Ethereal Etheridge

Apparently, a certain Mr. Etheridge, of North Carolina and Washington DC, employed as a representative by a group of citizens in North Carolina to the body politic of American Citizens, did assault to some degree, a citizen of the body politic.
Simple enough. It’s as if, say, a similar Mr. Etheridge, of either locale, assaulted a fellow citizen for merely asking a civil question.
Many an appropriate response there could be, from detailed discussion to “I’m sorry, sir, I have no time now, perhaps you can call me later?”
But assault doesn’t seem to be on the list of appropriate responses.
I would think that if a regular Mr. Etheridge did assault a fellow citizen charges might well be brought after the police were naturally called to the fracas.
Police come all the time to such disputes between citizens, and for far more dastardly words than a civil question on support for our president.
I would think then that even a special Mr. Etheridge would be liable for the same charge and penalty.
If a representative of any group of citizens in America assaulted me for asking if he or she supported our president I would press charges.
It’s only fair.
But now the question comes to mind, given not only Mr. Etheridge but many other mildly similar reactions by representatives, do citizens need Secret Service protection when we ask a congressperson a question?


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