Got to happen …

There, in that article linked, that’s where you’ll find the best round up of the oil spill. A fine description of the utter destruction proposed by this administration. A destroy America program of astounding dastardliness. It’s not incompetence. It’s the deliberate misuse of power as a treasonous assault on the American people.

There you’ll find the best reason to never vote for a national Democrat again, too. As well, perhaps, of supporting any and all possible impeachment and criminal proceedings against the lot. Not even excluding our Dear Senator Landrieu, who not only abdicated her responsibilities by not reading the law she voted for, but also for pandering with a supposed $300,000,000 while week after week our mind numbing Advocate shows the state health authorities bemoan the lack of $250,000,000. So where’s the money, Landrieu? Why won’t you ask Advocate?

There too you’ll find the outlines of part one of a bill of impeachment against this president. If you think this president is not worthy of such opprobrium, let me suggest you examine these other parts, two, three, four, ad infinitum:

Look at Romanoff of Colorado, Sestak of Pennsylvania, Blagovich of Illinois, Gore of Divorce Court, Hillary of Ecuador;

As well as Berwick of England’s death panels, where in which he proposes to do nothing less than kill off Americans not suitable for the state’s purpose;

And too Kagan of the Supreme Court, who is against the 1st Amendment of free speech and religion, and assembly, but too is against the 2nd through 10th, and probably the rest while she’s at it if she gets the chance. A woman who said, more or less, “I have no opinion on the greatest statement of mankind ever made: All people are endowed with their creator with certain inalienable rights.” A lawyer of Harvard! Claiming to have no thought on the matter! To be a judge? Of what?

And not to exclude Chu of Energy, and Napolitano of Homeland Security, and also Rahm of the president’s staff, and not to forget Holder of Justice and any number of other examples of malfeasance, corruption, dereliction of duty, abrogation of human rights, destruction of American law, favoritism, bribes, incompetence, lies, inability, purposeful obstruction of the right course of action, disallowal of American law, invitation to foreigners to invade. On and on could come the charges for impeachment, conviction and imprisonment.

Let’s not even go to Charles Bolden, new of NASA, who said it’s not a space agency anymore, but a Muslim enemy butt kissing agency. Fraternizing with the enemy and giving away state secrets no doubt. Treason as its finest, of a sort Benedict Arnold practiced.

And too Pelosi and Reid, Dodd and Frank, and the whole panapoly of Democrats who will no longer pass budgets, will not read laws, will not obey the oaths of their office to defend the Constitution and more disgusting: ignoring the pure reality of the above bolded statement. There’s not a Democratic Congress person who should not be run out of office. Now. Today.

Though there’s of course more than a few Republicans who also could stand some tossing.

The entire federal political class, elected, appointed and civil service, is now against the wishes and purposes of the people of the United States.

They have more or less declared war on us.

They have declared themselves independent of the law, to the degree that they merely “deem” legislation passed, and the president ignores even that by telling his czars what to do.

This is now out in the open. It’s clear to all who look. The daily pronounce it.

So now the issue is, who will do something about it?

Sure there’s the TEA Party, and tens of millions very pissed off citizens, as now clear by every poll conducted. Even those by the most Democratic Party friendly polling organizations show that ever increasing majorities are just pissed.

And there seems to be the small majority of the Supreme Court too, on our side. And certainly many governors, and all sorts of bloggers and internet commentators.

Coming soon are Kelsey Grammar’s Right Network. And there’s more Hollywood types surfacing with each utterance of Sean Penn’s love of dictatorship. Hurry guys. You’ll be more popular than ever.

And still the Democrats thunder on to the glories of Marx. I went to his grave, fellas’, he’s still dead, and his ideas are deader. But still you persist. You think you’re going to win this one.

Such is not the case.

Sure, too, there is an ever increasing discussion throughout the internet of “October Surprises,” whereby the president does some dastardly deed to throw off the momentum of the elections. There’s even talk by some that this president will simply cancel elections. While that’s been bandied about throughout the decades of my observing politics, it’s never quite been this loud, or quite this possible.

And surely when the New York Times, through its mouthpiece columnist Thomas Friedman, and others, extol the virtues of Communist China, it’s time to sit up and say, “wow.” Is it not? That’s what this man says so frequently now that he has apparently joined the Chinese Communist Party in its sixty year run at trying to take over America. This Friedman fellow is no longer American, but an apologist and supporter of dictatorship. He’s as illegal as a Mexican over the fence at 3 AM.

And still come more seizures of power and privilege by this Congress. Of more laws against the people. Of a threatened Lame Duck Congress passing dozens if not hundreds of new unread, undiscussed, undebated, unconsidered, and unknown laws to aggrandize government. In a way that King George III would never have dreamed off. Perhaps not even Ghenghis Khan.

And yet, I feel positive. It’s coming to an end, this Communist assault on America. This desire for Kingship, and Dictatorship, so amplified now by all the above mentioned people, as well as a huge coterie of socialists and American haters.

And like bathtub soap scum ring, it shall be cleansed with vigorous scrubbing.

I refrain from calling for Tar & Feather. Though I do know where there’s now Tar aplenty to use. In fact, the feathers come tar soaked. But they must be removed. There’s no longer any doubt, to be sent at the least to their mansions of ill-gotten gains so that they might live out their miserable lives in luxurious contemplation for the error of their ways.

For there is only one outcome of Socialism – the Death of Millions, the Destruction of Society, and the Imposition of Mind numbing Poverty and Conformity.

And to that I say NUTS. Just like the general at Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge to the demands of the National Socialists, called NAZIs, who completely surrounded the American position.

And that’s just because I’m in a good mood.

Oh yeah, like Patton rode to the rescue as soon as he could, along comes Palin.


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