An End Nigh

Friday’s questions:

How soon to the end of Obama?

Red tape – why? Why so much? Why give bureaucrats so much power to create rules and regulations, and create forms for people to fill out by the hundreds? I’m not sure what the answer is – but red tape is not it. And why, every time a problem is encountered, some politician can “cut the red tape” for this or that supplicant? Why not just cut it for everyone all the time? What purpose does it serve by the creation of supplicants?

Now, the border does seem broken. One would think that a little red tape across the Rio Grande and in between the saguaros would stop anyone. But no. And still the president will do nothing. And there are now statements by various people that the president will do nothing until he gets his political dream of amnesty for illegal aliens. Yes, well, that would seem to be an impeachable offense. You know, not following Federal Law, and purposely refusing to do so. It just seems illegal to me, not to follow the law.

Meanwhile, it’s true that Americans, for the most part, don’t want to empower the police to go door to door to find the 10 to 15 million illegals. That’s un-American in fact, and we know it. Nor do we truly begrudge those desperate people a piece of prosperity their own government prevents them from achieving with far more ability than Obama tries to stifle business and wealth creation. Still, somehow some sort of “legalizing” their status is worthy. But of what sort? One proviso that I think should be in there is that no Illegal-made-Legal alien ever will get the right to vote. That’s the price of their admittance to the union. That might well mollify a great majority of Americans – – yes work, but no vote. Don’t like it? Return to the paradise you left.

On the other hand, maybe it’s time to push for regime and system change in Mexico so they stay home. But I’ve lived in Mexcio – and not a person doesn’t talk about how stupid their system is. And so what Republicans, and Tea Party people need to do is two parts:

  1. Let illegals know that they’ll never get the right to vote in our elections, but they can stay and make money.
  2. Let newly created legalized aliens know that the Democrats are the very sort of political party that ran Mexico as a corrupt and poverty inducing royalist-socialist concept of governance that they left.

Push those themes, and you just might wind up with a lot of legal aliens supporting you, and a lot of newly minted Americans too. For no one who spent their life savings and risked their lives crossing the desert illegally could conceivably want to recreate Mexican conditions here. This the message that should be pursued. Damn the cultural “sensitivity.

And Republican and Tea Party groups should sue Mexico for running the corrupt nonsense they call a government.

Meanwhile a federal judge shot down a presidential excutive order. Well, then, that’s a good start. One down, thousands to go. And liberty lovers should work at taking the president to court more often. In fact, more legal challenges against the Socialist Agenda can only be good.

Though too of course the oil leak continues, and this is about the one thing the president should be doing. Thus he is nuts not to attend to the problem. But he will not do anything, for reasons we can only speculate about: stupidity, incompetence, connivance, perfidy – who knows? I saw on TV that Obama’s approval rating is down to 45% — he’s been on a steady decline since he was inaugurated. Most presidents go up and down. This guy is on a pool slide down to the mush pits. Making the question: who on earth are these 45% who think this guy is doing a good job? Now that’s a million dollar question. Still, how low will his approval go? Oh, I do think he’ll be in the 20%s soon enough. I don’t see how he can maintain the love with all that’s going on.

Even if war happens in the mideast, which is likely, he might get a brief surge. But it won’t be from his current supporters – they’ll be enraged. It’ll be from the Republican Foreign Policy Hawks who will applaud. And most of the rest of the world too, even if very quietly. For no one wants a nuclear Iran. But it’s just the liberal-left mindset that we can talk our haters out of hating us. Such is folly in our times, for the president says he can’t even get the Republicans to do anything right – so how is he going to get a bunch of crazed, non English speaking religious nutjobs to do anything right. Could Obama really think he has a better chance of dealing with Iran than he does with Republicans? That would be a strange way to look at things.

And so that’s the few brief things that struck me this busy day, of constant interruption by people, who think that before they came along I had nothing to do.

Still, it’s a weird world today, and as we go into the weekend I can see the threads of a strait jacket being woven to handle the rush to stupidity by the president.

My prediction is that it’s going to be sooner rather than later, but still lots of lingering little things will come together soon enough, in the next few months, to drive this dude from office.


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