That much, eh?

I’m sitting here listening to Wolf Blizter breathlessly intone “new numbers” of the amount of oil being leaked from deep down in the globe. Sure is some natural stuff coming out of that hole in nature, eh? But meanwhile, the president and others are salivating over the litigation, and kicking butt, and keeping the boot on the throat – and it’s hard to kick BP’s butt while you have them on the floor with your foot on their neck, but the president is good at that, no doubt.

And so the number is now supposedly 60,000 barrels a day. Which is a much bigger number than previously. Apparently no matter what BP does the amount of oil being spewed is either increasing or the observers couldn’t figure out the difference between 5,000 barrels as originally said and the new 60,000 – and I’m not oil spew expert observer, but I have watched a hose, and there’s a big difference. So why the new number, now? Who knows. The president though will speak tonight about where else he might put any available feet he might have.

But, still, with all the hand-wringing, and veiled hints that BP is some sort of willful polluter, one must look at this number of barrels in a way I have yet to hear – what’s it worth? After all, BP did, I presume, drill that hole to earn money from oil pumped and sold. So if the price of oil is currently roughly $75 a barrel, and there’s been, let’s say 50,000 barrels a day, (somewhere between 5K and 60K is good enough, no?) is spewed. How much is that in bucks?

Why, it’s 3,750,000 of the little green crinklies. Indeed, since BP is being lambasted as a profit monger of some ill repute, though not much different than any state run oil company, say like the greenies out there in Norway, paradigm of good governance it’s said, and with a king to boot, one would think that they would be slobbering over themselves for $3.7 million a day! And one would think that our socialist media would be harassing BP for throwing away $3.7 million a day of the people’s resources.

And what is it now, some 58 days? So that’s roughly $217,000,000 buckeroos. I would think that BP, profiteers as they might be, would have more than gleefully pocketed those and not have become the scorned step-child of a dysfunctional family like our current government and it’s media enablers.

But still, there you go. BP has lost $217,000,000 from lost sales of oil, and oh so much more now with the spill, that it is nuts to somehow accuse BP of doing something nefarious. Why would they? And would anyone have ever heard of the rig out there if the thing went off without a hitch?

Still, the president, I heard Wolf say, is appointing some Clinton Era former Justice Department dude, a “reformer” as some earthy lady reporter did tell Wolf, to oversea the new and improved oil spill response agency. Yeah. Because, like when, you know, he announced a few weeks back that he would allow some new rigs offshore he had already gone in an reformed the agencies and the response mechanism. Sort of like a Napolitano-esque “the system worked,” I’m sure. Why reform now? Why a justice man? This is on the situation since day one?

And still, there’s the bandying about of some escrow account to cover costs, with the money given by BP to the government, to, um, monitor or something. Now, some have said that this is not quite kosher, because there’s need of a judicial process and such. Probably true. If this president proposes anything about money it’s clear by now that he’s obviously just winging it with no care nor concern of law, due process, economics and just plain old raw economics. We’ll have to see what happens here.

And so Holder is ready to litigate, a new man from justice is on the reform path, Obama is giving speeches and looking for butt to kick, and money is to be expropriated under some guise or another. And still the oil flows. And still the clean up efforts are slim. And still the environmentalists are besides themselves with glee at the moratorium on drilling and production so that lots of people will be out of work.

And what’s the sum total of this so far? Well, other than the $217,000,000 and all the damage, we are now going to be looking at a kick at our own butts when the Obama policies on the other side of the world, towards Israel and Iran, lead to war in the oil patch.

Who knows what the crazed muslims will do. Perhaps they’ll set their own oil fields on fire, following the example of that other man of peace Saddam Hussein, who did set most of Kuwait aflame in some spiteful move against the world. And for that alone he should have been deposed immediately. The war should have been simply switched on again, the march to Baghdad done, and the pyromaniac removed. But no, that was bad for world peace. Quite an environmental disaster there, but too far from Florida to have a good political impact here, and besides, he was a good dictator who kept Iraq stable so Bush Sr. could benefit somehow. It’s entangled, but that’s the problem with Leftist reasoning.

And so, $217,000,000 gone on the waves, and into the marshes, and BP is being blamed as if it did it on purpose, and worse, that it has done nothing to stop the leak. Well, then, what’s a president to do? One would have thought the day after it happened he would have called up the head of BP and said:

“Hey, wow, what a problem, how can we help? I’ll get my oil spill expert right on over to you, with all the equipment and people you might need ready to go.”

And one would have thought that the BP CEO would have been to the rose garden for a beer and you know, compare notes on what the situation was.

But what did the president do? He went golfing, and discussed basketball, attacked Sarah Palin, blamed George Bush for something, met a Beatle who did not bring a copy of “oil spills for dummies” which George Bush had right there in his home library, poised to lend to the light bringer if only he had requested it, and still found time to raise funds for bound to be loser candidates, infuriate a few more of our allies, and kiss tuckus of Jew Haters, and in general comported himself like a drunk & disinterested observer, even like a flailing freshman frat boy who can’t get the tap back on the beer keg.

This is our president. Swell. Bring in the lawyers. Brilliant. Avoid the man in charge at the spill site. Genius. Seek legislation to raise everyone’s energy bills by the 100s of bucks a year or more. Good for the economy.

This is a man who’s list of pretended items of assistance to this nation is more akin to a bill of particulars put into an impeachment resolution. Or even into a Declaration. You know, like against King George III.

All I know is that George Washington did not go golfing while the troops were at Valley Forge.


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