Palin Drone

Well, the president of our 57 states who can’t find our borders is safe. Whew. I was worried there for a moment when it appeared that Sarah Palin did make a booboo. She said that Ronald Reagan, the only president I ever liked during my lifetime, went to “California’s Eureka College” and not Illinois’ Eureka College. This was breathlessly reported by Liz Goodwin of Yahoo News! Oh my. A “goof” as the headline puts it, “mars” her speech. Well, I suppose it would. And she’s human too, last I noticed. In fact, the left is positive that she’s Neanderthal. And so then the wonder isn’t that she made the one blunder, but that it’s the only one they could get her on. Slim pickens, I suppose.

Now why would or how could such a goof be made? Well, it could be just the excitement of the moment, and in the rush a mere slip of the tongue. Or it could be she’s tired from her rather demanding schedule. Or perhaps she relied on some fact checker, some person behind the scenes who does work on her speeches. Or maybe she just plain didn’t know. No matter, the press & TV will talk about it forever. As if not a one of them ever made a blunder in their lives. So brilliant are the press & TV, and politicos of the Democratic persuasion that they do not gaffe, or goof, or mar, but rather it is always that they were misheard by opponents out to destroy America, or their comments were taken out of context and so torn asunder from their calarity. Yeah, right.

But do they tout and taunt Joe Biden’s plagarism? Nah. Or his “smart ass” comment of yesterday – which is a goof, no? For the Vice President of this nation to talk to one of his employees – remember, that man works for us – is surely marring of decency, and political asuteness. But blowhard Biden gets the pass day in and day out – and from the press nary a smidgen of concern about the gaffes, goofs and utter banal nastiness of that man. No, he’s just being Joe! Not a schmo!

And Obama’s economic illiteracy, so ample demonstrated in these past two years? Nope, it shall not be mentioned, it’s a commandment or something. 57 States? I doubt it. In fact, apparently Obama speaks so wonderfully teleprompters have been known to just follow his perfection.

Still, if the press and TV couldn’t even recall that the dearly departed Senator Robert Byrd of West Virgina got his start in politics in the lynch mobs of the Klan, and rose quickly up the ladder of hate to swing the noose over the tree of liberty I would imagine that they could not see “goofs” and “mars” in this current administration.

A press that can’t even tell that when a state is merely claiming that they will follow federal law, like Arizona will do, the Republic is not threatened.

Yet, a press that thinks it’s fine to tie up downtown Manhattan for a show trial, where in which the chief prosecutor, one Eric “what voter intimidation?” Holder doth, like king of olde, already proclaim not only the guilt of the accused, but hath passed judgment and sentence unto death if need be, surely can be excused for salivating over the errant misplacement of Ronald Reagan’s college in the state of his governorship and not his birth. No? Well, no.

Really. This is the press that applauds the peeping tomism of one of its members, to purposefully find fault with a private citizen’s children and guests, albeit a famous one, so as to wreck her money making ability.

They call her an entertainer, and a bad one at that, and then they complain when she does entertain. Here she was, perhaps trying to stir up a local crowd with a little localism, and that’s the end of her career according to the goofy reporters.

The reporters who spend so much time investigating what a junior Republican dog catcher might have said in high school while drunk while excusing the most arrogrant poppycock of high placed elected Democrats. Why, so diligent is the press, that I have yet to read of anyone asking dearly departing Senator Chris Dodd why he thinks a bill he hasn’t read, and which he admits no one, absolutely no one, will have a clue as to what it might do to the economy and lives and fortunes of some 300,000,000 fellow citizens is a good thing to have. Not even a whit on concern that this is a “goof” that “mars” more than a speach.

But a mere mistatement, for reasons unknown, and unimportant, by a private citizen, in a far off corner of the nation, that affects no one with more than the most minor inconvenience of having to Google search for themselves if their memory did serve them correclty – this is rushed to the nation – AH HA! Palin goofs!

John Edwards perfidy? No press could find it. Al Gore’s Clintonesque behavior of late? Not a smidge of investigation to see if there might be flab with the flame. Indeed, nothing seems to quake lose the blinders of the press when it comes to the Democrats. But woe betide a single goof by a Republican. And Palin? Why, she’s to be grilled like St. Lawrence until the flames of public opionion smother her bright eyes.

Alas, for the press, she is Teflon coated. Sticks and stones might hurt her, but names will never stop her.

Now, too there was some misunderstanding of the absurdly ridiculous laws regarding her legal defense fund and the words they used to describe it – for apparently some words of description are outlawed and prohibited, while approved words must be inserted into the blanks of the bureaucrat’s forms. And political junkies, ably and excitedly assisting her, did make some minor mistake, quickly rectified, and some bureaucrats were happy until they find the next goof, which they will no doubt search for with as much carefulness as a reporting peeking over a fence.

She also, Ms. Palin did, have an email sent out in her name, that claimed “millions” were owed for her legal defense. Apparently this email was a draft that was accidently sent. Oh my, end of the world for Lizzy Gordon, who did take her ax to Palin. And what’s the “real” amount of her legal fees – apparently only “several hundred thousand.” And so, what is “millions”? Could it be but two or three? And are all the legal actions against Palin done? Or are more waiting in the wings? For sure there are many an investigative badger still a-looking for some grub to grab and shout “see, she’s a crook.” So it might well wind up to be “millions.” But currently, a rough guess is that less than a million. And if it’s say, $990,000, could not the rounding error be allowed? The IRS allows rounding errors. The Congress doesn’t even bother contemplate rounding errors of less than a $100,000,000,000.

But Lizzy Gordon will not be happy until the mutton is finished. She seems to think that Palin is her sheep, to be led to slaughter. In fact, I would think that Ms. Palin is more watched than Joran van der Sloot on suicide watch in his Peruvian jail. Speaking of which – what happened to the peaceful European Metrosexual? My my, violent little bugger isn’t he.

Now, for those demonstrators who goofed in their marring of downtown Toronto, did Lizzy or any of her legion go there to find out what exactly was on the minds of those who would burn down a modern city, like Norse at Paris in the 800s? (s)Looting (wow, a new word, sloot, to wreck havoc for personal gratification, and rampaging through a major city one would think that I would have seen a complete list of all the names of the sledge hammer wielding arsonists for liberty from responsibility, or at least of the ring leaders. But no, Palin’s goof is better. And why was Lizzy out there watching Palin when the real story is the very anti-ecological destruction of a city thousands of miles away?

Now that’s a goof which mars the reporting and the reporter.

Poor Gordon is in a knot, for Palin will not only survive this, but will come out stronger for having been a real person, and one attacked at that, by perfectionists whose glass houses have no ceilings either.


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