Words for our Times

It’s Sunday, let’s do humor. Now, www.iowntheworld.com has an interesting contest going on. They’re looking for new words for our times. To give voice to the astounding reality we live in. Well, it just so happens that I did something like that years ago. And posted them to my own website at http://www.creativeintellectual.com/hlavacisms.html Spread the word!

This is the way I put it: In our era of extremism, people struggle to find the words to explain the sheer and astounding audacity of our leaders, celebrities and public figures. Here is that guide to better words. And remember: Extremeness in the creaticity of new words is no vice!

There is a great shortage of words to be more specific about all aspects of American public,
civic, economic and social debate. Here are a few new words that would, I hope, clarify exactly what we’re talking about. Too often current words have too many shades of meaning. It’s time to let some of these nuance meanings leave the nest and get their own word.

Pundimentals — the usual crap that crosses the editorial pages about “cant’ we all just get
along?” The boiler plate that seems to appear in so many articles on the op-ed pages.
Punderdoo — the crap that flows out of pundits
Pundicious — given to giving opinions like a pundit
pundiciousness — extreme opinionation —
Pundicity — publishing extreme commentary
Pundimentalful — a thought expressed like a pundit would. Charlie knew his article would have to be more pundamentalful to get published.
Pundify — Charlie pundified his article to get it published.
Pundificate — usually by a blow hard at the company party.

Something less than an informed well thought out opinion. We always say “everyone is
entitled to their opinion” as if they were all equal. Rather there can be set forth two levels of
opinion. On top is the well structured, fact based, reasoned opinion. The other is the
somewhat more hot-headed, knee jerk, platitudes sputtered by so many people. These
“opinions” should become “opines”
Opine — my opine — a lazy opinion (modeled on supine) more emotions than facts.
Opinarious — given to giving opinions on anything without necessarily having any facts.
Repine – to say over and over the same damn thing
Opinacity — the desire to always give your opine
Something smaller still would be an opinionette — or an opinerino — the smallest of opinons.

Platitudinal — the state of using lots of platitudes.
Platituderocity — being ferocious with your platitudes

Fundamentalists — really people who are into the basic under pinings of a thing but
understanding the reality of practical action. The best example is that the fundamental theory
of aerodynamics with its underlying fundamental mathematics says the bumble bee can’t fly, yet the practical reality is that the little buggers seem to be having a blast bumbling around with all the grace of a six year old at her first dance recital — but what do we call those who would deny reality? You know, those religious cult freaks, and Neo-Nazis and KKK’ers, the believers in extra terrestrials, those who read the Star?

Fundaymentalism — those who are so into the theory of the thing that they can’t even begin to see practical reality. They are having a fun-day just imagining, or shall we say, hallucinating, the future nirvanna they want to be in.
Fundaymentalosity — the strong promotion of nut cake theories.

On a sad note we must bring forth a new word to describe the killing of people for their
religion by people of another religion. Kill or assassinate or massacre are just too tame for the sort of barbaric nonsense of these mascercraters. Those who descerate their own and the
other religion because of some fundaymentalist belief.
Mascercrate — massacring people in a religious setting, such as a church or mosque, or
synagogue. You are descecrating at the same time. Hence mascercrate

Different degrees of unique:
Uniqueness — the state of being unique
Uniquecissity — the most extreme state of uniqueness
Uniquaciousness — always pointing out unique things
Uniquacier — someone who is always pointing out the uniqueness of this or that.

The state budget is complicated.
Complicaty — there was a complicaty to his designs — using complication
The governor worked complicaty to get what he wanted in the budget.
Complicatation — always making things more complicated
Complification > Complify > Complificatiousness — beyond mere complexity

Densify — to make more dense
Densification — once again the president’s spokeman was involved in densification of the
situation. > Densorious > Densificacious > Densificaciousness

Denacious — always using denial about what ever you are talking about. That guy was very
denacious about his business dealings, wasn’t he?
Denaciousness — always denying your doing something. The teenager exhibited a certain
denaciousness so I searched his car, said the officer.
Denacity — always promoting the use of denial — The corporate president was engaged in

Richard Nixon was denacious

Argumentacious – Having fun arguing. Stronger than argumentive

Michaelangelate — to paint a beautiful picture of what is unattainable as a reasonable course of action. The preacher was always michaelangelating on Sundays

Picassofy — to skew the facts all out of proportion to the reality

Togetheresque — the two prime minsters appeared togetheresque — looking like they are
cooperating, but not at all.

Discapitalize — remove the funding from something. The program was discapitalized

Disbrief — a purposefully wrong explanation of a situation or thing
We were disbriefed by the district attorney

Legalate — making something into a legal issue that could be resolved without the law
Legalification — bringing something to a state of legal action
Legalesque — seeming to be legal — but probably not.
Legalacious — always wanting to make something a legal issue

Mountification — making a mountain out of something
Mountificacious — always wanting to make a mountain out of something

Economicality — what are the economic aspects to a program or plan?
Not whether it’s economical or not

Healthcarify — to bring every problem into the health care system
Healthcarification > Healthcaracious

Securify — making everything into a security issue
Securification > Securificacious — the young mother was securificacious every where she went with her baby.

Americacious — always wanting to do things the American way.

Amnify — giving someone amnesty
Amnestification > Amnification > Amnificacious — always wanting to give amnesty to this or that criminal

Dissecuritize — sneak through a security ring openly, like crashing a party. Or dressing up like the enemy and wandering into the premises. Like a Palestinian dressed up like an Orthodox

Dissecurify — to have your security removed from your perimeter — The enemy dissecurified the base by killing all the sentries. > Dissecurification

Atlanticize — making things a big and stormy issue

Fabulacious > Fabulocity > Fantabulous > Fantabulosity

Sportacious — always looking to engage in a sporting event
Sporterino — someone who’s into all sports
Sportorize — make everything into a sport, a gentleman’s competition
Sportate — seeming to be like a sport. The conversation seemed sportate, but the consequences far more, more serious.

Congressify — making something into a congressional issue.
Congressification > Congressificacious

Legislatacious – always wanting to pass a law “to do something”

Supremify — make into a Supreme Court Case
Supremification — this case has all the signs of supremification
Supremification > Supremicacious — the ACLU is very supremicacious

Federalify — make into a federal government issue
Federalification > Federalificacious > Federalificaciousness

Qaedafy — to make every little bastard into a al-Qaeda operative.
Rumsfeld would Qaedafy the French president if he could get away with it.
Qaedafication — slowly moving a country into rogue status
Qaedaficacious — Ashcroft is very Qaedaficacious this morning isn’t he?

Terrorificate — Ter ROAR ih fih cate — to make into a terrorist situation
Terrorification — ter ROAR ih fih ca tion — making everything into a terrorist situation
The city council was terrorificating all day about the hazards faced in the city.

Misrobe — wear really bad looking clothes on purpose

Uglify — making something ugly.
That guy is working on uglufying himself with all those tattoos
Uglification > Uglificacious

Minify — always making good ideas smaller
Minification > Minificacious

Smallerization — of making things smaller and smaller like in electronics.
He was into the whole cellphone smallerization campaign.

Muddify — making the situation more muddy than it is.
Muddification > Muddificacious — exhibiting the propensity to muddify

Disconstrue — to purposely make confusing

Gamify — making everything into a game
Gamification > Gamificacious > Gamerocity — showing a lot of competitiveness

Competify — bring to the open market, selling state companies
Competification — making a competitive market situation.
The new company will competify this area of economic activity

Decompetify — the opposite of competify — bring under one agency control.
The FCC is decompetifying the airways.

Activacious — always wanting to act, regardless of how much planning was done.

Presidentialate — making pronouncements like “if I was the president … ”
Presidentialication — making it something so important that only the president can deal with it.
Presidentify > Presidentification > Presidenticate > Presidentious > Presidentiousness

Dendificate — to mull over incessantly so nothing every gets done
Dendification > Dendifacious > Dendificacity

Rendify — making something ready to be torn apart.
Rendification > Rendificacious > Rendificosity

Bellocify – to enrage. Charlie could bellocify a bunch of nuns.
Bellocification — to make war like, to make bellicose.

Belligerate — to make others belligerent in the face of your own belligerence
Belligeracious > Belligerification > Belligerful

Misjudicious — taking wrongful legal actions.
Misjudicialness — exhibiting constant bouts of wrongful government action. The police chief
acted with misjudicialness throughout his career.
Misjudicate – to make an egregiously wrongful legal decision by a judge.

Disjudicious — stronger still. The actions of a dictator are disjudicious — outside the law with
the imprimtur of law. More than just a criminal act.

Misjesticulate — making the wrong hand signals.
The coach misjesticualted to the quarterback and the wrong play was run.
Misjesticulation > Misjesticularity — having the propensity to give the wrong hand signals

Declarify — to make things confusing
Declarification — the confusing state
Declarificacious — engaged in declarifying something
The spokesman was declarificacious in his briefing.
The spokeperson gave a declarification.
The president was declarifying the situation to the press.

Misclarify — moving the confusion to a different subject
Misclarification > Misclarificacious

Confusement — being in the state of confusion
His confusement caused the car wreck

Some what less than understanding — that state between confusion and clarity
Disconfusion — finally sort of understanding something just enough to get grasp it: “now that
you explained it that way, I’m disconfused.”

Disconfuse — to come into the state of understanding.  I was disconfused about that memo in
our meeting. It’s is hard to get disconfused when some one is declarifying to you.

Misrandorthic > Always having some mystical explanation for everything.

Misrandorthip — always pushing for pie in the sky proposals and ideas.

Potterino – some kid into Harry Potter

Bignessicity — the need of making of something bigger through an internal source.
His claims to greatness demonstrated a certain bignessicity
Bignacious — always making this bigger than they are. All fisherman are bignacious
Bignaciousness — pushing for bigness — Donald Trump shows a certain bignaciousness.
Bignesque — seeming to be big — his claims to be the boss exhibited a certain bignesque

Newcacious — always wanting something new. Many a teenage girl is newcacious
Newcaciousness — exhibit the qualities of a newcacious person

Problemnify — guaranteeing no problems. With this contract I will problemnify you.

Ridiculosity — something that is beyond mere ridiculousness
Ridicusolater — someone who is alwys ridiculing everything.
Ridiculate — to making something ridiculous — at every meeting johnny ridiculates
Ridiculator —

Comboombalation — the opposite of discomboombalation
Comboomlatious — someone who likes to pull things together
Comboombalationism — the belief in making things come together

Mordate — to expressing a desire to kill a group of people
Mordatious — saying you want to kill a group of people:
“Harry was mordatious, ‘kill them bastards,’ and ‘kill those bastards’ — was all he ever said.”
Mordaracity — intense desire to kill a group of people

Misrun — not performing a job correctly
Disrun — purposefully not performing a job correctly

Pontificacious — given to pontificating
Pontificaciousness — the state of pontificating

Tablosity — the speed at which ideas are shot down. The opposition were quick at tablosity

Reander — walking the same path again. Reandering, reandered.
Go reander to see where you left your keys.

Disremember — to purposely forget something

Nostalagious — some one into nostalgia. Oh, grandma, don’t be so nostalagious.


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