An anniversary or two.

Today is a double anniversary. One is D-Day, the big day, the invasion of Fortress Europe run by the Nazis. Invaded by the largest military invasion force ever launched. Hopefully we won’t have to do that for awhile. So I always wish Happy D-Day to people I encounter. The younger they are the less they have a clue. I think they think The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan and all those other D-Day movies are just so much fiction. I would imagine that they are clueless that there is a National D-Day Museum in New Orleans, that they could go to see and bone up on the subject.

The second anniversary is that today, two years ago, I was in Dover, England, waking up at Chrislyn’s B & B, in a bed with a stupendous vista of the 1000 year old Dover Castle up on the chalk cliffs. I had a great breakfast and took the long walk up the steep drive to the gates of the castle complex and spent the next four hours wandering through the entire place. The first part of the tour was through the tunnels in the cliffs under the Medieval Castle where from which D-Day was planned and monitored as it unfolded. There Churchill and Eisenhower worked on the details, and listened to the field reports. There, on the same balcony I stood on, high above the English Channel, white chalk cliffs roaming off north and south, and France in the far distance, those two great men stood and watch with binoculars the assualt on the Reich. It was historic, to say the least. Much more so than anything Obama ever did, that’s for sure.

Then I roamed through the other 1000 years of military history that permeated the hundred acres or so of sprawling complex. There I wound up in the Saxon church, 200 years older than the castle itself, and had to help some old lady with a 400 year old skelton key the size of an industrial monkey wrench lock the 4 inch thick, 12 foot high, oak-wood doors. Which was a chore I much appreciated getting to do. Then it was up to the rooftop of the Keep built by Henry II in 1100 or so, to see what could be seen.

I could well imagine the English countryside being shadowed by German bombers day in and day out. The castle wasn’t bombed for apparently the Germans couldn’t imagine a 1000 year old fortress being used for fortress-duty on the day the end of the Third Reich began.

Then, that all done, I headed to the Ferry to Calais, for which I had a ticket on the 3 PM trip. The big ship loped into the Channel and picked up speed, chugging along, ships passing not so far starboard and port. I invaded France this day in 2008. Well after all the hot shooting was done. Nor wading through the surf but landing at the ferry dock, not dodging a hail of lead, but going for a pint of beer. I felt like a ghostly pale version of Patton. But still, I was ready to continue East. My destination was Dresden. And there’s something about invading France on D-day to invade Germany two weeks later that is somewhat poetic. Exactly as I had planned it.

The whole ride across the waves I thought back to that momentous day. A day made necessary due to the Jew Hating and “everyone else” hating of Hitler and his Reich. Hitler spent two decades in Jew Hatred before he had to blow his own head off rather than face up to his responsibilities as a vanquished warrior for a demented cause.

Then today I ran across the cartoons at this site, which show the vile Jew Hating of modern Arabs:

And I realized that the Hitlers of our world are still going strong. And there are plenty of Eva Brauns hanging around, right Helen Thomas? (Is that woman still on her job?)

So then I went out to look at the trees and the flowers, the birds and the bees, and contemplated the perils of our time as surely as Churchill warned Neville Chamberlain about the perils of his time. But our modern day Chamberlains are clueless, either unwittingly or on purpose, and neither scenario is worse than the other, for neither can be corrected. Which will lead the Israeli Patton (we’ll know his name soon enough,) to launch the most mind-altering multiprong multi-target attack on all Israel’s enemies. All must be done in at once, for whichever survive will continue to attack the Jews. So Israel should take them all out in one fell swoop. It’ll make a better movie when the time comes. That it’ll happen was clear from the arrogant dismissal of Israel by the Turkish foreign minister on TV this morning. The disgusting lies and bizarre reasonings of this man in charge of Turkey’s foreign policy presage the reality of the coming war. So do those cartoons.

Oh, it might well be a mini-war. For the enemies of Israel will not be able to respond and the Jews will be thorough. And thus peace might break out from under the pieces of falling debris from the attacks that grow more necessary with each passing day.

And this sort of peace in our time is the non-Neville version. Rather it is the Winston pounds good like a prime minister should.

Alas, it could be prevented, but the howlers for peace are fomenting war. While they who are accused of fomenting war shall bring peace through annihilation and defeat of the enemy.

Oh Israel, Mazel Tov!

Then just a week later there I was in Reims, at the little known “Surrender Museum.” In the very room where the Germans were ushered in to give over their sidearms, cry uncle and sign the papers of complete and utter defeat, unconditional surrender.

Now, we all had better be figuring out a way to make the crazed Mohammed-loving Jew Hater do the same thing. Or ere long our times will be known as the 100 Years War of the New Millennium, to differenciate from the 100 years war of the Middle Ages.


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