’d be just as easy to look up.

Which reminds me – it’s been discovered that there’s no clear senate seat succession law in West Virginia, and it’s only been a state since 1860 or something, with senators and everything. Anyone of whom might have dropped dead, resigned in scandal or been hauled off to the pokey, or even been embalmed right there in his office like the dearly departed Kleagle Senator Byrd. A racist lauded by the NAACP, who then does lament racism in the TEA Party. I digress, sorry.

But still, still, no earthly clue as to what to do about the matter. It’s said the governor, in his good wisdom, put in a sage and wise 36 old place holder, who’s the scion of a well known family of the state, sort of like Prince Harry of Windsor, without the title perhaps. This until the governor is able to run a better campaign during his day job. After diving the right time for the election, as if by shaman with the sheep entrails, this August perhaps, he’s decided to remain governor and run for senate. It’s still not clear for what term this new appointee, or this new elected senator will serve. It’s still, um, you know, being discussed to see what’s best for the political class. Sadly, the likely Republican, a Ms. Capito or something, will run simultaneously for both Senate and the House seat she is defending. If elected to the senate, a special house seat election will be held, I’m sure, and one hopes. So now we have two politicians with four seats among them, like Prince Charles is both Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, but with out the titles, I’m sure. And a fifth who just happens to be a bright young man willing to wait around until he’s told to leave the building.

Still, they worry about the TEA Party upsetting things, I’m sure.

Now, back to the majesty of the law in our fair mush state … which creates the Louisiana Mandated Health Benefits Commission. Section 2183 of the law as detailed above, it is. It begins in a Dickensian way: “There are approximately twenty statutes in Louisiana that mandate coverage in health insurance plans for various services, plus other laws that mandate coverage for services rendered by certain types of providers or that mandate health insurers to offer certain benefits.” Screech to a halt!

Approximately? They don’t know? Plus wait, there’s more!

For they continue: “Mandated benefits represent a volatile issue for the legislature.” Screech to a halt!

I bet. And if only they wouldn’t have poked their noses into what is fundamentally none of their business then they would not have to worry their pretty silly heads or be so concerned on volatile matters. But still, no, they insist! For our good, of course. It says right there in the law: “The legislature recognizes the need for a more studied approach that would ensure broad based view of healthcare stakeholders.” Yes, well, the Medieval Church was quite concerned with the health of the peasants too, and set up commissions just like this to study the matter. The Inquisition was one, of course.

But just then, right before we get to Dickens, we had to go through Kafka: “Notwithstanding any other provision …. the provisions of this Subpart shall not apply to limited benefit health insurance polices or contracts as defined by RS 22:47(2)(c)” Sweet, the law is not even spelled out yet, and already there is an exception!

And so the question becomes, if the Mandates by the commission do run onerous will everyone covered under Part VII merely shift themselves in the most legal way they can to Notwithstanding? That’s what I’d like to know.

On the other hand, if the legislature didn’t mandate health care coverage, or exempted these and those, and even didn’t have a law considering the issue, perhaps it would be just like the free market. And you know, people would earn money, save money, spend money, and there’d be healthcare providers developing services, offering services and earning money. But I’m silly. I don’t understand the great issues of our times, as well encapsulated in Part VII of Revised Statutes 22:1052 of Chapter 11 of Title 22 of the La. Revised Statues of 1950

That’s what we need guys like Killer Berwick for – he of the big commission in DC (District of Collusion? Or Colostomy? Hmm,) — so he can determine the very best mandates and such as we might require, or be denied, or exempted or included, or whatever he thinks of. He’s going to determine our access to health care. He and he alone, God like up there in an office, where we have input, I’m sure.

It’s even somewhat surprising that the legislature is even doing this much, for the new and improved ObamaCare said we’d get to keep everything exactly like it was, but it’s new and improved, and more of it, and just a few minor changes, including a massive not-a-tax tax to pay for such commissions as Louisiana and Berwick set up. Strangely, Berwick, an unelected munchkin, actually has a far larger budget than the governor ever dreamed of. And such power that it will make no difference what the State does, for if Berwick decrees, then so be it. I’m sure he’ll tell the president all about his exciting adventures in the land of healthcare policy once either one gets back from vacation. And the dog, too. Can’t forget the dog. Gets his own plane, he does, which is a nice Louis XIV touch, I think. Though at least it didn’t buzz Manhattan, of which, remember that? Who was on that plane? Do we know yet? Hmm.

But there’s no room for a TEA Party caucus in the House or the Senate, because it might, you know, disrupt things. All I can do is Refudiate – which has just got to be the best new word of the century so far. Look, FU, right there in the midsection of that word – RE-FU-DIATE – yeah, we will Re-FU politicians like they’ve never been refudiated before. And the press too. And that dog.


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