Profoundly Obama

At a site I go to everyday I found this this morning:

Maybe this quote will wind up in today’s papers, I don’t know. But the man said it.

“In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11, I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come,” Obama added in language that underscored his new sense of urgency about the disaster. (side note: 55 days later he has found new urgency, what wonders might come on the 110th day.)

Back to the quote: This is nuts of course. On a whole number of things it’s nuts. Let us look at just some of them, hardly exhaustive.

We knew of all our vulnerabilities since the era of hijacking airplanes began. We knew terrorists of all kinds viewed airplanes as quite convenient targets for takeover. We knew that terrorists of all kinds attempted to takeover airplanes since the 1960s. In fact, there were a lot more throughout the 1970s and 1980s then there are today. Indeed, the whole security thing has been going as full blast as practicality of installation of the space, means and measures, the technology and the ability to screen will allow. One would have thought that even more measures would have been taken. By, um, I don’t know, say Billy Clinton, who on his watch all sorts of nefarious muslims took over all sorts of jets and attacked all sorts of ships and airports and anything else they could find to attack.

Surely, Mr. Obama, in his endless blaming of his inheritance might want to consider blaming Clinton for the disaster of 9/11. After all, it was his administration’s efforts at airport security that Mr. Bush did inherit, no? And so soon after Bush was in office Clinton’s brilliant management of the known terror threat was shown to be mush.

Then too, under Bush we continued the practical steps at stopping the terrorists. Which was merely to bring together existing elements of government into a new department that did nothing more than continue on the installation of the practical steps, coupled with the supposed careful calibration of protection of American civil rights with terrorist-stopping measures.

But the easiest one was not done: Simply ban muslims from commercial passenger jets. They are the menace. And what did Obama learn from the vulnerabilities? Well, he wants to reach out to terrorists and their supporters and feel their pains or something. Hell, he doesn’t even want to call them what they are, as has been well noted in many sources. Neither he, nor his Homeland Security secretary, nor his Attorney General, and who knows who else in that coven of terrorist-coddlers of the current administration, want to call muslim terrorists what they are. No muslim terror attacks are seen as part of some wide strategy. They are all isolated events, often, as implied by this coven, caused by the sins of America, and Israel of course.

And then on North Korea, what every president since Eisenhower has done is the exact same thing – mollycoddle a crazed dictator who violates every known lofty statement of human rights and international law and just plain common decency. What has been achieved “profoundly shaping our foreign policy” here? And then the Northies sink a Southie ship, and naught is done but more mollycoddling of a bloodcurdling sort.

Then too, since the first Bush the butchers of Sudan are out there Sunday to Sunday killing their own people in a slow motion genocide. It comes to the fore of the civilized mind from time to time, then is relagated back to oblivion as nothing profoundly reshaping is being done.

Then there’s Mugabe in Zimbabwe, still, lo these many decades, dismembering the lives and fortunes of his unfortunate underlings. Naught profoundly done.

Syria? Same. The Palestinians? Same. Western African kleptocracies? Same. On and on one could go around the world and see we are dealing with most nations pretty much exactly as we had been doing well before 9/11. In fact, we didn’t change much, it was some in the world who did. Chavez comes to mind, now busy wrecking havoc upon his tropical oil rich manse, and being buddy buddy with all manner of Hollywood stars who then meet up with Obama at fundraisers to tell him all about their profound love of a madman. So Obama does the buddy embrace with this vulnerability of Venezuela.

Indeed, for such profound shaping of our foreign policy over the Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush years, not much changed. Nothing much changed in our relationship with nearly any country on earth during this time. Except for the newly free Eastern Europeans and the changed-dictators of the former Soviet Mid-Asian states. With whom progress was being made until Obama came along. Still, what profound changes is Obama referring to?

Could it be his own abasement of our allies, and mollycoddling of our enemies that he’s launched? That is surely profoundly shaping our foreign policy, but not post 9/11, but post 1/20/09, when light was supposedly brought to the world, so saith the Nobel committee. And has peace broken out? No. Have tensions risen? Yes. Has any world problem been solved? No, they are instead worse. Not because of 9/11, but because of 1/20. That’s the date of profound reshaping Obama should be referring too.

Now we are despised by friend and foe alike, rather than just by foe. Obama seems to be one of the few who sees some big changes. Sure he has, he’s wrought them. He’s the one who is turning against England and Israel, our two prickly but staunchest allies. He’s the one who thinks he’s not the Leader of the Great Satan and so is going to have a little chit chat with the ‘tollahs who are running Iran into the ground, killing their own people, threatening everyone around them, and supporting a growing network of worldwide terrorists while screaming just as ever loud: Death to America, the Great Satan. It’s Obama who is profoundly altering our foreign policy by pretending not to hear the screaming. Bush Jr. didn’t, nor did 9/11. In fact, Iran did not hate us anymore on 9/12 than they did on 9/10.

We were “at war of sorts” with Iraq since 1991. The end of the first part of the Iraq war under Bush Sr. did not mean the end of that war, any more than the end of the First World War was really the end of that war, as WWII so amply proved, with its new and improved edition of German expansionism. Rather, like a cancer, they went into remission. But without the proper care sprung back to life with horrifying results. And what does Obama do? He pushes the still forming Iraqi polity into the foment of Iranian machinations. Profoundly shaping again post 1/20, and for the worse at that.

Now, the environment, this little Gulf thing will somehow alter our perceptions of the environment? You got to be kidding. We have had the environment squarely in our sights for great reconstructive surgery since Teddy Roosevelt, maybe since Daniel Boone for that matter. Sure, progress was rough, mostly because the science and the technology weren’t there. But lo, progress was made. This oil leak will no more increase or decrease our love, protection and rational use of the environment than the Valdez blot did. And if oil is somehow now going to be magically not part of the energy equation in America it’s not because the rest of the world is going to cease it’s oil uptake and intake. Indeed, by all indications the world is going full speed ahead with oil exploration, drilling, pumping, shipping, refining, using and spewing out whatever energy that can be procured out of every last drop.

It’s Obama that’s traumatized by this. Not us. We are emboldened to drill on our land, and not way off shore. But Obama believes naught in such profoundly rational actions. We will not look at energy any differently whatsoever either. We will continue to seek out the most cost effective erg-per-penny energy sources we can, but it’s Obama and his coven who are interfering with the process. They’re they ones. You, Obama, you might be profoundly affected to alter your views on these things. You might be sitting up late at night pondering the great ohm-to-tarball ratios. You might, between golf, basketball and fundraising be thinking of the wondrous solar power panels that will blanket tens of thousands of square miles to power us during the daytime, as we sit at home in the dark at night. You’d be happy perhaps, so that votes against you, words against you, thoughts against you, might not see the light of day.

But the rest of us? No, we’re not profoundly rethinking energy, the environment, our foreign policy or our vulnerabilities. We’re just trying to get the job done. Though we might well be profoundly rethinking you, that’s for sure.

So why don’t you resign and take your coven with you, and let some real men and women get in there to profoundly undo what you have wrought. It’s 1/20, stupid, not 9/11.


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