Damn, he’s the president. Of these here United States. Only he doesn’t quite seem to behave like one.

Sometimes I feel like the country is being prepared by some evil twin of Emril Lagasse, a slice and dice cleaver wielding cook, intent on not making a banquet to be enjoyed by all, but some rotten meat stew for all. And one who keeps shouting Bam! While he’s doing it. Because that’s his name. Bam!

Every time he does something else to limit or restrict or dampen or hinder or convoluted or regulate or strangulate or prevaricate or kick or stomp or hamper or trip or … you get the picture, there he is, shouting, Bam!

He thinks his job is to eviscerate America like a duck carcass to be boned. Bam!

He acts like he’s got a leek in his hands and is making Vichy Soisse. Bam!

He moves about the country like a cook in a huff, throwing eggs. Bam!

He has a hot tomato in his hand of some variety or another and he smashes it with a mallet, like Gallagher. Bam!

He talks like a book in mixing his recipe for installing a socialist behemoth of a government, even if the recipe is impossible to follow. Bam!

He takes all the old favorite recipes and throws them in the fire, while concocting odd contortions of ingredients that make so sense. Bam!

He uses spoiled things to make a mush-mash that no hungry man would eat. Bam!

On and on comes the ineptitude, the willful indifference, the astounding power grabbing while demonstrating a profound inability to manage what he has. Bam!

Indeed, the entire Democratic Party seems to be a bunch of mad cooks at some witch’s brew contest, to see who can come up with the most distorted reasons to put the wrong things in the broth. Bam!

It comes whirling at us daily. Corruption, thuggery, mismanagement, and worse, lack of management, are all part of this administration now. Bam!

Then there’s the crazy things his staff says. Too many to recount here, but not a-one in the tradition of America. This administration seems to be from some other country. Bam!

They surely can’t be serious that they represent the interests of the American people. Bam!

Each passing week brings lower poll ratings for positives, and higher for negatives. Each day has more of his erstwhile supporters, previously blinded, kick the morass and pronounce the stink. Bam!

Who’s butt to kick? Who to bam? Why, you Bam. You.

In my 35 years or so of being a political junkie I can’t recall a time when so many serious people are talking seriously about impeachment and resignation, constitutional crisis and astounding malfeasance, and even possible high crimes and misdemeanors. It’s amazing to read such stuff. As too it is amazing to read of widespread disobedience. And lawsuits by all manner of entities against the Federal government are now, I think, more than all those filed against the previous several administrations, Clinton included. Bam!

Nor have I seen so many calls for investigations. Nor of the number of people in the administration who have been caught not paying taxes, playing politics with investigations of wrong doing, of collusion, misprison of felony, and who knows what else, coupled with the abject refusal by the attorney general to appoint the special prosecutors which such allegations scream for. Bam!

It’s quite saddening amazing to watch this administration just crumple and crumble under the weight of its own wackiness. It’s not long, I think, before President Biden does pardon the Bam! For the peace of the nation, and healing. Bam!

We drink TEA and this man goes golfing. Does he realize who we are? We are, of course, We the People, and we are not ones to long suffer stupidity, vapidity and cupidity in the destruction of the nation and the fabric of society and the economic system which we are quite fond of. No, Bam, no, this is not going to last.

So time to start to pack up your portable kitchen and take it on the road.


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