Told you so!

Told you so!

So there. There it is. A goof out of the mouth of brilliance! The president screwed up the famous poem on the Statue of Liberty. It’s “yearning to BE free.” Not “yearning to BREATHE free.” The White House website apparently also has it wrong. No word on if his teleprompter got it wrong, though. But, Wowser.

One would think Liz Gordon, or anyone, hot on the trail of public figure goofs which mar speeches, which I wrote of two days ago concerning private citizen Sarah Palin. But nope, not a peep. Not a “goof” to be found in golfman. Nor marred utterance whatsoever.

Of course, since Obama is a man who seems to think it’s “Life, liberty OR the pursuit of happiness,” and “government by the government, for the government and of the government,” and that the only clause in the living constitution is “the president shall have the power [fill in blank]” it’s no wonder that this smidge of goof is not to be mentioned.

Lizzy might lose her license to pontificate on goofing.

As a consolation prize for having his goof not mentioned the president won another award of sorts.

Seems that some 236 sage professors of something or other, though surely not American History, did proclaim Obama to be the 15th best president of them all. The James Buchanan and Franklin Pierce stuffed Jimmy Carter of our times so good?


Even better than 18th ranked Ronald Reagan?

Yep, says the great blind ones of academia.

So the man who ended a war without a shot fired;
who freed tens of millions of people from the yoke of Socialist Oppression of the very sort Obama pines for;
the man who resuscitated the last brilliant genius in the White House’s moribund economy;
the man who won more votes of both the popular and electoral type than almost anyone save the first few Great Ones;
the man who wrote his own speeches and could actually deliver them without any devices;
and who could quip up a storm even as a bullet was lodged in his chest —

Obama is greater than him?

I’m yearning to breathe right now.

Meanwhile, back to our regularly scheduled Constitutional Crisis a-coming.

Which We the People shall take advantage of, to put things right.

25th Amendment or Impeachment — that’s our choice now.


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