Happy Immigrants

I found this somewhere, I can’t remember, I think Forbes, or Yahoo, or both. But no matter, it’s the happy index. We’re not on it. Well, not #1. Many countries are way above us. So it’s said. The one country on earth that everyone in the happy countries wants to go to is way down low. No reason for that given. These happiness lists show up from time to time, all to show how Socialist countries are happier than ours. This one, of course, shows that the Scandinavian countries are the happiest. Though they do have the highest rates of alcoholism and suicide. So if your drunk, I suppose happy. And if unhappy, you kill yourself, thereby helping your country make a better happiness quotient. Sweet.

I couldn’t scroll through the endless pages to find out. Instead of a list, plain and simple, Forbes had it as a slide show. A waste of my time. For the crux of the matter was in the front of the mush:

The Gallup researchers found evidence of what many have long suspected: money does buy happiness — at least a certain kind of it. [They fail to define other types of happiness other than, well, happiness. I suppose there’s joy and glee, and just plain giddy, but they’re not in the survey.]

In a related report, they studied the reasons why countries with high gross domestic products won out for well-being, and found an association between life satisfaction and income. [Duh; and they got a grant to study that? I bet they were happy.]

Money is an object that many or most people desire, and pursue during the majority of their waking hours,” researchers wrote in the report. [Well, no. See below.]

“It would be surprising if success at this pursuit had no influence whatsoever when people were asked to evaluate their lives.” [I’d be happy to bet on that one.]

But the bold statement: money is an object – that’s what’s wrong. These researchers are wrong, infused and imbued with Socialism and the teachings of Karl Marx. Money is not an object, as Marx holds, however. Nor is it a commodity, as he said. It is not a thing which you posses like a couch or a painting, a car or an iPod, nor is it something you can just take from someone. Money is a battery for labor. It is your labor. It’s your work, your time, your skill, your effort, your hopes, dreams, aspirations, get go and gumption. It’s all the things that is imparted by your brawn & brains on some objects to get other objects. No object exists by itself, save for maybe the low hanging fruit. Even that you must reach up and pluck. All objects are procured by labor. By work, as it’s known. You take the objects you know about and do something with them, and you exchange that for “money” — and then you take that money and give it to someone who knows about some other objects, which they prepared for practical use. It’s the same as if you traded a candle you made for a mill stone someone else made. Raw materials were turned into objects by skill. And the objects were sold for money. And that money is your battery in which you store labor to be spent later. The more complex the society the more abstract the exchanges, but it’s still your labor for their labor.

As the old Czech saying has it, bez prace, ne kolacky. Without work, there are no donuts. But every culture has a similar phrase. It’s the age old proof that “time is money.” Yes, because time is labor spent.

The underlined passage, above, is a bit funny if only because every working hour is spent in the “pursuit” of money, since every waking hour is filled with work, and thus that’s money. Work = Money. It is most certainly not an object to be possessed through obtainment. In fact, it’s the only “object” you start out with. You have nothing but your labor, which you turn into money through the alchemy of the modern economy. Odd though it is, money is not new or limited to Western Society. Every culture since the dawn of time designated some thing to represent labor that could be exchanged. That thing is money.

And to take someone’s money by force is theft. And to take someone’s money to give it to some person the taker feels is more deserving of it is slavery. They are taking your labor. They are taking the sustenance of your life.

But enough serious economics, let’s go to the funny stuff. Check out this website, and pick your top 5 reasons that Obama fouled up the fouling up:


And here’s my pick of the liter:


Monday looks to be busy, now I’m up late at night. More and more things are clearer to me. It’s like I’m that Travolta character in the great movie “Phenomenon.”

Or is it: I can see clearly now that the lies of socialism out in the open. Hmm.

I’ll go work on that now. And to do so I donate this money of mine, my time, my work, my brains, and just a teensy brawn (really, typing, come on now!) It has value, I profit from it. You consume it, it has a value to you. You spent time, you spent your labor reading it, thinking about it. We made a fair exchange and both felt we came out the better for it. That’s the wonders of free markets.

It’s what all people strive for. It’s why even people in the happiest countries come to America by the boatload. Or at least those who aren’t too drunk, or dead, in the Happy Countries of this Mush Index.


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