By Susan Page and Naomi Jagoda

Re: the TEA Party Membership and Purpose.

“They are overwhelmingly white and Anglo, although a scattering of Hispanics, Asian-Americans and African-Americans combine to make up almost one-fourth of their ranks.”

So, a “scattering” is 1/4 of the ranks eh? 25% vs 75%, eh? In a country where only 1/4 of the populace is ethnically non-Eurpean American. (Aka, the people of color, etc)

So, ergo, the population as a whole is reflected in the ranks of the Tea Party.

Thus, a la Page & Jagoda, the non-European (European = “white” or “caucasion”) is “a scattering”?


One would think that a point by point reflection of the populace in any group would be what we want in our post racial society.

But no, to P & J, it’s a scattering.

And these two can keep their jobs?


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