Prepare for impact

Mental impact mounts, indeed.

The headline today: “Mental impact mounts” is of course about the oil disaster in the gulf, which strikes 70 days today. But it’s the understatement of the year, really. No story currently reported, or soon to be, does not portend mounting mental impacts. For the country is bonkers, no?

The mental impact is mounting for everything going on in this country. It’s rather astounding. Such ferment and foment. Impacting mentals everywhere, and the fundamentals, and supramentals, and all the little mentals, and individual and society wide mentals of all sorts.

The housing picture is bleak if selling, rosy if buying. So is that good or bad for the economy? That’s a question which can’t be answered by Keynsianism, or our current government’s view of economy, nor by the Federal Reserve Board. For if the price of housing is going down, surely it is bad for the bankers holding mortgages, and for the sellers, and the brokers with smaller commissions. And too perhaps for property tax receipts if that local fee is based on value at sale. But prices are predicted to fall further. Which is impactful.

But isn’t it great for anyone who can buy a house? Sure it is. Cheap is good. Surely better than expensive. Now, if no one had done anything to arrest or accelerate the movement in house prices than we would not be having this problem, for it would have achieved equilibrium a while ago. Though worry about the price of housing is an aggregate, which means that it’s only a partial story. Weird, isn’t it, how aggregates are partial, and the partial information is the total. Which is why central planning and accounting never works.

Now, among the unemployed, well, their mental impact is quite large, for no doubt their lifestyles are impacted as their debts mount. Still, if the government had done nothing then probably the unemployment rate would not be so bad. Instead they tried to help by taking billions out of the economy, moving it around, taking a commission like a slimy salesman, and putting it back in somewhere else. All that did was, well, nothing but move wealth around, but created nothing new. There being no uptick in employment visible at the moment, the impact is going to cause people to get mental indeed. Let’s up mental doesn’t slide into disgruntled.

Then too over in the Middle East there’s mental impacts mounting – and while it’s nerve wracking in the short term, as waiting for war always is, it’s obvious that the physical impact on the enemies of Israel is going to be considerable. But here we have a case of the president doing something, again, and screwing it up. Apparently Mr. Obama did not get the memo: abandoning allies is not the American way.

Meanwhile, ObamaCare’s impact is also causing grief, as any large scale government reordering of a segment of the economy must. That’s the way it’s always been. Governments come along and up end everything, and everyone else’s mental impact mounts as they put their energies into getting around the government’s dictates rather than continuing on with what they were doing. Every week comes some new unintended consequence of what we now know what’s in it, none for the good.

The mental impact of all the growing corruption scandals will be like fireworks. Blago, Giannoulis or Illinois, and oh so many more Democrats, and not a few Republicans, impacting while mounting us like a … well, it’s a family site.

Illegal immigrants? Yes, our mental impact mounts.

Corrupton? Yep, mental impacts mount.

On and on, is there anything which today in our country does not impact us mentally? I don’t think so. So how does this headline impart news? It could be published everyday and no one would know the wiser.

And oddly, with Obama, the mounting mental impact is impacting the left and the right. The right never did like him, seeing through the words to see the obvious impact a-coming, which he did deliver, or not deliver as the case may be. But the left is now waking up to the fact that Obama is pointless. He’s not done what he said he’d do for them – for their ideas might not have been so bad, though not good. But he’s simply miffed everyone. Mount away oh Don Quixote, chasing windmills.

Now, to the oil disaster, it’s beginning to be bandied about that it’s purposeful on the part of the government. And the words “criminal negligence” have been raised. Along with “impeachment.”

I would imagine a mental impact of some sort is mounting for Democrats. Sure, for even one Madam Pelosi did say, roughly: “The Democrats have to win or the Republicans will open criminal investigations.” And that is mentally impactful for sure. She should be worried. For the “most transparent” administration is just as murky as a pelican’s oiled bill. Her “cleanest Congress” line must have been missing a phrase: “since the Court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.”

In fact, Democrats everwhere are finding out that they are not well liked, and their impact on the mentals of the people is evidenced in mounting opposition to reelecting them. Harry Reid’s son is so fearful of the mental impact of his father’s name that he seems to have completely forgotten it, or at least purposefully hid it. He’s no rock star, this Rory, but he goes about like Cher, with one name. But let us remind him that the folks with one name are usually pretty much fringe freak entertainers: Liberace, Cher, Bono, Sting, etc, … or they are despotic kings and potentates, like Stalin, Mao, Che, Castro, or any Henry or Louis promenading. So perhaps Rory shouldn’t be so one-name about it.

And can you imagine the mental impact mounted on a custard dealer by the Vice-President. To be called a smart ass by such a poseur, plagerizing blowhard like Biden must impact a mounting mental take back. Soon this Biden fellow will stay something so stupid, so nasty, so royalist, that they’ll take him off the public stage and mount him on the wall of an undisclosed secure location as we mentally think of the impact of a big mouth.

And so I wonder why this headline? Why such a bland, fits all article heading. They could have used it for the rapper killed, or the bankers’ shill, or the window sill for that matter.

Mental Impact Mounts. Yes, tha’ts what they do I suppose.

But this product of journalism today is feeble. Without much impact. Not mounting to anything, and surely mental.

What would have been a better headline for the article of 70 days of oil leakage?

How ’bout “president does nothing for 70th day.”

Now that would impact me mentally, and I’d mount up my steed then and run off to save the Republic.

Instead, it’s mounted mush with little impact but emotion. Yes, it’s terrible. So one would have thought that by now we’d know

A) who’s in charge

B) when they expect to cap the leak

C) who’s going to pay for the clean up

D) who in government did collude with BP

E) who in government accept lobby dollars

F) who in obamaland knows what on earth is happening.

Instead they’re trying to flim flam us for more government, more taxes, more of the mental impact mounting, of unparralled, or what’s the Obama word? Yes, Unprecedented mounting troubles which has apparently not impacted Obama’s mental concentration at the golf course.

Keep this up Mr. President and you’ll feel the wrath of Mental America. I can imagine the impact of the polls and lawsuits already.

So, here’s looking forward to pretty much nothing much in the oil disaster area, for there’s a great presidential commission right now working on thick volumes of words no on will ever read. You’d be mental if you did.


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