Tectonically Speaking


And this article linked above has the same sense of “something is different” that I have.

In America today there is no more “politics as usual,” despite the attempt by all the main players to pretend it is. Obama did something to the country of which even he is unaware. For that I thank him, for that I’ve been pining for since Reagan was in office.

Something is different. That great group called the “silent majority” is rumbling. Like a volcano getting ready to blow, no one knows exactly when, but blow she will. For the obvious is there for those who wish to see it.

For a long time politics was a game between the country club set and the inner city needy. The great unwashed heathens, as they would call us, in the middle, were merely to be taxed to give the goodies to the top or the bottom.

The country clubbers protected Big Businesses – with tax breaks, subsidies, preferences, tax gifts, excusing them from the law, giving them special laws, the limits on liability, and all manner of programs and such that promoted Big Corporations – the Too Big To Fail cyclops.

The Inner City Needy were those stuck in ghettoes who were going to be (kept) perennially poor and thus always needing a helping hand.

In the process, on going for nigh on a 100 years of cancerous growth, we got 67,000 pages of contradictory and inscrutable IRS rules, and tens of thousands of pages of law that criminalizes us all the point that not even the Federal government knows how many criminal offenses there are, and tens of thousands of more of regulations the likes of which it is impossible to grasp, but easy to fall afoul of.

But we have the Federal Government gaining authority, as much as we have an entrenched political class that not even scandal can oust.

Look at just this weekend. Here it is, the Federal Elections Commission (and why we have such a commission to play with elections I don’t know,) fined Joe Biden $219,000 for infractions during his 2008 campaign. (During which his plagiarism which cut short his 1988 run didn’t merit a mention. If this is the best we can come up with in the mainstream, well, then, enough said.) Is Joe going to resign for the quasi-illegal stuff he did? No. Will he be questioned by any of the main players? No. He will pay his fine, take the amount as a business tax deduction (effectively removing the fine) and continue slurping ice cream in between putting his foot in his mouth.

So long has the game gone on, that the NAACP, a group founded to fight the KKK, among other things, came just the other week to give great praise to a proud and long time member of the Klan, one Robert Byrd, senator for life in West Virginia. So it’s not about the Klan, it’s about the power.

The Left wing Obama-loving ThinkProgress didn’t think, and was very much working on old fashioned propagandizing, and simply made up a video out of whole cloth purporting to show racism in the TEA Party. It was shot down by careful analysis. They stand behind their video though, because it “speaks to the truth” if it’s not the truth itself. Hey, why bother with truth, when we can make things up?

Then there’s judges who slap down gun regulations in Chicago, and the very next day after the ruling the mayor of Chicago, one Richard Daley Jr, in office for half an eon, following two or three one termers, his father Richard Daley Sr, who was in office for life, went right back and pushed a gun regulation law.

Then too, the courts smacked down Ken Salazar, chief of Department of (Ancient) Energy. His and Obama’s moratorium on drilling were not on solid grounds. The next day he had another moratorium in place. It was smacked down too. Then he’s tried a third time. They will not rest until power is in their hands.

On top of this is the massive legislation which the pushers thereof (it’s a drug, mind you, “we ought to have a law!”) haven’t read and have no earthly clue as to what it will do. It’s not that I say it. It’s that the very promoters of the snake oil say it. And when you claim, as Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank & Biden did, that you have no earthly idea what’s in your own legislation and what it might or might not do, well, then, it’s clearly not about the legislation, but about the power.

On and on comes the mush. The mainstream media aiding and abetting the mainstream politicians in simple, but obvious, obfuscation, prevarication, misapplication and outright lies wonder why their readership and viewership decline. Now the mainstream politicians want to fund the mainstream media, to help them win reelection.

On and on comes the crud. The government suing states for following federal law, while federal law breakers are given a pass for their conscience or something.

And still, it comes, the jackboot of power, as the global warming fraud stench is thick, but the pushers of that power grab are exonerated by themselves. And so the climate warming legislation for the non-existent climate warming will be foisted upon us. They think.

There is this great disconnect. I cannot put my finger on it. But I hear it in many a brief snippet of conversation with all sorts of folks: The government is crazy, the politicians are sleazy, and the country is going down the tubes. Patience is at a breaking point. People are miffed, if not pissed.

What all these people have in common is that they haven’t voted in years. They’re the 50 to 70% in election after election who don’t turn up at the polls. Heaven help the politicians when they do. The Leftist 20% is always at the polls, some times twice on the same day. They bus those people in. The Right 20% is there too, pushing for the same government power, but in their hands, as their “enemies” on the other side of the aisle. Like the Bourbons and the Capets, the two families which fought over the throne of France, agreeing on only that it was good to be the king.

And in the middle are these “Independents,” many of whom think that there’s an “Independent Party” — that’s what they tell me.

Ah, but then there’s the tectonic shifts coming. Oh, it might not be this election. But it’ll happen. It’s visible when congress people have town hall meetings and say something so stupid that the crowd erupts in anger. It’s there in the comments in blogs from here to there. It’s there in the sarcastic humor on dozens if not hundreds of websites.

It’s particularly there in the support for Sarah Palin despite the incredible truckloads of Anti-Palin calumny showered upon her by the Mainstream Republicans, the Mainstream Democrats, and the Mainstream Media. On and on they hurl invective at her. On and on comes the reports of how she’s a dolt and an airhead. They’re obsessed with her. Not a day goes by without one of the mainstream trying to undermine Palin. With each negative comment comes one positive vote for her.

But at this point, there are two politicians who are talked about in America. Every other one is a mere local blip, a mere starette in the firmament of their sycophantic supporters. One is Obama – and he’s loathed more and more everyday – by his detractors and his supporters. The other is Sarah Palin, of which only bad is supposedly said – but watch the way it’s done:

“In a surprise Palin attracts millions to her rallies” “Unexpectedly this know-nothing’s book sells millions of copies.” “Bizarrely, the unwashed middle bourgeosie like her, for no apparent reason.”

OK, I paraphrase, but that’s it in a nutshell. That they can’t shut up about her is one sign of her popularity. Then she surprises, unexpectedly, bizarrely, by writing “hi mom” on her hand and 300,000,000 people discuss it. She changes her dress, and 300,000,000 wonder what it means. Such is her attraction. No politicians comes close. Not even Obama at the height of his fawning sycophancy.

Then there’s just really three or four things on which the entire country will turn – guns, immigration, health care and taxes. All of which spell JOBS. And that’s the rub. No jobs.

On these four, the mainstream of both parties are in alignment. There is no difference. But then there’s Sarah, with a different take.

On these four, the media decry the very concept of average citizens making their own decisions. And the great silent majority has another glass of TEA.

And look at that “TEA Party.” It’s not a party. There’s no membership. No leader. No plan. No nothing other than “anger” — but a typical American anger. An anger born of our experience with blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes. Yes, we’re mad at them, shrug, and then we roll up our sleeves and clean things up.

But the TEA Party is on everyone’s lips. The mainstream says we’re just mental midgets of some sort or another, for we don’t understand policy, legislation and bureaucratic regulations or something. They’re right. And you know what scares the mainstream the most? It’s that we don’t give a fig for understanding those three – we don’t want to deal with it at all. They of course think this means they can continue as usual. But what the TEA Party is saying is >> NO MORE POLICY. NO MORE LEGISLATION. NO MORE REGULATIONS.

And the mainstream doesn’t have a response to this. They simply believe that everyone should have a take on these three things, to be involved, to organize the community on these things, as it were. And if not, let the experts take care of it. And what the TEA Party says is NO MORE EXPERTS. Shut up and go home. Go write or read a book, take up macrame for all we care. But get your danged hands off of the power. Stop the crap. Go away. Resign, or get ousted.

The old adage – if your part of the system, your part of the problem – has now entered the public discourse. There’s no room for the mainstream in this vision. And yet they’re not going to give up their power without a fuss, but give it up they will. Or else.

I worry a bit, but then I think back to the old Carol King hit:

I feel the earth move under my feet.

And let me tell you, the mainstream is going to feel the earth move, in ways they never dreamed. And will be able to do nothing about it.

Sorry mainstream, time to pack up, go home, and get yourself a job.


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