Where you been, Mary?

So she said this:

Louisiana Democratic senator Mary Landrieu decried the economic devastation Salazar is overseeing: “Even the revised moratorium will force thousands of hardworking Louisianians and others along the Gulf Coast into the unemployment lines.”

Well, duh, woman. Obama, since day one has said he’s going to destroy the economy. From day one he said he’s going to bankrupt the energy sector. From day one he said he’d tax us all into oblivion, killing every business along the way. On an on, since day one — a radical transformation of America. What on earth did you think he meant, Mary?Who were the radical reformers of history? Was but one, save our founders, for the liberty and prosperity of society? No, they were for destruction, mayhem, death and their own power and glorification.

You Jerk.  You silly woman.

And you aided and abetted him, in direct contravention to the expressed wishes of the people of Louisiana. In direct contravention to logic and reason, to law and the Constitution, you assisted him in his destructive course. You moved heaven and earth to help him with his nefarious remaking of our nation. Into what did you think he was going to make it? He comported with communists and murderers, he hung around with racists and America haters.

You bought into every claim of his without a shred of proof. You avoided every indication, clue and bald statement, of his desire to wreck America as we know it.

Did you think somehow that Louisiana was going to be exempt from the slaughter because you voted for his radical agenda?

You dummy.

You idiot.

How could you? You didn’t even read the laws you voted for — in direct abrogation of your oath of office.

Now you cry out in pain? After you asked to be tied up and whipped?

You schmuck. You moron.

You believed a socialist when socialists have lied about everything under the sun except that they will indeed shoot you in the morning.

You numskull. You patsy.

I have no sympathy.

I can’t even sarcastically thank you for sending us down the road to perdition.

Resign, and let a real American get in there to stop your leader.


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