But you knew this, no?

Today was one of those days when I read so much mush that it’s hard to quantify, or to take the “most important” story out of the morass and make commentary. So it’s more about the big picture tonight. The picture which so many don’t see because they are not only wrapped up in their own lives, as they should be, but that the morass of information to be assessed is just so much that it’s impossible to keep track of it all. It was a busy day.

Some tidbits:

Apparently a mental midget of a man got himself nominated to be the Democratic Party nominee for Senate in South Carolina. It is apparently, to hear the mainstream media say it now, the Republican’s fault. Somehow. Even if the fault is levied by mere fantasy and supposition, it must be true. An investigation is being formed now by national Democrats to find out how a typical Democrat elected as a Democrat by Democrats in the Democratic primary is actually a Republican in some way.

Also, some fool in congress said some silly thing about apologizing to BP for the way it’s being treated on the national stage. Which might be good reasoning, for BP has bent over backwards to admit fault, fix the problem, ask for help, offer succor and agree to pay damages without so much as a weaselly peep and still they are said to be requiring foot on both posterior and neck to do what they are already doing about as well as they seem to be able to do it. And because he is a Republican then therefore the entire 60,000,000 strong Republican party must be at fault, for something, and at least the apology. Though down in South Carolina a mental midget man in the Democratic Party is not emblematic of the D-Party as a whole, but this Democratic is the responsibility of the Republicans.

So it seems that politically all problems in the political process is the fault of the Republicans, whether it is in the Democratic Party or not.

I even saw some Leftist bloggers blamed the Gore Divorce on Bush, which is odd, for I had thought the two men had no contact with each other since, oh, I don’t know, 2001.

Then too, the oil spill continues on and nothing is done to stop it, supposedly, and of course, it must be the Republican’s fault. Somehow. Though there were few Republicans down there at the rig drilling, and the British, who are the biggest owners of BP, have no Republicans at all in the Queen’s Realm. Indeed, the “conservatives” in England would more likely accuse Obama of being a stingy Republican way before they let him into their party.

Now, our relations with Iran are bad. Republicans are at fault. As too Turkey, the Republicans are apparently still either running our foreign policy, or the leftovers were so strong that even the genius in the White House can’t get out from under the spell of the Republican power grab.

Our relations with Israel are horrible. Ditto.

Our border with Mexico is crazy, and it’s of course the fault of Republicans for hiring those poor immigrants to work for nothing, as compared to their burgeoning Mexican salaries from which they were evilly dragged away from by the false-siren call of Republicans, and worse, heartless capitalism. So Obama closes off parts of the borderlands on this side to Americans, a national park of some sort to boot, where we should be able to go for emotional and spiritual succor as is required of the new environmentalism, to allow free passage of illegals and drug smugglers and who knows who else. In the process, effectively ceding part of the Gadsen Purchase back to Mexico, which sounds Impeachable to me, but I’m no scholar.

Now, some other dude on the Left did pronounce that Americans don’t like soccer because we are Conservative Republicans and thus Racists. Which is odd, for the nation, conservative republican that is it, voted a majority of Democrats, including a black president, into office. Which is very racist indeed, enough to transfer it to the soccer matches in South Africa, I suppose. Now, all of Europe is White, and of the same stock as vast swaths of the American populace, and they love Soccer, and yet they are not racist, and we are. Though even Black Americans seem to dislike Soccer. And in fact, given the 15% of the population that is “hispanic” and only the 1.5% of the people who watch soccer at all, or just some 4.9 million people at any given time, this means that our entire population of 295,000,000 is racist except for the 4.9 million who are not, because they like soccer. It’s weird to have such a horrible country the envy of the world.

Odd thing, for actually, the reason Americans of any race don’t like soccer is that it’s boring and they won’t pick up the ball and run it towards the opposition’s goal and slam it in there. Basically, soccer is a kiddy game, and it’s not part of America, and never has been, and never will be. But since all cultures are to be respected as sacrosant examples of peoplehood, the US people are to be denied our dislike of Soccer, and the celebration of our other sports, with no less than 50 to 60 percent of the players hispanic or black or both, on which billions are spent, as part of our culture. For it seems, to the Left, that all cultures are astoundingly wonderful, except the American culture.

Now apparently the wind won’t blow and the sun won’t shine as frequently and with enough force required to power a modern civilization is the Republican’s fault too. Which is odd, for then it seems the Democrats, who are agnostic at best, are demanding the Republicans to pray to their god for some miracle of energy equivalent to what powered the ancient empires, and just quite recently, pre-modern era Holland. How quaint. Why, could it be, a Republican plot, to prevent propeller planes from being roving windmills, bringing power to the heathen masses as they fly overhead?

Indeed, the Left seems to think that all the problems on earth are the cause of Republicans and/or America, except those caused by Republicans & Israel, and we support them (for a while longer under Obama, he’s working as fast as he can.) And if they despise America so much, then perhaps they should go out there to the rest of the world, and leave us miscreants alone.

So it’s just odd to listen to the ever blaring TV spewing forth how terrible the Republicans are, though I know intellectually that these stations have low viewership and that’s falling. And that too is the fault of the Republicans for spreading falsehood and false consciousness as they do.

It’s beginning to look like the Republicans of America are like the Jews of the World. Whatever problem there is in the wide world, the Jews are guilty of something. Then in America it’s the Republicans who are guilty of something.

Opponents of Republicans and Jews are of course not only innocent always, but are in the good fight to eliminate Republicans and Jews. It’s a strange thing, for most Jews vote Democratic, but the Democrats won’t stand with Israel. So Democrats want to get rid of some of their own voters, internationally of course, they say, and perhaps they think it will be offset with the decreasing numbers of Republicans who are in disarray and voting Democratic all the time, or something.

It’s convoluted, of course, for it is novelistic fantasy, and is not based on reality, which is always so much easy to explain.

But to recap, Jews and Republicans are always at fault for whatever problems exist. And Democrats and Socialists are pure as the driven snow, and with as much backbone as a slushball, are absolutely powerless to stop the onslaught of the despoilers of the people.

And Obama will form a commission to look into this conundrum right now today. Good president, good, atta’ boy .

Heel. Sit. Stay.


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