To Helen Gone

OK, so Helen Thomas is outta’ there. Congratulations, Helen, on putting a besmirching schmear of hate and bigotry on your not so illustrious career of fawning over power and pushing the mild anti-Semitism you exhibited all your life. A now admitted miscreant, claiming of course, “out of context” and “misspoke” and “not the meaning that I meant” to some of the clearest English I ever heard. As would befit a woman who claimed such authority of Journalism that she was accorded a seat in the front row at every press function the White House threw for decades, and she “traditionally” (and who on earth thought up that royalist nonsense of the Most Royal First Questioner?) got to ask the first question at press conferences given by the president of the moment.

Too bad she never got to ask Obama any first questions, because the man hasn’t quite given a press conference in lo these many months, leading to more than a year, where in which it was unexpectedly discovered that he can’t speak without a teleprompter. Sadly, the technology was not yet available, nor no fingers nimble enough to work the keys and buttons of the contraption, to ensure an appropriately soaring oration on any given question that might have wandered into the picture. So goodbye Helen; couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

Now to get rid of the rest of the power fawning anti-Semitic, anti-America Exceptionalism, anti-Americans of the Tea Party and all the other pro presidential and big government royalist-socialist butt kissers who populate the White House Press Corps. To quote a president, “it’s a corpse, all right.” Dead to the wishes of ever increasing majorities of Americans. They too shall mutter some importune hate filled rant in their haste to get the socialist agenda promoted.

Meanwhile, around Israel way the slow step up to war is obvious. Iran seems to be saying they’ll send warships to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, far from its shores, and not easily reached due to the several hundred thousand square miles of sand dunes between it’s home waters and Israel’s, so that it can break the arms blockade by the Jews against the Gazans. The coastal strip, which could be one gorgeous big long palm lined Arab Cancun for the frozen Germans and French who dislike the Jews, is instead filled with rocket launchers of all sorts. But still not quite as big as they would like. For Hamas is rather public about its desire to obtain the biggest and baddest missile launchers that Europe and the Chinese and even Venezuela and Brazil will sell them. This so they can step up their 4,000 small missiles launched into maybe 4,000 big missiles, to you know, soften up Israel for their stated desire of an Arab invasion that would lead to the slaughter of the Six Million Jews of Israel. Where have I heard that number before?

And these Jew Haters claim to be Holocaust Deniers of one sort or another as they publicly proclaim their desire to enact their own version of the Holocaust. No word on if they plan to deny their own actions once they are done with the, um, peace efforts, as they do proclaim the mindless killing of people as peace.

The Turks too seem to be contemplating, at some level or another, the idea of sending their warships to ensure the delivery of better missiles, and one would presume tanks and whatever, also, to eradicate the Jews. So that’s going to be interesting to watch.

So for the moment, War seems imminent. It’s a-coming I do fearfully say, for the loss of Jewish life which is inevitable. Will I morn the Arabs, Turks and Persians killed? No, not really. For they could simply sit down today, right now, and say to the Jewish government and people, “Oh my God, what were we thinking? How can we do business? How can we make peace? What ways can we cooperate?”

But no, they are off to the UN to seek anti-Jewish resolutions, as if there aren’t enough of those. Odd, and though I’m not sure, but I think there are more condemnations of Israel than against any citizen human killing dictator anywhere in the world. The anti-Israeli ones certainly get front page position. I wonder why? Let me ask Helen Thomas. Ha! And Obama, for he seems to be willfully joining the Jew Haters, though Thomas did throw a monkey wrench into that program for pogrom.

(The other day I said AP, no, it’s Hearst, or was, until she resigned “effective immediately.” Will Hearst now go through it’s files and see what crap she might have written against Israel and make amends and apologies for having employed such a Jew Hater? Hmm.)

Meanwhile, in the Two Front War doctrine long contemplated by the US Military, the Korean situation is heating up enough to perhaps cause Obama to slow down between golf holes so that he might be apprised of the situation. South Korea, being very capitalist and a lot Christian, is, no doubt, not a high priority for defense by Obamian America in the standoff with North Korea, which is a socialist workers paradise of the sort lauded by many an Obamaphiliac. Apparently the North did sink one of the South’s ships. The South hath done naught yet this day, but should do something no? Or would that be War! Hard to say. Maybe they could get an Arab to launch a missile from a coastal strip and then apologize by saying, “Oops, we’re sorry, we thought we were killing Jews. Our bad.”

Still, it is secretive in the North, and we’re not sure which Kim is in charge. Like any Royal Family, there’s mush in the order of succession due to untimely human failure. So apparently Dad Kim, who was once Son Kim to the First Kim is now Brain Dead Kim, and Young Kim, and Younger Kim, and even Third Son Kim, and possibly a Cousin Kim and a Son In Law Kim are all dicussing who is going to get the great privilege of being the next First Kim, leading to a new Dad Kim, and all the while keeping up the bellicose banter with the South Kims (and Kim is the surname of some 1/6th of Korea; big family, I suppose.) And maintaining the nuclear threats to the Non Kims of America. And of course, glorifying power over the People Kims of the North in utter destitution, malnutrition and the dark so that the Glory of Socialism might reign on earth.

So look for possible war there too.

There might be war elsewhere too. Perhaps in the streets of any particular European City over the collapse of their nation, the collapse of the Euro, or the collapse of their civilization at the hands of the Muslims. Well, my recommendation is go see the great Castles, Palaces and Cathedrals, and a charming square or two, of Europe before those are destroyed for the Mosque to come.

Just like the Mosque supposedly coming in Lower Manhattan. It might be approved by the city, and who knows why. It’s bizarre. And the protests seem to be growing, of which the one yesterday may have had 5,000 or so people, and that was after the permit to gather was revoked, and the organizers said the Dickens to that, and went ahead and did it. Good for them. There is no need for a permit to Peaceably Assemble. It is a right inestimable to We the People, and formidable only to Tyrants and petty potentates. Like say, the Mayor of New York, and the current president-not-in-charge.

Of which lack of action, still the Oil Spill goes a-gurgling away. I saw a brief snippet on TV as I was passing through that room of the house, and there on the crawler was the comment by Obama that “BP’s in Charge.” Right there below his clueless looking eyes and furrowed brow of “I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing” and otherwise blank visage, like deer in headlights. I had thought the man had said he’s been on top of this, in charge as it were, since Day One? Apparently not. BP’s in charge. And they’ll be investigated for it, and destroyed if need be. See, that’s what happens when you ignore the mushmouthed words of a great teleprompterist who has no earthly clue that he’s actually the president of the USA and he’s got a job to do.

I’m beginning to think that he didn’t read the job description of the position which he sought and obtained. There it was: Defend Liberty, Protect America, Keep us Clean, & Safe, & Prosperous, and Defend the Downtrodden, and our allies, like England and Israel and South Korea, and rally the world against Despotism of All Kinds, and enforce the laws and speak honestly for truth, justice and the American way. You know, presidential stuff. Instead, he seems to think he was elected Frat Boy Partier in Chief. It’s bizarre, at this point, to watch the man just flounder more pathetically than, well, a flounder on dockside, heaved there by a nine year old on his first fishing mission.

Oh, well, that’s what we got.

And it seems the rumbles of Impeachment and Resignation are beginning in serious quarters. I did mention it myself, a while back, at the beginning of his term, but I’m nobody. Then slowly, inexorably, the rumble grew among people who are somebody. Sort of like the rumble of the stampede in Jumanji, that great flick where things come out of a game board. In the movie it takes a good few minutes for the roar of elephants, mixed with the pounding feet of a dozen species of animal, sort of emblematic of our nation today – Republicans leading the vast majority of Americans, with a cowgirl, Sarah, leading the charge – to burst out of the wall. And this earth, and its nations, is a game board like Jumanji — things do come out of it. Surprising things. And Obama has no idea how to play, and cheats too.

So what is that going to get us?

A Constitutional crisis of a deposed president, the accession of a very weak known plagarist blowhard prone to astounding stupidity, while in the midst of a multi-front war and clash of modern civilization against a Medieval Royalism known as Socialism & Islamofascism. Well, um, gulp, geez, blink, whew, damn, dang, holy moly, and what the … ? Talk about your Hope & Change!


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