What’s going on?

From http://jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com/ the other day:

“Now who does Bollinger cite as great examples of of strong media?” [He’s some new media czar of some sort. Makes no difference, for he’s supposedly an American, but seems not to grasp the First Amendment, or government propaganda:

“To me a key priority is to strengthen our public broadcasting role in the global arena. In today’s rapidly globalizing and interconnected world, other countries are developing a strong media presence. In addition to the BBC, there is China’s CCTV and Xinhua news, as well as Qatar’s Al Jazeera.”

Sure, use China and Qatar as one’s model for the press. Can you say BIG Government?

Then too, there was a few days of fracas over a billboard comparing Obama with Stalin and Hitler. It was up in Iowa, then taken down quickly. But if Obama supporters and appointees gush over China and Qatar should the comparison have been made to Mao and some Sheik, to you know, soften the blow of being compared to like minded press-controllers like Stalin and Hitler. Oooh, I suppose there’s a difference. Sort of like between twiddle and twaddle. Big big differnence indeed.

Me? Um, yah. That billboard sounds good to me. But I’d change Stalin to Mao and Hitler to Mussolini. To you know, make it more accuate.

Meanwhile, there’s this gem:

“Veterans who apply for jobs on Capitol Hill aren’t receiving critical federal job-placement benefits because Congress has largely exempted itself from a law that aids post-military employment for vets, a new congressional report shows.”

So the question is – isn’t it time for a Constitutional Amendment requiring Congress and the Government from following the laws we all must? Sort of like the 14th‘s Equal Protection, but stronger? Sure. Sure it’s time.

Then in some fracas over travel to Europe for a Lacrosse tournement it seems one team of indigenous peoples (not Native Americans for sure, for most of the country is Native American, having been born here and all. Apparently Hillary Clinton tried to finesse the issue, and the British, to which this group was flying (on evil white man’s airplane invention nonetheless!) said – No. No Entry. So they didn’t go. And what did happen:

“What the State Department did offer, however, were expedited United States passports for the team and its 20-person entourage. The Iroquois refused to accept them, saying that traveling to an international competition on what they consider to be a foreign nation’s passport would be an affront to their sovereignty.”

Oh really? And do they not vote in our (to them foreign) elections? Do they not speak a foreign language to promote themselves? Sure they do. Hypocrits all. We want the pick up trucks back, too.

Then out in “California Pols Want to Ban State Rock” Yah, that’s brilliant. Let’s go pick up all the offending rocks and take them somewhere. I’m all for building and island off the coast on which the Left can life in utopia, just like Saint Thomas More (only because he was killed by Henry VIII and not necessarily for anything he really did to deserve sainthood. He was a politician for crying out loud!) wanted us all to live in Utopia. So much so that he penned a book and proposed we all live on crescent shaped islands – I kid you not – and so there you go – California’s banned rocks to be a new crescent shaped island for the Lefties.

Then from www.americanthinker.com

“[Obama] told another outright lie in Kansas City. It was so blatant that it was almost humorous. Note the President’s words, “So our goal has never been to create another government program, our goal has been to spur growth in the private sector.”

And I could have sworn he said “health care in our times” as surely as Chamberlain proclaimed “peace in our times.” And to do so he set up a government agency to run 1/6 of the economy. And appointed a guy (Dr. [sic] Donald Berwick) who wants even more government and redistribution of the wealth in an elite-guided socialist paradise of ever more and bigger government programs. But other than that his goal is not to create another one. Just the biggest one – The Department of Life, Death & Taxes. The DLDT, as it were.

Then I saw here, http://blogs.dailymail.com/donsurber/archives/17436

“Now Krissah Thompson of the Washington Post is pimping “One Nation” — another attempt by diehard liberals to pump life into their dead movement.

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, the “tea party” movement must be honored.

In an effort to replicate the tea party’s success, 170 liberal and civil rights groups are forming a coalition that they hope will match the movement’s political energy and influence. They promise to “counter the tea party narrative” and help the progressive movement find its voice again after 18 months of floundering.”

Of which I can only say is that the TEA party is not a melange or a menagerie of groups of any kind. Nor is it a coalition. Nor is there a narrative to counter. Instead, the TEA Party is a bunch of

A) deluded neanderthals who don’t understand government policy

B) insane people who don’t want government largess

C) racist animals intent on bringing back the Democratic Party’s Jim Crow Laws.

  1. a loose group of grandmothers who don’t like taxes but like their social security.

It depends on which Lefty Socialist Big Government Anti-American values group you want to listen to. And this is what 170 liberal and civil rights groups want to emulate? Odd bunch those Lefties. But, still, well, they’d better do something, because the Obama’s approval rating is collapsing faster than bee’s wax under the sledge hammer.

Then, from this site, to which I went today for the first time http://www.leftcoastrebel.com/2010/07/think-progress-proves-tea-party-is-not.html

Is ample proof that a Leftist Socialist Anti-Freedom Pro-Free Lunch group “Think Progress” simply fabricated a video through selective clips, wrong dates, absurd illogic and outright falsehoods, that purported to say that the TEA Party is racist. Thus the NAACP went by this video as their proof for their resolution, still mostly hidden but the details out, condemning millions of Americans reflecting the broad and diverse racial make up of America is not only a bunch of racists, but that any “people of color” who join it are the worst sort of traitors to the Socialist Behemoth. That the First Lady, Michelle Obama, went unto the group and pronounced it good is all the more disheartening.

Meanwhile, well, there’s too much to report. The world’s gone bonkers. And all sort of prognosticators are rummaging about in the detritus of the Obama Administration looking for both the reasons for the collapse and the evil of the Don’t Tread On Me brigades.

And many including our Advocate, and another local rag called “Red Shtick” do decry the unorganized TEA Party and wonder what our “plan” is, they want to know our “Leader” and who is our “committee” running things. So beholden to the idea of a plan, and a party, and a leader, and a program, and a committee and all the trappings of BIG government that they can’t wrap their minds around the idea that Liberty isn’t really anything – but it is NOT lots of government.

I don’t know if some group of workers will want to own their own factory. But I know the government shouldn’t take it away from the owners and give it tow the workers.

I don’t know if some bunch want to clean the environment as they might wish. I’m opposed to them telling me I have to use this light bulb or else.

I don’t want to even think of what anyone does in the privacy of their own homes. But I sure don’t want the government knocking down doors to see if “society” approves it or not.

And I don’t know how someone will spend or save their money. But I do think it’s there’s to spend or save as they see fit.

It’s BIG government I’m against. Not what anyone does with what they have with whom they want.

That’s what the TEA Party is. It’s NOT about telling people what do read, or write, or believe, or whatever in the course of their lives. It’s about the right to be left alone from those who think they know how I should read, write, believe or whatever in the course of my life.

And that’s what Democrats, and many Republicans, are clueless about. For they are BIG – and we are small. But still, we’ll wreck them in the end, for their policies will wreck us all in the end, as history as show will always happen.

Why, you could have put Obama up there with Louis XIV or 18 Rabbit, Mayan king of Tikal, makes no difference. This is peasants v. king. And kings always lose. Sorry, Obama, but that’s the way it is.


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