Pulling teeth

All I did was go get a big dental hygiene session and I come back to find the America getting its teeth drilled like we’re a victim of Scarfarce’s chainsaw.

First, some fool California Democratic Representative, Mr. Sherman, stated boldly to a little old lady and some few hundred cognizant citizens at a town hall meeting that he had no earthly clue that there’s a current discussion on every single website, TV station, newspaper and radio show from sea to shining sea about the New Black Panther Party and it’s fluffy treatment by the United States Justice Department and the Attorney General of the United States, one Eric Holder. Is the man serious? If so, we’re led to two conclusions – he’s stupid and unaware of his mortal surroundings in the business he’s in, aka, politics, or he’s a lying hussy who thinks his employers, aka, We the People, are dumb as door nails. Amazing.

Then, in Texas, there’s some Ciro Rodriguez, a US Congressman with an Obvious Mexican Spanish accented English – meaning either he went to really bad US schools, or he’s (presumably) a naturalized US citizen. In either case it gives lie to the anti-immigrant comments of so many. This dumbo started raising his voice and more or less telling an American Citizen to shut up because he’s a Congressman and he’s not to be questioned in a manner he deems not good enough for his delictate ego. Amazing.

And then I read this rather not-so-startling piece at the referenced website:

Experts to Obama: You Can’t Ignore Islamic Ideology Behind Terrorism

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/patrick-goodenough/2010/07/13/experts-obama-you-can-t-ignore-islamic-ideology-behind-terrorism#ixzz0tbiRycsk

Where in which the experts tell Obama that his idea that islam is this happy face touchy feely religion of love, peace, harmony and happiness. Apparently the concept will not be entertained by the US government,, our paid protectors. OK, and this on the very same day that some crazed islam group, in a snit at Facebook (a service I don’t use, and avoid if I can,) did demand this:

2- Adding a Facebook Term that illegalizes disrespecting Islamic religious symbols

3- Disabling any Facebook Page, Group, or Event that shows direct or indirect disrespect towards Islamic religious

And how is any American to respond? Well, “Go jump in a lake of virgins, Mohammed.” If Facebook cries uncle to the demands than Facebook should be boycotted until it’s El-Ibn-Face-Buk or something. Really.

Then at a website called “small dead animals” www.smalldeadanimals.com

I ran across a comment by some innocent rube who had a hard time believing that our news media, our independent voices (even of South Louisiana) as it were, would doctor photographs to tilt the news, which led me to these two related sites which seek to point out and catalog every instance:



And so, if lying crazy congressmen weren’t enough, or the truth that our government will no longer protect us against criminal elements and voting fraud, and then watching the capitulation of our country to islam by our own president, and then to have these same foreigners demand censorship in their favor in our country, I have to find out that the main news providers are all in cahoots with each other in faking photos, quotes, and statistics, and who knows what else to push some anti-American agenda.

So I figure what else could go wrong?

So then I find out that the NAACP did declare today tens of millions of Americans racists for belonging to the TEA Party. Which is amazing since virtually every study done, even anti-TEA, has shown that the racial make up of TEA party events mirrors the racial make up of the nation. That is, some 25% of the TEA party people are not European-American.

Yes, European American, in counterpart to African American, Asian American, on and on comes the geographical pride. Yes, we who are Euro-Am’s — oh so disparaginly refered to as white, a mere blank piece of paper perhaps, and not “people of color.” Which is one of the most aggravating terms I can imagine, since as I look at my multitoned body, depending on tanned arms,or pink palms, or tawny legs, and a myraid of other colors, long ago known as “flesh” — I just don’t look like the white of the paper I’m writing on. I’m a color too.

But the NAACP did make the declaration, in a fit of pique perhaps, over their growing irrelevance in our oh so race-blind, post racial, all inclusive, we’re all Americans Obamian rainbow of socialism.

What a bunch of losers. Sore losers. Disgusting losers, and just the weird sort who while preaching against racism, and for inclusion, no doubt bans people of Color-lite from their ranks by saying we’re against Color-dark – on just made up whole cloth piffle posturing of the worse sort.

Other than that, getting this country back to rights is going to be like pulling teeth.

Over the next four months, until the election, it’s going to get uglier by the Left – the Socialists – even violent. And we of the Right, for Liberty, will stand still like Gandhi and let the hate flutter to our feet.

And then come 2012 it will get worse. For the forces of Socialism think they’ve sensed weakness, and like vultures they’ll be back to pick up the cadaver of every society they destroyed, Borg like.

Alas for them, there’s a momma grizzly, (see www.sarahpac.com for details) I hear, waltzing through the woods, and there’s a whole menagerie of Americans who are not just going to lay back and take it on the chin. Ultimately this sort of nonsense pushed by the Democrats is going to bring them to their demise politically. This sort of division cannot go on.

We’ve now, I believe, with this latest NAACP denouncement of American, and the two congressmen, and the other things here, that Obama is James Buchannon, and the rest of these characters are the supporting staff of knave and skanks surrounding that other most disastrous of presidents.

Well, at leats ol’ Jimmy didn’t get us into a Depression while the Civil War was happening. Unlike Obama, who’s Hoovering himself into the history books while Buchannonizing the country.

Great: a depression and civil war at the same time. What else can go wrong?


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