Koch speaks truth

Ed Koch on Palin: ‘They’re Nuts If They Think She’s Dumb… She’s Very Smart’


And that’s the headline I love this morning, from the site above, and the audio of the radio interview comments.

He said he wouldn’t vote for her, (yah, Ed, not yet, but you’ll come round, you’re too rational) and gave Obama a C – for the following inspirational points as reported by our Advocate today:

In other news “Corps rejects barrier plan” — yah, and why throw everything you got at a problem of this magnitude when you can form a study group to write a paper? With Nobel prize winners by the boatload right there to assist and lend their august prestige.

“Oil sheen invades Lake Ponchartrain,” — yah, and there’s not a boom to be found that could have been laid across the Rigolets (which is pronounced as Rig-o-leeze, believe it or not.,) in multiple rows, like people at a Mardi Gras parade catching beads, to block the flow up into the lake. In fact, the beads thrown are technically little tarballs. They’ve just been processed a bit, and colored, to make them shiny and baublelicious. Maybe that’s how this (mal)administration plans on creating jobs just like in China – making Mardi Gras beads. What a plan! Joe’s on it now!

“Congress crafts slew of bills in reaction to oil crisis,” — yah, there ought to be a law, against passing these sorts of got-to-do-it-today rush bills that no one reads. Oh, my, there is – the Constitution! But, oh no, like even the long-considered public discussion on the unread health care bill. And the unread financial strangulation bill. And cap and trade unreadable even. Who knows what laws lurk in the hearts of congress people? So many laws, so little time. And if no one read them, how do all of these congress people really have the time to “craft” — don’t kids craft, and get glue all over? — laws to stop an oil leak and to clean it up, along with destruct the rest of the nation? Do these laws grow on trees? Or is it some sort of vine, like kudzu, come to eat us up and smother us? Remember, mistletoe, that balm of love under which we must kiss? It is a parasitical plant that will ultimately kill its host tree as it smothers it, and sucks the living sap out of the limbs.

“State health chief weighs August 1st rate cuts to Medicaid providers,” — yah, what’s he worried about? There’s health care for all! It’s right there in those 2700 pages of law, and by now, thousands of other pages of amendments, fixes, rules, regulations and supplemental changes to this majesty of law. Like ancient Maya Codices, no one really knows what’s in there, but there’s lots of dates by when things must be done, or the Republic falls. Now’s the time for the decipherment of the code of law bubbling up from the mush-minds of congress. Seek, and you shall find propitiation, health care chief. There be big wamppum in treaty with great white fathers in Washington. Oh yah, new color added, great black grand poobah. Or is it the dreaded rationing?

The very rationing that one Ms. Palin did point out as obvious. The one for which comment everyone did pillory her. Well, no not everyone. Seems some tens of millions are just enthralled with the lady. Me too. I don’t know all her positions. I don’t really care. The problems are so big that one person, in one term, is not going to fix them. It’s got to be an attitude change first. The left is driven by problems. They live for soap operish murder, mayhem, death and destruction. The are stuck on some Hobbesian war of all against all that only they, with the unread laws passed in secrecy, like ancient priests in marbled halls, which they do inhabit don’t they? Scribbled in inscrutable signs, which resemble some other script called English, but it is not.

Then there’s Sarah, this body slam against the mindset of government does all. If elected she’ll so wake up the nation as to start the process towards sanity. Any other canditate will merely forestall the awakening required. All those good men in the presidential green room, wondering if the host will call them to the stage – all they’ll do is lend their experience in operating this system, and do naught to shake it up. And we need a whole lot of shaking going on.

But the left, oh, are they bonkers. Just picking on that poor woman like there’s no tomorrow. They excoriate her, and her “goofs” and such, to the point of comedy. And she giggles her “Well, duh, I’m just a mom” smile and lights up the room and the streets outside. Quite a feat for the charicacture portrayed by the left.

Ah, but then there’s priceless Koch. What a quote! Love it.

His most famous quote is of course, “You may have to be crazy to live in New York, but you’ve got to be nuts to live anywhere else.”

And he daily asked people in the streets “How I’m doing?” Just walked around and asked anyone. Can you imagine Obama doing such a thing? Ha! But Koch, or Palin? Yah. He asked me once, on West 4th Street at 6th Ave. I was with friends. We all said “Great Mr. Mayor.” And he was. He was Giuliani before Giulani. He cleaned up that city. He brought it back from the brink. He’s honest. Forthright, and reasonable. Knows what he doesn’t know, most important for leaders. One of the innovations that he did to help the city get back on its feet was to issue periodic management reports. Written in plain English, in short paragraph bursts of simple prose, they told the story of what money he saved, what rules he changed, what practices he stopped or put in, and what the scorecard was on what he said would happen from the last issued report. He graded himself, and let the city grade him – daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. 12 years later the city was better than it had been in decades.

I was at New York University at the time. Reagan was president. Things were good. There was a lot of city shining up going on. Literally and figuratively. And the nicest thing is that Koch and Reagan never said mean things about their political opponents. They merely chuckled, and said “oh, my friend, that’s just not common sense, here let me show you… “ and then they got what was needed to do, done.

And that’s exactly like Palin. She seems practical. She seems very aware of exactly what the limitations are. Just as Koch is a Democrat – yah, what else did you want him to be during those times in NYC, when the Republicans met in a phone booth? But he sure wasn’t the typical doom and gloom Democrat – where all is lost unless a law is passed regardless of what it says – we’ll pass another law to make it right later!

No, he was practical. I heard him give press conferences, and give presentations. Speechs, and such. Live, not filtered through the press. I was a college intern in housing groups, and for a City Councilman, and I was up close down there near City Hall. When I heard him I heard just a reasonable guy. Like Reagan. Like Giuliani in many ways. Almost guileless in getting the people’s business done, though as Koch could say about himself, smart, astute, with a political ear. And too, when I hear Palin, when I read the tweets and comments, I get this sense that she’s just rolling up the sleaves and cleaning up the mess.

When people like this see a broken swing, they don’t try to figure out who broke it, or study the issue much. They just fix it. When they find milk spilt, they get a rag, not hold an inquistion while it floods under the fridge. On a policy level all four of them knew/know that cutting taxes is always the best medicine for the ills of the people. All four of them know that less rules, less regulations, less laws, simpler systems, better management, are all the things necessary for government to live within its means and let the people flourish, are what the country needs.

Perhaps, a hundred years from now, when it’s time for Rushmore Two, we’ll find Koch, Giuliani, Reagan and Palin up on the side of the mountaintop.

At the base of which they can put that miscreant little boy statue of Obama, half buried up to its waist, like the stoning victims not helped by Obama’s NASA, which will be reaching out to muslims. Such great contributors to culture and science and mankind that some did blow up 1500 year old Buddhas, hundreds of feet high, carved into the mountains of Afghanistan. That’s the clue of their barbarity. For when you kill ancient statues, well, there’s nothing more to say.

Does Obama think maybe perhaps NASA should give the muslims some good missile and rocket technology so that they might shoot at us? Or just destroy Rushmore One?

Isn’t that treason?


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