Third post of the day. Or first of tomorrow, for it’s Dentistry Tuesday and I shall not be comfortable.

On the other hand, things keep seeping through my mind.

I ran across these two small reports:


They’re about immigration, legal and illegal. And it’s what I’ve been knowing from experience, but here’s the dense policy analysis, with lots of foot notes and studies and statistics referred to. So dense that few will read them. Good stuff, if you can sink your teeth into them. But pointless if you’re trying to convince the public of a course of action.

And let’s face it, a course of action on immigration is needed. This is not new We’ve always had one. Apparently even before the Declaration of Independence. For that document does accuse King George III of improperly interfering with the “Naturalization of inhabitants” into the colonies, as it’s put. And the whole law has remained fairly stable for our entire history, with only minor blemishes of real stupidity, like the Chinese Exclusion Act, yet otherwise minor ups and downs in the numbers and means of entry, but even now, par for the course.

Reality of course, always intercedes with the best laws. And these PDFs are law based. And contain so much discussion is what we should do in the sense of getting everyone on a legal footing.

And everyone knows that not only are there illegal aliens crossing the border, but they’re finding jobs.

And study after study, as these two do, show that there’s no more crime, or costs, or hospital usage or anything detrimental among illegals than among any other population sector, as those things are measured. Often illegals do somewhat better. But all that is policy gunk. No one wants to know that. They’ll just mention the sensationalist story on last night’s 10 o’clock news, which got 1 minute of air time before the trailer for sports and weather.

Then there are the xenophiliacs and the xenophobic – and these two pounce on all sorts of mind numbing mush, and personal attacks, and cries of favoritism and system abuse, and of racism and discrimination. Of course, there’s bums in every crowd. And anyone can pick a pinprick of a story, like the airplane crash, and ignore the big picture, like the millions of flights each year that go off without a hitch. Such is the debate over the Arizona law. Sadly, by the president himself.

But then there’s the reality. That weird stuff that actually happens regardless of what is written in the law. Strangely, our legal system, the Common Law, is able to adapt quite regularly to the reality of what people want to do. Except that we’ve been moving to the mindset of the Civil Law, which is singular directive from on high, often accompanied by either inablity to follow the law they wrote, or such a heavy handed but capricious occasional enforcement as to be absurd, or often both.

Which conflict of action is one reason the president is both suing Arizona for following federal law, but enlisting other states like Rhode Island to follow federal law. It’s having one’s cake and eating it too. It can work for a while, like at Disneyland or the beach island idyl. But still, reality comes back and nips that in the bud.

But this is what I know from my own experience in Hermosillo Mexico >> it’s true that there’s a process whereby Mexicans can apply for legal entry to the United States – but why on earth is there Exactly One Tiny Window, about the size of a computer monitor, high up on a wall surrounding the US Consulate in that city, for the entire Mexican states of Sonora and Sinaloa, each with several millions of people of whom by all indications some 15% want to come to the US and work, in which to state your case and present your documentation.

It’s not rational. It all but tells the immigrants — “we don’t care, leave us alone, just go cross.” It certainly can’t meet the demand.

Despite what one thinks of Mexico or it’s culture or politics, this is reality: Mexicans love America so much they will risk quite a lot to get here.

Think about it – would you walk across miles of raw open desert to get a job? We Americans barely get out of our cars if a drive through is available.

Would you give up your life, your family, friends, and all that you know, and leave, and wade across a river to enter Texas, climb a fence, dodge all manner of scoundrels human and animal, battle heat and thirst – because you hate America?

No, the solution doesn’t really rely on more laws, or more enforcement, or more controls or what have you. The solution relies on putting in several bank type places across Mexico where in decent surroundings in normal conversation Mexicans can get the documents they need to work. The beauty of that system is that employers can hold job fairs right there in Mexico. USA Employment Agencies, just like banks and, well, any other employment agency. Then let the people in, and it’ll be legal, and they’ll pay their taxes.

And I can tell you that everyone under 25 or 26 now is speaking English. And as old people die off and the youth grow old, English will begin to predominate in Mexico. Already there’s so many English schools you can’t count them. Already the government there is making all school kids learn English. It’s rather amazing.

And as more come legally either one of two things will happen:

  1. Mexicans here will tell their friends about the USA and Mexico will empty out, and become a big ecological zone, or
  2. Mexicans will return home richer, and emboldened to take on their corrupt government

It’s going to be a fifty year process. But Mexico will not be Mexico in 50 or 75 years. And the USA will still be the USA. We’re not learning Spanish or going south. They’re learning English and coming north. Game over, we win. So why don’t we make it more efficient, and perhaps speed up the process.

For wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a Mexico that’s rich and free like US, or at worst, Canada?


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